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Flexible work practices academic essay assignment -


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Flexible work practices academic essay assignment -

  1. 1. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY University Name rs pe Pa Human Resource Management de Essay Resit Questions - UMPCNM-20-2 Your Name rapGTo 2009 GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  2. 2. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Critically examine the claim that flexible working practices are of greater benefit to employers than employees. You should support your answer by drawing upon at least two forms of flexible working. rs The flexible working practices are basically all the innovative ways employers and employees can agree upon structuring work to accommodate business and individual working needs and conditions. And these practices are very useful for flexible firm in shedding light pe for the changes in the nature of work and work organisation, these practices may be less useful in explaining the issues that are facing by the employers regarding how best to manage and utilize employees to achieve organisational objectives and goals. And that is why they Pa have been against flexible hours. But if we see rationally, we‟ll find that the flexible working practices are very beneficial to the employers more than employees. There are certain forms of flexible working. The most famous among them are the part-time working, job share and flexitime. If we consider the benefits of the job sharing and the flexitime to the employers, we de will find that when there is the freedom to work in any way they choose outside a set core of hours determined by the employer and also has an opportunity to share work among peers, potentially it looks dangerous to the employers, but in fact it is covering much more benefits ra to the employers. When employees have such option there is greater staff morale and job satisfaction. In the organization where employers offer flexitime working and job-sharing to the employees it report improvements in recruitment, absenteeism and productivity. ThesepG practices have ability to attract a higher level of skills because the business is able to attract and retain a skilled and more diverse workforce. When a good employee or expert will listen that some organization is so much flexible that it offers too much flexibility, they will surely rush towards that organization, in this way the employer has most potential, satisfied andTo highly talented employees in their firms. At the same level by these employers has to bear less Recruitment. Similarly it reduces stress, fatigue and unfocussed employees. When there is the matter of job-sharing, no employee will work with lazy and unfocussed employees and it would be easy for an employer to catch a lazy person and get him out of the work. As discussed above it increases employee satisfaction and when satisfaction is there you will have more production which will contribute more to your profits. When you have such options like flexitime and job-sharing, you have not to face French leaves; employees will visit doctors or have medical examination without postponing their work and within the GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  3. 3. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY office timings. In this way you have some others benefits too, like Measurement of employee‟s attendance, you only pay or time in attendance (delayed arrival caused by traffic congestion, delayed trains etc. are entirely employees responsibilities). These types of practices creates an incentive to complete tasks instead of being carried forward to the next day as extra hours worked count towards the final target Greater competitiveness under the rs practice of overtime and part time. So by sharing work and having flexitime employees have no excuses to delay work. By all of the above mentioned benefits to the employees it gives strength to the customer satisfaction and loyalty when they have quality product and services pe on time. Critically assess the ways in which organisations can gain from workforce diversity. Pa Workforce diversity means employing people within an organization without discrimination de on the basis of gender, age and ethnic or racial background. Due to greater benefits and the globalization current trend in business workforce diversity in the workplace is a better accepted and applied concept now more than ever. There are many potential ways in which an organization can gain from the workforce diversity. In the today atmosphere every ra successful corporation learn to manage to their full advantage through adopting new structure and work practices that are different from those traditional and old fashioned conservative organizations. They try to manage acquire a competitive advantage in the global marketpG place. And that is all brought in by the workforce diversity now days. The whole purpose of managing diversity is to bring out the best of employees Talent, Abilities, Skills and Knowledge for the benefits of individual employees and at the same time for the progress and the creating value of the corporations. When workforce diversity is properly managed in it, itTo lead employee towards the satisfaction, loyalty, productivity, efficiency and many more. Similarly the organization‟s success and competitiveness depends upon its ability to commence diversity and realize its potential benefits. When organizations actively learn and implements their handling of workplace diversity issues, develop and implement diversity plans, multiple benefits. The diverse organizations have better solution to the problems. They have the increasing adaptability as they can offer greater variety of solutions to problems in service, sourcing, and GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  4. 4. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY allocation of resources. When you have employees from diverse backgrounds, they bring individual talents and experiences in suggesting ideas that are innovative, flexible to adapting in the market situation now days and it work according to the customer demands as it has greater extent for the adaptability. And when an organization has diverse employees from different background, it can offer variety of services to the customer. It will be presenting a rs diverse collection of skills and experiences (e.g. languages, cultural understanding) that will be helpful for the organization to provide service to customers on a global basis. When you have different type of mind from different cultures with you, you have an opportunity to have pe variety of viewpoints in the problem solving or innovation process. It will also be helpful for the organization to meet business strategy needs and the needs of customers more effectively. Organizations that encourage diversity in the workplace inspire all of their employees to Pa perform to their highest ability. So such diverse and flexible strategies in the organization will be helpful to execute higher productivity, profit, and return on investment. Organizations that encourage diversity in the workplace inspire all of their employees to perform to their highest ability. So such diverse and flexible strategies in the organization will be helpful to de execute higher productivity, profit, and return on investment. There also countless benefits to the organization like diverse workforce leads to develop the organizational unique culture, it help to improves client relations, different minds from different cultures leads to the creativity, increase employees morals, greater retention and the last but not the least it help ra the organization to move into emerging marketspG Explain why the attainment of a ‘work-life balance’ is important for employees and critically examine the extent to which current legislation supports this. Work-life balance is a concept that has its broader meanings giving proper priority to careerTo and ambition by comparing it with family, pleasure and leisure. As the separation between work and home life has diminished, this concept has become more important relative to the old days. Today trend is very hasty in most of the organizations. Currently most of the organization keeps their employees working for late hours, over times and work at homes. This is totally distracting the balance between the work and the family life. When you do not have balance between these two pillars of life, you have to face many difficulties. It may lead you to the stress and many problems due to this stress. It is very much clear that problems caused by stress have become a major concern to both employers and employees. We can GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  5. 5. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY find that symptoms of stress are manifested both physiologically and psychologically orders of human body. So when you get ill, it will also disturb your house life and efficiency at work place. So when you have standard of working seventy four hours per week, it will lead you to the very little time for your kids, families, parents and for spiritual needs. And when you don‟t have these benefits it will lead you to the dissatisfaction with life and lose your rs hope. And this trend will make you psycho. It may also perpetuate the habits of binge eating, smoking, and alcohol consumption. So these are the basic reason that increases the attainment of the work-life-balance for the employees as it very much helpful. And when you pe have time spent with family, friends, and community as well as pursuing activities that one enjoys it helps you grow personally and spiritually and make you a healthy and prosper person without ill-mannered habits. Pa Now a days you can have many laws for the benefits of workers, like Family and Medical Leave Act, Small Necessities Leave Act and Maternity Leaves etc. But they have not too much existence in most of the organizations. The legal terms are for just developed and top level managers but at the lower level it is a tough target. Legislation just supports it in the de written laws; we see little practical implication to this. The biggest obstacle behind the failure of this practice is this; the employers do not to accept more flexible working arrangements in order to attain more productivity. ra Compare and contrast the Resource Based View (RBV) and Best Practice (Universal) models of human resource management and identify thepG contribution of each to sustainable competitive advantage. Resource bases view is the corporate strategy that that is basically emerged from the concept of economic rent, it views the company as the basis of the capabilities that it has. TheTo fundamental principle of the RBV is that it make basis for the competitive advantage of a firm lies from the available resource that this firm posses. While on the other hand best practice are the Methods and techniques that have been showing results superior than those achieved with other means, and they are being used as the benchmark. In this way a company just adopts a strategy that has been continuously being used effectively rather seeing their available resources. That is why the RBV is looked as more realistic than second one. The purpose of the both methods is used to improve company performance and attain a sustainable competitive advantage. Best practices sets the rules of thumbs that make easy GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  6. 6. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY process but in the RBV you have to first insight look over the resources available etc. It takes time and effort and needs a high level of expertise. At the same time best practices fails when we go beyond these straightforward practices. It is because when you move away from uniformity it leads you to betray from the defined practices, while it is not like this in RBV model of HRM. rs As the question arises about the contribution of both to the sustainable competitive advantage, yes both models have much mutual interest. When you attain the best available pe resources through RBV and you refers it to the best practice model. And depending upon the model you determine the required best alternative for the purpose of any function of human resource management. It keeps it up in sustaining competitive advantage, because it leads to Pa the very low chances of failure. When you know about the available resource and have a best practice according to those resources then your employees, customers‟ believe remain tight on you and you are not going to lose your competitive advantage. And whenever