UPF Annual Report 2012

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Jan. 9, 2013

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UPF Annual Report 2012

  1. Universal Peace Federation Annual Report 2012
  2. A memorial service for the UPF Founder, who passed away September 3, 2012 at age 92 Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Sun Myung Moon
  3. A September 15 memorial service at the Cheongshim Peace Center in Korea Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Sun Myung Moon
  4. A UPF delegation was among the 30,000 mourners. Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Sun Myung Moon
  5. In Pyongyang, North Koreans offer condolences to his son Rev. Hyung Jin Moon. Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Sun Myung Moon
  6. Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Sun Myung Moon “His immense work for peace, the spiritual values which he embodied, and his exemplary life entirely dedicated to God and humanity draw admiration.” – Pascal I. Koupaki, Prime Minister of Benin “I pray to the Almighty God to have mercy on the departed soul and grant him eternal blessings in heaven.” – Girma Wolde-Giorgis, President of Ethiopia “I strongly believe that Father Moon's message of peace and love will spread all over the world.” – Baburam Bhattarai, Prime Minister of Nepal
  7. Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Sun Myung Moon “Reverend Moon will long be remembered as a consummate advocate of world peace.” – Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, President of Nigeria “May we find the courage and wisdom to lead and to continue the vision and work he dedicated his life, to realize world peace in our lifetime.” – Johnson Toribiong, President of Palau “The contributions and efforts of Rev. Moon to create understanding and peace amongst the peoples of the world are internationally acknowledged and appreciated.” – Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi, Prime Minister of Samoa
  8. Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Sun Myung Moon “He will be remembered as a man of peace and love.” – Gordon Darcy Lilo, Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands “Dr. Sun Myung Moon touched the lives of thousands of youth and families throughout Sri Lanka.” – Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka “His often-repeated motto „One family under God‟ is a constant reminder that we are all children of God.” – Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines “Please accept my sincere condolences and sympathies.” – Ma Ying-jeou, President of Taiwan
  9. Universal Peace Federation Leadership Conferences Peace and Security Interfaith Peacebuilding Marriage and Family UN Relations Youth and Service
  10. Leadership Conferences UPF encourages leaders to apply spiritual principles to the tasks of resolving conflict and reconciling the divided human family.
  11. Afghanistan: “Innovative Approaches to Sustainable Peace and Development”
  12. Albania: “The Role of Albanians in Securing Peace in the Balkans”
  13. Australia: “Peace and Security in the Pacific”
  14. Austria: “Europe and Russia: Partners in a Globalized World”
  15. Azerbaijan: “Peace Initiative in the South Caucasus: New Approaches to Peacebuilding”
  16. Belgium: “What More Can Europe Do to Advance Human Rights?”
  17. Estonia: “Peacebuilding in Multicultural Societies”
  18. France: “A New Vision for Peace and Development”
  19. Georgia: “Peacebuilding in Multicultural Societies”
  20. Germany: “What Kind of Europe Do We Envision for the Future?”
  21. Indonesia: “Innovative Approaches to Peace, Leadership, and Good Governance”
  22. Korea: “Building a World of Lasting Peace”
  23. Kosovo: “Principles and Practices for Lasting Peace and Security in Kosovo and the Wider Balkans”
  24. Nepal: “Innovative Approaches to Peace, Sustainable Development,& Poverty Alleviation”
  25. Norway: “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future”
  26. Panama: “Regional Cooperation for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean”
  27. Russia: “Peace and Security in Multicultural Societies of Eurasia and Europe”
  28. United Kingdom: “Human Rights and the Protection of the Unempowered and Dispossessed”
  29. Leadership and Good Governance Award: H.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser President of the 66th Session of the UN General Assembly and High Representative Designate for the UN Alliance of Civilizations
