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James Reynolds: 10 Local SEO Hacks You (Probably) Didn't Know | Click Jam 2


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In recent years, SEO has seen a greater focus shift towards local search. Millions of customers and internet users turn to local search to find and engage with local businesses. The rise in mobile usage has also contributed to the growth of local search.

In order for businesses to succeed in today’s digital, local search must be an impactful part of their digital marketing strategy.

James Click Jam 2 presentation shows covert local search tips, tools, and tactics that will help your business boost its ranking higher for location-based search queries.

James' presentation was inspired by Darren Shaw's talk at SearchLove, a full summary of which you can find here on the Whitespark blog:

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James Reynolds: 10 Local SEO Hacks You (Probably) Didn't Know | Click Jam 2

  1. 1. Local SEO Hacks Local SEO
  2. 2. 10 Local SEO Hacks You (Probably) Didn’t Know
  3. 3. Why Should We Care?
  4. 4. Local Pack and Google My Business Listing
  5. 5. GMB Hacks
  6. 6. Swipe Your Competitors Hidden GMB Categories Hack #1
  7. 7. GMB Dashboard Search Results
  8. 8. Google your keywords
  9. 9. Google Maps > View Source CTR-F for the primary category
  10. 10. Localise Your Images With This Nifty Hack Hack #2
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Remote Team
  13. 13. Events & Location Services
  14. 14. Tip: keyword-location.jpg
  15. 15. Remove Keyword Spammers From The Local Pack Hack #3
  16. 16. Check the website
  17. 17. Track Missing GMB Traffic In Google Analytics Hack #4
  18. 18. Campaign URL Builder GMB Dashboard
  19. 19. Data Feed In To Google Analytics
  20. 20. Website Hacks
  21. 21. Display Star Ratings In Google Search Hack #5
  22. 22. 1. Gather unique reviews. 2. Add those reviews to your website, but not on your homepage. 3. Drive internal or external links to the page. 4. Modify this Schema code… :-)
  23. 23. Embed Google Reviews Widget On Every Page
  24. 24. Turn On Google Rich Snippets
  25. 25. “SEO Packages” “SEO Case Study”
  26. 26. Local Link Hacks
  27. 27. Find Hundreds of Links In Seconds With This Advanced Search Hack #6
  28. 28. intitle:sponsors “dubai”
  29. 29. Add to end of URL &num=100
  30. 30. Review Hacks
  31. 31. Rank Higher With More Keyword Optimised Reviews Hack #7
  32. 32. Keywords in reviews matter
  33. 33. Step 1: Survey your customers
  34. 34. Step 2: Select the best and tweak (with keywords)
  35. 35. Step 3: Send your customer the text and link to post
  36. 36. Bonus Tip: Add Keywords To Replies
  37. 37. Bonus Tip: Add Keywords To Replies
  38. 38. Engagement Hacks
  39. 39. Stand Out With Emojis Hack #8
  40. 40. Add Emojis To Your Business Name
  41. 41. Emojis display in the Knowledge Panel and Local Pack
  42. 42. Increase Brand Searches With This One Small Change Hack #9
  43. 43. Opens Searches
  44. 44. Bonus Tip: Also embed direction requests
  45. 45. Reach Google Faster Through These 2 (Surprising) Channels Hack #10
  46. 46. +
  47. 47. @GoogleMyBiz
  48. 48. James’ presentation was inspired by Darren Shaw’s talk at Search Love A full summary can be found on the Whitespark blog: