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Stone craft Color Reference Chart


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This information is meant as a guide when making a color selection and does not replace viewing the actual stones or a completed project.

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Stone craft Color Reference Chart

  1. 1. ©2010 Headwaters. All rights reserved. 5/10 Color Name Profile Available Approximate Color Range Dominant Color Minor Color Adirondack River Rock Gray/green, light brown, gray, light tan and red Light brown, light tan, gray/green Red Brown Top Rock Brown, tan and red Brown Red Bucktown Heritage, Fieldstone and Ledgestone Brown, red, tan, tan with a red stripe, tan with gray stripe, brown/green and brown/ gray Brown, light tan Red Canyon Gray Fieldstone, Monarch and Cobble Yellow/black, yellow/green, black/green Black/green Chardonnay Heritage, Ledgestone Medium brown, yellow, deep brown and granite red Medium brown Granite red & dark brown Colorado Fieldstone Black, medium brown, light tan and brown/green Medium brown Brown/green Gray Cobble Black, black/brown and gray Black/grey Brown Mountain Monarch Yellow/brown, yellow/tan, yellow/red and yellow/black Yellow/brown, yellow/tan Yellow/black Mountain Cobble Deep yellow, yellow/tan Ohio Heritage Cream/light tan Cream/light tan Old Ohio Heritage Cream/light tan with a grey streak Cream/light tan with a grey streak Pennsylvania Heritage, Ledgestone, Top Rock and Monarch Light gray, black, medium brown, yelllow/ brown, yellow black Light gray Realen Top Rock Yellow/brown, light brown, granite red, light gray and pinkish stone Light brown, yellow/brown Pinkish stone Sandstone Monarch Yellow/tan, and yellow/red Yellow/tan Yellow/red Tennessee Ledgestone Black, tan, light gray, black/green, black/ red and black/gold Black Black/green, black/red and black/gold Valley Forge Fieldstone, Monarch and Cobble Medium tan, light tan, black/brown mix, black/tan mix, red/tan mix, black and red Medium tan, light tan, black/ brown mix Black and red Warm Springs Heritage, Fieldstone and Top Rock Yellow, brown, tan/yellow, and red Brown, tan/yellow Red Wisconsin Heritage, Ledgestone Light brown, medium brown and tan light brown, medium brown tan • Color range listed is an approximation of colors that can be present. Since all color is hand applied exact ratios are impossible. • It takes approximately 100 square feet to see the full accurate color representation. • In some cases you may see a range of 2-3 colors on a single stone in an effort to present a more naturalistic product. • Dominant color reflects the color with the highest ratio and the highest percentage per box. • Minor color reflects an “accent” color within the color offering. This color has the smallest ratio and may not be present in all boxes. • There is a possibility that a profile may be shipped wet, this is a common occurrence for stone veneer. It can take up to 45 days for stone to dry fully depending upon the outside air temperature and weather conditions. • Wet stone may appear darker in color than a stone that is completely dry. If you suspect that your stone is wet, lay the stone on a flat sur- face where it can dry, to get get a more accurate representation of the color. Color Reference Chart This information is meant as a guide when making a color selection and does not replace viewing the actual stones or a completed project.