Legislative and planning framework on heritage - Moldova


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Legislation and planning normative framework on heritage and landscape: the Moldovan case

Presented during the VIVA EAST Thematic Seminar on "Methodology for Urban Planning and Design of minor Historic Centres Territorial Cultural Systems, Bari, Italy, Oct. 2012

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Legislative and planning framework on heritage - Moldova

  2. 2. INTERNATIONAL CONVENTIONS RATIFIED BY THE PARLIAMENT DATE OFOF THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA RATIFICATIONEuropean Cultural Convention, Paris, 1954 1994.05.24Convention for the Protection of Architectural Heritage of Europe, 2001.12.21Granada, 1985European Convention for the Protection of Archaeological 2001.12.21Heritage, La Valletta, 1992European Convention of Landscape, Florence, 2000 2002.03.14UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of the Cultural and 2002.06.06Natural Heritage, Paris,1972Convention Concerning the Protection and Promotion of 2006.07.27Diversities of Cultural Expression, Paris, 2005UNESCO Convention Concerning the Safeguarding Of Immaterial 2006.03.24Cultural Heritage, Paris, 2003Convention-plan of the European Council Concerning the Value of 2008.12.01Cultural Heritage for Society, Faro, 2005
  3. 3. NATIONAL LEGISLATION REGARDING HERITAGE, DATE OFPUBLISHED IN THE MONITORUL OFICIAL PUBLICATIONLaw on the protection of monuments, no. 1530-XII, 2010.02.02June 22, 1993. ( no 15-17)Law on principles of urban and territorial planning no. 1996.05.17835-XIII, May 17,1996Law of culture, no. 413-XIV, May 27, 1999 1999.08.05 (no. 83-86)Law concerning architectural activity, no. 1350-XIV, 2001.02.27February 27, 2001Law on museums, no. 1596-XV, December 27,2002 2002.12.27Law on popular art, no. 135-XV, March 20, 2003 2003.05.16 (no. 84-86)The Decision of the government of the Republic of 2003.09.11Moldova no. 1111 of 11.09.2003 concerning the Rulesof the state register of mobile cultural heritage;
  4. 4. INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CONNECTED TO RATIFIED BYNATURAL HERITAGEThe Convention concerning the conservation of wildlife Decision of the Parliamentand of the natural habitats of Europe (Bern, September no. 1546-XII of June 23.19. 1979) 1993The Convention concerning the impact of the evaluation Decision of the Parliamentof the transfrontier environment (Espoo, February 25, no. 1546-XII of June1991) 23,1993.The Convention concerning the protection and utilization Decision of the Parliamentof the transfrontier water flows and international lakes no. 1546-XII of June 23,(Helsinki, March 17, 1992) 1993The Convention concerning biological diversity (Rio de Decision of the ParliamentJaneiro, June 5, 1992) no. 457-XIII of March 16, 1995.The convention concerning cooperation for the Decision of the Parliamentprotection and long-term utilization of the river Danube
  5. 5. LEGISLATION ON PROTECTED AREAS ADOPT EDLaw concerning the natural areas 1998.protected by the state no. 1538-XII 02.25Law for the modification of Law no. 2005.1538-XIII of February 25, 1998 10.13concerning the range of naturalareas protected by the state, no.229The Decision of the government of 2000.the Republic of Moldova concerning 05.02the rules for survey of objects andcomplexes in the range of naturalareas protected by the state.The Decision of the government of 2000.the Republic of Moldova for the 08.03approval of the rules concerningareas with multifunctionalmanagement, rules concerningnatural reservations, rulesconcerning landscape reservationsand rules concerning monuments of
  6. 6. Law nr. 1530 on the protection of monuments from 22.06.1993- clearly defines immobile cultural heritage under protection- defines the state protection of monuments as including the provision and the ensuring of works of evidence and study, enhancement, protection and rescue, preservation and restoration of monuments.- includes the Register of Monuments, which lists 5206 monuments to be under state protection- defines who has the agency on heritage protection- obliges owners of monuments listed in the Register to respect the legislation of the Republic of Moldova regarding heritage- describes financing mechanisms
  7. 7. Law nr. 1530 on the protection of monuments from 22.06.1993~describes financing of activities regarding heritage :-the budget of the Ministry of Culture,- local budgets,- transfers from tourism gain,- rent payments,- taxes on the income of companies which disturb the protection of monuments- donations of organizations which have the protection of monuments in their status, donations from natural persons and legal entities~The state shall provide financing for agents of heritage research and protectionIn practice however, the mechanism of collection of payments, based on the law, is not in fact established
  8. 8. Law nr. 1530 on the protection of monuments from 22.06.1993 (published in Monitorul Oficial no. 15-17 from 02.02.2010).- list of 5206 monuments published only in 2010
  9. 9. 83 buildings (10% of listed buildings) demolished between 1993and 2010 in Chisinau only17 buildings severely damaged 10
  10. 10. Conacul familiei Ciolac- Malski, s. Bahmut, r.Calaraşi10/10/12
  11. 11. Law on culture, no. 413-XIV, May 27, 1999Law concerning architectural activity, no. 1350-XIV, February 27, 2001- Privatizationof objects that represent national cultural heritage is forbidden
  12. 12. General Urban Planning Regulationfrom 05.01.1998. In Monitorul Oficial no. 14, 26.02.1998.- regulates the approval of construction permits in “heritage areas” pending on Ministry of Culture or subordinates (art.33, 34)
  13. 13. Regulation on natural and built protected areasGovernment Decision no. 1009, 05.10.2000; Official Monitor 127-129/1114 (12.10.2000)- defines protected areas, the competences and the responsibilities related to them- de facto, not in practice
  14. 14. Law on Intangible Heritage(work in progress by the Ministry of Culture)
  15. 15. Safeguarding the Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Moldova National ProgrammeCultural heritage- 7 subcategories Immobile archaeological heritage Mobile archaeological heritage Material ethnographic heritage Immaterial cultural heritage Immobile Artistic heritage Cinematographic heritage Theatrical art heritage
  16. 16. Safeguarding the Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Moldova National Programme Elaborating a national strategy of safeguarding cultural heritage Evaluating the risks which affect cultural heritage Creating the instruments and tools to safeguard cultural heritage Integrating data on cultural heritage in urban plans (PUG, PUZ, PUD) The mapping in a GIS system of all monuments and sites Creating archives of cultural heritage Creating partnerships between state institutions, the private sector and the civil society with regards to the safeguarding of cultural heritage
  17. 17. Law on Landscapes(work in progress by the Ministry of the Environment)- biased towards natural landscapes?
  18. 18. Mulţumim!Grazie mille!