  30. Leadership and Good Governance Award: Prof. Ibrahim Gambari Former African Union-United Nations Special Representative for Darfur
  31. Peace and Security People-to-people diplomacy Consultations among scholars, diplomats, government officials, civil society representatives, and religious leaders
  32. Washington DC, USA: Peace and Security Forums “The Arab Spring: One Year Later” “Transnational Crime in the Americas” “Security Cooperation in Southeast Asia and Oceania” “North Korea in Its Third Generation of Leadership” “Russia‟s Role in Stability in Eurasia and the Far East” “Rebirth of the International Market System” “The Tragedy and Hope for Syria” “The Face of Human Trafficking in America” “The Sahel Region of West Africa: Permanent Crisis?” “Tensions between China and Japan”
  33. Israel: Peace and Security Forums “Contemporary Aspects of National Resilience” “The Input that the International Powers have on the Development and Sustainability of Israel‟s National Resilience”
  34. Japan: Peace Diplomats Forums “A Dilemma of the Post-Dictatorial Era” “Lessons of Fukushima” “Universal Values and the Responsibility to Protect”
  35. Balkans Peace Initiative Interfaith Harmony Week program in Albania, a consultation in Kosovo
  36. Balkans Peace Initiative Albanian and Kosovo youth work together on a project in Tirana, a forum in Macedonia about principles of peace
  37. Baltic Dialogue Initiative International gatherings in Estonia and St. Petersburg, Russia
  38. Middle East Peace Initiative Interfaith forum, service-learning project
  39. North East Asia Peace Initiative International consultation in the British Parliament
  40. North East Asia Peace Initiative Conference in Moscow on a united Korea as the dream of the Korean people
  41. South Asia Peace Initiative Conferences in Nepal and Afghanistan promoting peace and security
  42. South Asia Peace Initiative University peace clubs in India, an interfaith youth project in Pakistan
  43. South Asia Peace Initiative A forum on strengthening families in Bangladesh, a session of the Youth Parliament in Sri Lanka
  44. South Caucasus Peace Initiative International conference in Georgia, a consultation in Azerbaijan
  45. South Caucasus Peace Initiative Russian children make gifts for orphans in Georgia, informal meetings in Armenia
  46. Strengthening Marriage & Family Promoting recognition of marriage and family as a sacred unit and the foundation of lasting peace and development
  47. Canada: “Promoting Strong Family Values as the Foundation for a Peaceful Nation”
  48. Switzerland: “The Contribution of Families to Peace, Human Development, and Prosperity”
  49. Korea: “World Peace Blessing” UPF delegates offered congratulatory messages.
  50. Philippines: “Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival”
  51. Thailand: “Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival”
  52. Marriage and Family Seminars Nigeria Rwanda Russia ArgentinaGhana
  53. Interfaith Understanding & Cooperation UPF calls on people of faith to honor the Divine indwelling in a way that encourages understanding, respect, and cooperation among people of all faiths for the well-being of our communities and peace in the world.
  54. India: “India‟s Contribution to Interreligious Peace and Harmony”
  55. Israel: “Religion and Peace in the Middle East: The Significance of Interfaith Cooperation”
  56. Jordan: “The Significance of the Amman Interfaith Message”
  57. Korea: “Toward an Era of Interfaith Cooperation and Universal Peace”
  58. Philippines: “Interfaith Harmony and Good Governance in Peace and Development”
  59. Thailand: “Good Governance and Interreligious Cooperation”
  60. United States: “World Interfaith Harmony Week: Common Ground for the Common Good”
  61. United Nations Religious leaders and faith-based NGO heads join diplomats and the President of the General Assembly in a celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week.
  62. Consultations Abuna Paulos I, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Coptic Pope Theodoros II of Alexandria, Egypt
  63. Promoting Interfaith Understanding Nepal Brazil Albania Russia
  64. UN Relations UPF is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It supports and promotes the work of the United Nations and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.
