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Service and Products: Startup Bootcamp


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Service and Products: Startup Bootcamp

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Service and Products: Startup Bootcamp

  1. 1. • THE POWER OF THE NEXT • MANAGEMENT CONSULTING DRIVEN. VIGOROUS. RESULTS. Urbanetectonics, LLC dba The BomaQ Companies. All rights reserved. Proposal Copyright 2017 725 FM 1103 #133 Cibolo, Texas 78108 Phone and Fax 1 855 383 8056 RESULTS. VIGOROUS. DRIVEN.
  2. 2. RESULTS. VIGOROUS. DRIVEN. Section IV Products and Services
  3. 3. Service Descriptions – Management Consulting __________________________ The BomaQ Companies provides training and expert advisement to new business owners. Start-Up Boot CampSM The business ventures will be categorized by industry; by business type; potential enterprise value, and service or product needs. Pre-Launch During the pre-launch stage, the business, department, or venture will be led through a pre- launch of training, advisement, and developmental studies. Week 1 Life of Entrepreneur Week 2 Business Model & Structure Week 3 Finding Your Client Week 4 Sales Strategy & Pitch Week 5 Brand Development Week 6 Marketing Strategy Week 7 Operations Week 8 Finance Basics Week 9 Team Dynamics Week 10 Asset Protection Week 11 Communications Week 12 Company Reporting Week 13 Client Care & Retention Week 14 Launching the Business Business Launch Event This peak represents the end of the pre-launch period and denotes the launch of the business, department, or venture.
  4. 4. Management Consulting______________________________________________ Start-Up Boot CampSM The launch event is a milestone marker ending the pre-launch period and denoting the official launch of the business, department, or product and all its services into the public and/or private sector. Existing business ventures seeking assistance after launch period can receive on going fee based consultant services.