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Instant Upgrades with Rector [PHP Day @ Verona, Italy, 2019 05]

  1. Instant Upgrades with Rector Tomas Votruba
  2. “Code becomes legacy as soon as it’s been written”
  3. Knowledge becomes legacy as soon as it’s been learned
  4. TimetoRefactorLegacy
  5. Nette → Symfony Case Study 54 357 lines of PHP code | 151 routes
  6. vendor/bin/rector process src --level nette-to-symfony All Know How = 1 set
  7. TimetoRefactorLegacy
  8. Any legacy project can be migrate to a new framework in 1 month.
  9. One more thing...
  10. FixingPHPStanErrors
  11. Boost Your CI Today vendor/bin/rector process src --level code-quality vendor/bin/rector process src --level dead-code
  12. Like it? Support Rector
  13. Thank you! Questions?