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Master of business administration


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Master of business administration

  1. 1. Master of Business Administration
  2. 2. Why people Choose MBA Any person is having Bachelor degree, that is notsufficient for his career and to achieve better results,for being competent, for motivating ones leadershipqualities and for being hired at a better job in anycompany, M.B.A. is very necessary
  3. 3. MBA• MBA gives you Creditability with your business pears• It teaches you to think like a business person.• An MBA is your ticket to the inner circle• You will communicate better with your business colleagues• An MBA better prepares you to solve business problems• Youll learn how to read and interpret business statements• An MBA can give you an opportunity to deepen your technical expertise• You can apply business school class work to your day job• Youll polish your written communication skills.• Youll learn standard tools for organizing business activity and managing business processes.
  4. 4. University ResultS. No. Batch Pass Percentage 1 2007-09 100 2 2008-10 100 3 2009-11 96 4 2010-12 96
  5. 5. I BatchUniversity Rank Holder Ms. A. Shahira Banu University 22nd Rank
  6. 6. II Batch University Rank Holders Ms. P. SaranyaUniversity 44th Rank
  7. 7. III Batch 2009-11 University Rank HoldersMs.M.Jacklin Ms. M.Nalina Lakshmi Ms. K.R.Swathi 18th Rank 35th Rank 43rd Rank
  8. 8. Placement Details• Preferred for Placement : 40• Placed : 100%• Higher Studies : 8.16%• Entrepreneurs : 6.12%• Going Abroad : 2.04%
  9. 9. O t h e r D e p a r t m e nta l A c t i v i t i e s• Workshop• Conference• Paper Presentation• Industrial Visit
  10. 10. Facilities• Department Library• Internet Facility• Licensed Latest Software• MOU Signed with various Top Organizations