  65. UN World Interfaith Harmony Week: First Week of February Motto: “Love of God and Love of the Neighbor”/”Love of the Good and Love of the Neighbor” Celebration at the UN General Assembly Hall
  66. Albania Australia Austria Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Czech Republic Ecuador Georgia Germany Honduras Hungary India Indonesia Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Malaysia Moldova Nepal Netherlands Philippines Poland Russia Slovakia South Korea St. Lucia Taiwan Thailand UK US Zambia Observed in 34 nations
  67. UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Zambia Israel Programs in Africa and the Middle East
  68. UN World Interfaith Harmony Week ALSO: Canada Colombia Ecuador St. Lucia Honduras Brazil ChileUS Programs in the Americas:
  69. UN World Interfaith Harmony Week ALSO: India, Malaysia, Nepal, Taiwan Thailand Japan Australia Philippines Indonesia Programs in Asia and Oceania
  70. UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Programs in Eurasia Georgia Kazakhstan MoldovaRussia Kazakhstan
  71. UN World Interfaith Harmony Week ALSO: Albania Austria Czech Republic Germany UK Poland Netherlands Italy Programs in Europe Slovakia Hungary Poland
  72. UN International Women‟s Day: March 8 Theme for 2012: “Empower Women – End Hunger and Poverty” Washington DC, USA
  73. UN International Women‟s Day: Argentina Burkina Faso Central African Republic Czech Republic Estonia Georgia Ghana India Nepal Peru Russia UK US Uruguay Observed in 14 nations
  74. UN International Women‟s Day Programs in Africa Ghana Central African Republic Burkina Faso
  75. UN International Women‟s Day Programs in the Americas Peru ArgentinaUruguay ALSO: Canada, USA
  76. UN International Women‟s Day Programs in Asia India Nepal
  77. UN International Women‟s Day Programs in Europe and Eurasia United Kingdom Russia Czech Republic Georgia Estonia
  78. UN International Day of Families: May 15 Theme for 2012: “Ensuring Work Family Balance” Malaysia
  79. Observed in 71 nations Afghanistan Angola Argentina Armenia Austria Bangladesh Belarus Benin Brazil Cambodia Cameroon Canada Colombia Congo Cote d'Ivoire Czech Republic DR Congo Ecuador Ethiopia Finland Gabon Georgia Germany Ghana Guyana Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel Jamaica Japan Kazakhstan Kenya Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Mali Marshall Is. Mauritius Moldova Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Niger Norway Paraguay Peru Russia Rwanda San Marino Senegal South Korea Sierra Leone Solomon Is. Somalia Spain Sri Lanka St. Lucia Suriname Taiwan Thailand Turkey U.K. U.S. Ukraine Uruguay Venezuela Zambia Zimbabwe
  80. UN International Day of Families ALSO: Angola Benin Cameroon Congo Cote d‟Ivoire Ethiopia Ghana Israel Mauritius Niger Rwanda Senegal Sierra Leone Somalia Turkey Zambia Zimbabwe Rwanda Kenya Turkey Democratic Republic of the Congo Programs in Africa and the Middle East
  81. UN International Day of Families ALSO: Brazil Canada Ecuador Guyana Jamaica Peru St. Lucia Suriname US Uruguay Programs in the Americas Nicaragua VenezuelaColombia ArgentinaParaguay
  82. UN International Day of Families ALSO: Afghanistan India Japan Malaysia South Korea Taiwan Thailand Bangladesh Programs in Asia Indonesia Nepal Cambodia
  83. UN International Day of Families ALSO: Georgia Kazakhstan Moldova Programs in Eurasia ArmeniaBelarus LithuaniaUkraine Russia
  84. UN International Day of Families ALSO: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain Programs in Europe FinlandIceland Ireland San Marino UK
  85. UN International Day of Families Programs in Oceania Solomon Islands New Zealand Marshall Islands
  86. UN International Day of Peace: September 21 Theme for 2012: “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future” Japan
  87. Afghanistan Argentina Australia Brazil Cambodia Czech Republic Dominican Republic Ecuador Estonia Ethiopia Georgia Germany India Israel Italy Japan Latvia Macedonia Malaysia Moldova Nepal New Zealand Norway Peru Russia Scotland Spain Sri Lanka Taiwan Ukraine United States Zambia Observed in 33 nations
  88. UN International Day of Peace Programs in Africa and the Middle East Zambia Israel Ethiopia Nigeria
  89. UN International Day of Peace ALSO: Brazil United States Dominican Republic Argentina Ecuador Peru Programs in the Americas
  90. UN International Day of Peace ALSO: India Sri Lanka Afghanistan CambodiaMalaysiaTaiwan Nepal Programs in Asia
  91. UN International Day of Peace ALSO: Russia EstoniaGeorgia Moldova UkraineLatvia Programs in Eurasia
  92. UN International Day of Peace ALSO: Macedonia Norway Spain Czech Republic International Day of P Weltfriedenstag 20 Wildeshausen: Auch der dreijährige Mekke Karac des Friedenstages eine Papiertaube gestaltet. Bil Germany Ital y Scotland Programs in Europe:
  93. UN International Day of Peace Programs in Oceania New Zealand Australia
  94. Other UN Days Holocaust Memorial Day (January 27) International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21) World Water Day (March 22) World Environment Day (June 5) Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression (June 4) Nelson Mandela International Day (July 18) International Day of Friendship (July30) International Youth Day (August 12) United Nations Day (October 24) International Day for Tolerance (November 16) Universal Children‟s Day (November 20) International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development (December 5) Human Rights Day (December 10) International Human Solidarity Day (December 20) UN commemorative days offer opportunities to develop partnerships and draw attention to shared concerns.
