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Foot in the door


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Learn the foot-in-the-door technique that is used in sales and persuasion. You will find more at

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Foot in the door

  1. 1. Foot in the door Start small for big results
  2. 2. • The infamous foot-in-the-door technique is a classic of social psychology. • And it is therefore a must-have in the toolset of the effective persuader, because it is so effective.
  3. 3. What is it? • Ask for a small request and then ask for a larger one. • That’s all. • It’s the exact contrary procedure of the door-in-the face.
  4. 4. Why does it work? • People will try to find consistency in their actions. That’s what we call congruence. Since they’ve already complied to the first request, they will be very much more likely to comply to the next one.
  5. 5. (dating) • Would you like to have a coffee after work? • What about a dinner afterwards?
  6. 6. (sales) • When can I call you? • Maybe I could come in person to make a presentation?
  7. 7. • I hope you liked this technique, it’s devastatingly good. • Visit for marketing and persuasion techniques with comics