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Working Group Meeting 3 - Analysis of Key Issues and Preliminary Recommendations


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I requested this doc. from the City of Ottawa, on both the Open Data Site and directly from the Committee. Here is the response I received:

"This is related to a McKellar Park / Highland Park / Westboro Area Traffic Management Study that is still on-going. The specific reference is to notes of a meeting of the Public Working Group for the study. These notes were not intended as an information source for the general public. There is no final report available for this study. Here’s a link to basic website information that is available, which unfortunately is somewhat out-of-date:

This study has essentially been on-hold since 2009, at the request of the Ward Councillor, pending further input from the McKellar Park Community Association.

Of note, there is a construction project taking place later this fall on Highway 417. The Ministry of Transportation is closing the eastbound ramp on Carling for an 8 week period. All eastbound traffic will be directed to get off the 417 at Maitland and directed to use Carling Avenue. As a result temporary measures are planned on 4 streets off Sherbourne in the McKellar Park Community to deal with any extra traffic that may not abide by the detour (i.e. using Carling). This current plan during the construction phase on the 417 has no relation to the traffic study in McKellar which has been ongoing for a number of years."

I was advised that I could come to the City and read the document but was not allowed to have a copy. A friend had received a scanned copy of the report that was mailed to another friend of his. Why, on what grounds and how the City access policy changed is unbeknown to me. I have chosen to post it in order to help community groups. The City of Ottawa Council has voted on an Open Government and Open Data Policy but alas, this did not seem to cover this document. It does seem though that a study that cost the City 120k to produce is not being shared because it's results are contested by a community group, but alas, just because people do not agree to it does not make it a document that should not be read. How would a library deal with such an issue

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