there is lack of resources, the RBV refers to available best practice for the resources in hand, and again de you are not going to lose your place. ra Compare and contrast two different types of human resource planning techniques and critically evaluate their contribution to organisational success.pG HR planning is the process in which help to understand the contribution and scope of success for the organization. HR Planning is a process that goes through different techniques and types. It does the job analysis, environmental scanning, internal and external verifiers of the organizations like SWOT analysis for the organizational success and the decision and plansTo for the organizational success. When you being job analysis it is the way seek the different requirements of the jobs you are having regarding your business environment while when you are doing an environmental sacking, it means you are looking for the whole business industry. In the job analysis you mostly have an internal analysis relating to the jobs to do, while in the environmental scanning you do the analysis regarding the external factor in which the corporation need to operate its operations. So as a comparison in the both ways you determine specific needs and the requirements for the certain organization to contribute and make a scope for the success of the business. Purpose of them is the same but area of the GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  7. 7. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY operation is different. In the one type you have a internal verifiers scanning while the other supports the external verifiers. Both of these techniques support two different types of HR planning. In one planning type you seek whether the organization need to ne proactive or reactive about strategies and planning while in the other type organization make decision regarding breath of the planning. Critically both lead to the organizational success. It helps rs the organization to have good people at the best jobs. Similarly it reduces cost and increases employees moral that lead to the organizational success. When you perform efficient HR planning, it appreciates the four component parts of HR planning – namely, analysing the pe environment; forecasting future HR needs; analysing the current situation and projecting forward; and reconciliation, decisions and plans and when these components are without any flaw how an organization can be unsuccessful. These components get efficient level when Pa they are properly supported by the decision process. And a good decision leads one to the success. And these two types have a major contribution in the success of any organization. de Critically assess the argument that the concept of ‘well being’ goes beyond traditional concepts of health, safety and welfare and examine the implications of this for the way organisations manage their human resources. ra Maslow hierarchy of needs suggests that there are five stages for the well being of the personal requirements. According to that hierarchy need chart you have at the lower level aspG the physiological need like food, sex, cloths all you need for a living. After that you need security and then you need relationships. Afterwards you look forward to the self esteem and self actualization. In the age of stone when man was a beast all he requires for his living was the food. Then he requires the security by having power and arms. They were not moreTo interested in the relationships etc. When we get a little bit development then regions of different races developed, people come into the need of their relationships with the other communities to trade, security or to satisfy the below needs very well. But as the time passé and we entered in the 21st century. Its needs level has boosted up. Now most of the employees want to attain a self actualization and self esteem because they can have enough support from the governments and the NGO if they have nothing to do. And law has made security very well in developed economies. So now people have been looking forward to the level of self esteem where they can humans have a need to be respected, to have self-esteem, GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  8. 8. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY self-respect. Also requires the belonging need, esteem presents the normal human desire to be accepted and valued by others. rs pe Pa de ra So now this trend has changed the concept of “well being”from the traditional concepts of health, safety and welfare. Recently it was found that in Norway the suicide rate is too high. When psychologist determined the reason they concluded that the people are very prosper,pG they have money, security and belongings. But they left with nothing to do. So they try to suicide when they feel that you are just useless. Now a days the different organizations have implemented different platforms to recognize and help employees to achieve their well being extra needs. They provide proper feedback and evaluation system by which they evaluate theTo performance of the employees and give them an opportunity of progress. They arrange different training session and competitions to prove employees their self and have a better opportunity to attain the self esteem. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  9. 9. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY References rs  Emmott, M. And Hutchinson, S. (1998) „Employment Flexibility: Threat or Promise?‟ in P. Sparrow and M. Marchington (eds)(1998): HRM: The New Agenda, London: Pitman. pe  Fynes, B., Morrissey, T., Roche, W.K., Whelan, B.J., and Williams, J.(1996a), Flexible Working Lives: The Changing Nature of Working Time Arrangements in Ireland, Dublin: Oak Tree.  Pa Priem, R.L., Butler, J.E. (2001b), Tautology in the Resource-Based View and Implications of Externally Determined Resource Value: Further Comments. Academy of Management Review. de  Fottler, M.D., Phillips, R.L., Blair, J.D., Duran, C.A. 1990. "Achieving competitive advantage through strategic human resources management". Hospital and Health Services Administration. ra  Maslow, Abraham (1954). Motivation and Personality. New York: Harper  Srinivas R. Kandula, (2004), Human Resource Management in Practice: With 300pG Models, Techniques and Tools, Phi publishers.To GET YOUR WORK DONE BY