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My Culture


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Somethings complied on fiji

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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My Culture

  1. 1. My Culture
  2. 2. What the islands look like?
  3. 3. Points Of interest
  4. 4. Animals
  5. 5. Fijian Foods
  6. 6. Up: Fijian Warrior. Below: Tambo Up: Fijian Warrior. Below: Kava Bowl Up: Fijian Woman. Below: Old Weapons
  7. 7. Up: Sugar Train Below: Air Pacific 747 Up: Fijian Notes Below: Sugar Plantation Up: Bus Station Below: Fijian Coins
  8. 8. Hari Punja - Chairman of FMF Frank Bainimarama – Interim Prime Minister of Fiji Mahindra Chaudhry – Very famous PM Josefa Iloilo – President Of Fiji Laisenia Qarase – Overthrown Prime Minister of Fiji Waisale Serevi - Sevens Rugby Wizard(king)
  9. 10. Thank You for watching. Images from: No pictures belong to me, I just complied it. 2010© All Rights Reserved. For Slideshare. By: Alzain Ali Miss hibiscus 2009. Miss hibiscus 2009 Contestants.