  95. The Americas Argentina: World Water Day, World Environment Day, Day of Friendship, Volunt eer Day Canada: Human Rights Day Colombia: World Water Day Paraguay: Day of Friendship Peru: Human Rights Day Argentina: World Environment Day Paraguay: Day of Friendship Colombia: World Water Day
  96. Asia Pakistan: International Youth Day, Day of Tolerance, Volunteer Day International Youth Day Day of Tolerance
  97. Eurasia Estonia: Day of Tolerance Georgia: Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, UN Day Russia: Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Day of Children‟s Protection, Day of Friendship, Nelson Mandela Day, UN Day, Day of Tolerance, Volunteer Day, Human Rights Day Tajikistan: Children‟s Day Georgia: UN Day Russia: Nelson Mandela Day Tajikistan: Children‟s Day
  98. Europe ALSO: United Kingdom: Holocaust Memorial Day at the British Parliament Belgium: Human Rights Day at the European Parliament in Brussels Czech Republic: Human Rights Day at the European House in Prague
  99. Africa Day, May 25 ALSO: Australia Germany Israel Kazakhstan UK Ecuador Japan Russia Ghana
  100. Office of UN Relations New York, USA Consultation with Hon. Hisham Badr (right), Deputy Foreign Minister of Egypt, at the opening of the 67th session of the U.N. General Assembly
  101. Rio+20 UPF Secretary General Taj Hamad addresses a session of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  102. Participation with UNITAR UPF staff participated in forums preparing for Rio+20 and the Arms Trade Treaty organized by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).
  103. African Union Summit Consultation with former Chair of the African Union Commission, H.E. Jean Ping (2nd from right)
  104. World Ecological Safety Assembly UPF Secretary General Taj Hamad addressed the assembly in Bali, Indonesia. UPF signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Ecological Safety Cooperative Organization.
  105. Consultations at the Opening of the 67th Session, UN General Assembly H.E. Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi (center), Prime Minister, Samoa
  106. Consultations at the Opening of the 67th Session, UN General Assembly Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial (left), Foreign Minister, South Sudan
  107. Consultations at the Opening of the 67th Session, UN General Assembly Mme. Mintou Doucoure Traore (center), First Lady, Mali
  108. Release of DOHA Institute Book The Doha Institute on the Family sponsored a book linking the UN Millennium Development Goals to the family. UPF‟s Lynn Walsh was among eight authors who contributed to this book. .
  109. Program with NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values & Global Concerns A Week of Spirituality, Values & Global Concerns, October 22-25
  110. Program with NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values & Global Concerns Mrs. Genie Kagawa, Deputy Director of UPF‟s Office of UN Relations, addressing an NGO conference on Healing the Wounds of History
  111. Japanese Tea Ceremony Japanese Tea Ceremony hosted by the Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN
  112. Office of Embassy Relations Washington DC, USA Forum on Women in Tunisia and the Arab Spring
  113. International Women‟s DayInternational Day of Peace International Day of Families
  114. Youth and Service Promoting the spirit that all people are part of “one family under God”
  115. Albania Estonia Georgia India Jamaica Malaysia Moldova Nepal Pakistan Russia Sri Lanka St. Lucia Thailand Religious Youth Service Through living together and providing altruistic service in a community, participants demonstrate that it is possible for our global human family to come together in peace for our mutual well being.
