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  1. 1. High fidelity prototype developed with JustInMindsoftware3 • Detailed requirements gathering • Draw-and-tell conversations research 1 ,2 • Pediatric providers • Children • Parents • Potential solutions assessment • Prototype development • Implementation plan • Technology roadmap development • Next steps planning High fidelity prototype (complete) Tablet and smartphone app a. iOS b. Android c. Windows App + web service/cloud hosting App + web service/cloud hosting + EHR integration Engage children in healthcare conversations with adults Draw-and-tell conversations1 increase quality & quantity of children’s communications , a novel mobile app for capturing children’s drawings and accompanying narratives Deborah Woodcock MBA, Steven Williamson, Dana Womack MS, RN, Kimberley Anne Gray, Kate Fultz Hollis MS, Michelle Hribar PhD Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR • redefines child-provider communication by engaging children in their care • User-centered design process ensures meets needs of children and their providers & parents • Cross-university collaboration is ongoing • Research grant application with Dr. Driessnack • Commercialization potential through OHSU Informatics Discovery Lab • : 6 providers, 4 parents & 2 children • Think aloud protocols & structured interviews • Iterative feedback-development loop • Develop application according to roadmap • Continue user evaluation • Pilot application in OHSU clinics • Elicit feedback from pilot participants • Develop implementation toolkit for clinic adoption • Market to parents for home use Paper drawing in a paper chart Low cost & readily available materials, easy to store & retrieve Paper charts are becoming obsolete Paper drawing scanned into EHR Low cost, uses available technology Difficult to retrieve quickly, adds scanning to workflow Use existing mobile drawing app Electronic capture & storage, cheap and readily available, home use No storage for annotation or metadata, no integration with EHR Utilize EHR-based imaging functionality Electronic storage, leverages an existing clinic tool UI is not child-friendly, not designed to pair images with narratives Extend EHRs to include drawing functionality Electronic capture & storage, EHR integration Requires development by EHR vendors  Custom mobile app development: UI customized for children, pairs narrative with drawing, integrates with EHR, home use Requires development effort to create app, and mechanism for EHR integration 1Driessnack, M. Draw-and-Tell Conversations with Children about Fear. Qualitative Health Research, Vol. 16 No. 10, December 2006 1414-1435 2Driessnack, M. Children’s Drawings as Facilitators of Communication: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, Vol 20, No 6 December) 2005 I have a voice!