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DevOps Days Galway Talk


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The Elephant In The Room. How To Attract And Retain Great DevOps Talent.

You've put in place your vision, decided on the strategy, agreed on the technology you’re going to use to deliver, but here is the killer question…. how are you going to attract the right people to implement the vision, and how are you going to retain them?

One of the most difficult areas in the implementation of DevOps practices is finding exceptional people with the relevant skill sets who can deliver on the strategy. Without good people, you have nothing.

Huge amounts of organisations demand DevOps related skills, but do we set ourselves aside from the other ten thousand companies looking for ‘DevOps’ capability? Demand far exceeds supply, so we need to ensure we are different.

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DevOps Days Galway Talk

  1. 1. WHY ME?
  2. 2. Because hiring people is the single most different element of DevOps WHY IS THIS TALK IMPORTANT?
  3. 3. Why you’re NOT hiring and retaining TOP TALENT…
  4. 4. #1 You’re NOT USING ENOUGH cutting edge technology
  5. 5. #2 You’re USING TOO MUCH cutting edge technology
  6. 6. Your culture is NAFF #3
  7. 7. You’re not ‘DOING THE DEVOPS’ properly #4
  8. 8. You’re UNKNOWN in the community#5
  9. 9. Your interviews aren’t inclusive #6
  10. 10. Your process is TOO SLOW #7
  11. 11. Your process is TOO QUICK #8
  12. 12. You’re looking for the WRONG thing Not sure, use your imagination! But the point is we’re trying to find the wrong thing when hiring #9
  13. 13. Pay more you can hire more, pay less you’ll hire less etcMoney Talks#10
  14. 14. There is NO END GOAL#11
  15. 15. YOU!#12 MAYBE but YOU could be the issue