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Attractive gothic clothing for women around the world


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Gothic clothes and jackets are available in velvet, leather, and some more dark fabrics. They contain ruffles, fur, zippers etc.

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Attractive gothic clothing for women around the world

  1. 1. Attractive Gothic Clothing for Women Around the World Goth fashion and Gothic clothing for women represents the dark fashion and sometimes mournful fashion of the Goth subculture. Goth women dress in dark colour clothes, fishnets, velvets, frills etc with a dark makeup. The Gothic clothing is preferably black but can also be dark brown, maroon, blue, green, purple etc. The Gothic women cramp their hair and wear dark eye liners, lip liners and nail paints with the Goth attire. Apart from dark colors, the clothing line has some distinguishable features like clinched and tapered waists, long hemlines, long sleeves etc. History of Gothic subculture The history is not that old; it just dates back to three decades after the decline of the Punk culture. The Goth fashion got recognition in 1980 and it borrows styles from Punk fashion; Victorian romantic times mixed with the contemporary styles, to create an aesthetic piece. The only difference from the medieval times is that the fabrics used today are much softer and superior. Gothic clothing for women The Gothic clothing for women extends to a range of over bust and under bust corsets, dresses, shirts, capes, trousers, cropped tops, oversized shirts, leggings, skirts etc. Gothic Shirts come in dark shades. They have ruffles in the cuffs and deep necks. The pirate types are oversized. The shirts are embellished with chains, metal straps, pockets etc. Gothic Corset was the most important piece of a garment of Goth sub-genre during medieval times and is very famous in the modern times too. They are body hugging and clinches waist, to give an hourglass figure. Gothic Trousers comes in all lengths i.e. short, medium and full. They are skin-tight, stretchy and sexy or oversized. Even they come with lots of embellishments like straps, chains, bags, buckles etc. Gothic clothes and jackets are available in velvet, leather, and some more dark fabrics. They contain ruffles, fur, zippers etc. Gothic skirts come in both short and long length. There are pencil skirts to flared skirts and are decorated with ruffles, layers, nets, frills etc.
  2. 2. Gothic dresses are incomplete without accessories and boots. Goth women can accessories simple wardrobe clothing too with accessories to get a Goth look. Types of Gothic Women The Gothic women are either classical death rock type or romantic Victorian type. The classical types are seen wearing net or mesh top layered over the tank top or jackets over them. They also wear corsets with trousers or pants. Whereas the Victorian type usually features them in long skirts, dresses and corsets. They carry fans, gloves and keep jewellery to a minimum.