  116. Planting trees and helping at an orphanage in Tirana ALBANIA
  117. Renovating buildings in PilistvereESTONIA
  118. Renovating buildings in ZugdidiGEORGIA
  119. Making improvements at an elementary school in Portland Parish JAMAICA
  120. Helping at a geriatric center in Ialoveni MOLDOVA
  121. Helping at an orphanage in Kavre, repairing a water system in Chitlang NEPAL
  122. Providing sanitation for Hindu slum dwellers in Multan PAKISTAN
  123. Cleaning the House of Writers in St. Petersburg RUSSIA
  124. Building a community center in the Puttlam District SRI LANKA
  125. Cleaning and organizing activities at a school in Ciceron ST. LUCIA
  126. Helping with rural development in Baan Dadthongchareon THAILAND
  127. Humanitarian Aid Mauritius Nepal North Korea Peru Russia Uganda Addressing the Millennium Development Goals of achieving universal primary education, combating disease, and ensuring environmental sustainability
  128. Offering health education and a clinic in Quatre-Bornes MAURITIUS
  129. Distributing food and clothing to the elderly, offering a health clinic NEPAL
  130. Donations of medical supplies to a children‟s hospital NORTH KOREA
  131. Bringing cards and gifts to elderly hospital patients in Lima PERU
  132. Putting up tents and bringing supplies after the flooding in Krymsk RUSSIA
  133. Giving supplies and equipment to schools near Kampala UGANDA
  134. Special Events Africa The Americas Asia Eurasia Europe Oceania
  135. Africa Cameroon Benin Congo Niger
  136. Africa Angola ZimbabweSomalia Senegal
  137. Africa Cote d‟Ivoire Gabon Sierra Leone Mali
  138. Americas Argentina: International Day of Friendship art contest (right) Peru: Scissors Dance (below) Canada: International Day of Families
  139. Asia Nepal: “Clean and Green” campaign India: Intercollegiate sports tournament
  140. Eurasia Sports for Peace in Russia: St. Petersburg and the Urals (right); Moscow and Lake Baikal (below)
  141. Eurasia Georgia: Intercultural Sports Competitions (above) Kazakhstan: Africa Day (below) Ukraine: Arts Festival (right), Russian children perform in Finland and Sweden (below)
  142. Europe Italy: Interreligious sports tournament Finland: Day of Families (right) Scotland: Day of Peace (below)
  143. Europe Programs in Vienna, Austria, featuring the cultures of Brazil (above), Slovakia (top, right), and Sri Lanka (bottom, right)
  144. Oceania Australia: Africa Day
  145. In Memoriam Hon. Aloysia Inyumba, Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Rwanda H.E. Fouad El-Turk, Former Ambassador of Lebanon to the UN Abuna Paulos I, Patriarch, Ethiopian Orthodox Church Chief Segun Olusola, Founder, African Refugees Foundation, Nigeria Sir Peter Tapsell, Former Speaker, New Zealand House of Representatives Honoring the legacy of Ambassadors for Peace who passed away in 2012
  146. Publications Magazines - Journals - Books
  147. Website:
  148. Social Media Facebook: Universal Peace Federation International International Day of Families Religious Youth Service Women for Peace UPF Global Peace Council Videos: PowerPoint reports and educational content: Character education lessons: Photo albums: Bookstore: LinkedIn: Universal Peace Federation
  149. Thank you to the 102 UPF chapters who sent reports of activities in 2012!  Afghanistan  Albania  Angola  Argentina  Armenia  Australia  Austria  Azerbaijan  Bangladesh  Belarus  Belgium  Benin  Brazil  Burkina Faso  Cambodia  Cameroon  Canada  Central African Rep  Chile  Colombia  Congo  Cote d'Ivoire  Czech Republic  Dominican Republic  Democratic Republic of Congo  Ecuador  Estonia  Ethiopia  Finland  France  Gabon  Georgia  Germany  Ghana  Guatemala  Guyana  Honduras  Hungary  Iceland  India  Indonesia  Ireland  Israel  Italy  Jamaica  Japan  Jordan  Kazakhstan  Kenya  Kosovo  Latvia  Lesotho  Lithuania  Luxembourg  Macedonia  Malaysia  Mali  Marshall Islands  Mauritius  Moldova  Nepal  Netherlands  New Zealand  Nicaragua  Niger  Nigeria  Norway  Pakistan  Palau  Panama  Paraguay  Peru  Philippines  Poland  Russia  Rwanda  San Marino  Scotland  Senegal  Sierra Leone  Slovakia  Solomon Islands  Somalia  South Korea  Spain  Sri Lanka  St. Lucia  Suriname  Sweden  Switzerland  Taiwan  Tajikistan  Thailand  Turkey  Uganda  Ukraine  United Kingdom  United States  Uruguay  Venezuela  Zambia  Zimbabwe
  150. In Appreciation to Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, UPF Founders, for Their Guidance and Support A birthday gift presented in January 2012 by Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, UPF President, and Mr. Taj Hamad, Secretary General