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Animation Services


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Timbuktoons began by creating our own line of short format animations and since has produced over 60 hours of original creative content for clients all over the world. Our work has appeared in direct to DVD series, commercials, webisodes, IMAG for conferences and events, museums and mobile games.

We offer pre-production and 2D animation services from concept to delivery including character design, visual development, backgrounds, layouts, limited
animation, frame by frame animation, sound design and more!

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Animation Services

  1. 1. TBT Services Case Studies:AnimationFor more information:
  2. 2. We cut our teeth on cartoons...when we got teeth. We started with a camel and now haveSpecialties enough animated animals to fill a zoo• Digital & Traditional• Character Design (with humans too).• Storyboards• Game Assets Timbuktoons began by creating our own line of short format• Art Direction• Backgrounds animations and since has produced over 60 hours of original• Ketchup (no really.) creative content for clients all over the world. Our work has appeared in direct to DVD series, commercials, webisodes,Software IMAG for conferences and events, museums and mobile games.• Adobe Illustrator• Adobe Flash We offer pre-production and 2D animation services from• Adobe Photoshop• Art Rage concept to delivery including character design, visual• Sketchbook Pro development, backgrounds, layouts, limited animation, frame• Storyboard Pro by frame animation, sound design and more!• Harmony• Pen and paperFor more information:
  3. 3. The mission statement of VA is “to fulfill President Lincoln’s promise ‘To care for him who shall have borne the battle,and for his widow, and his orphan’ by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans.”Department of Veteran AffairsSuperSCO “how-to” Webisodes
  4. 4. For more information: Department of Veteran Affairs SuperSCO “how-to” Webisodes Changes in the Post 9/11 GI Bill, a law thatChallenge• Explain complex and provides educational benefits to veterans, technical concepts• Encourage the use of the 100 page SCO Handbook made new training for School Certifying• Create engaging and fun videos that make the facts Officials (SCOs) necessary. more memorable Under the changes, veterans received expanded benefits and theSolution ability to enroll in a wider variety of vocational and training. SCOs, the• Combined limited animation with motion representatives at schools responsible for certifying eligible veteran graphics to save costs and explain changes easier students, needed more information about the changes and how that• Employed a superhero theme to show SCOs as would affect the processing of the benefit. the frontline support for veteran students• Used tongue-in-cheek Timbuktoons co-developed a series concept of fun animated “how- humor to explain technical concepts in a fun way to” videos to encourage, inspire and train SCOs on new reporting procedures for helping former military in their educational endeavors.
  5. 5. Jellyfish is the creative shop founded by Phil Vischer to develop new faith-based projects for kids andfamilies. Prior to founding Jellyfish, Phil founded Big Idea Productions and led the team that broughtVeggieTales to life.Jellyfish Labs/Phil VischerWhat’s in the Bible?
  6. 6. For more information: Jellyfish Labs/Phil Vischer What’s in the Bible? VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer wanted multipleChallenge• Use multiple art directions art directions and animation styles for his latest and animation styles• Produce large amounts of direct-to-DVD series: What’s in the Bible. content in a short period of time• Work with solopreneur VeggieTales sold over 50 million copies and taught countless children creatives across the country for pre-production and values through fresh and entertaining storytelling. In his next faith- production services based DVD project, Vischer once again used a mix of animation, creative characters and witty songs to focus on teaching Bible literacySolution• Used nested animation and to children and their parents. motion graphic for Magic Flannelgraph shorts• Developed two show concepts and pilot Previously for Vischer’s online media channel ( episodes• Produced additional shorts Timbuktoons developed two show concepts (Quackey’s Questions for DVD bonus features and The Curious Tales of Alfred Wilberwale), pilots and other shorts.• Visual development and storyboards produced for We were then chosen as one of the key producers for What’s in the some volumes Bible working primarily on “Magic Flannelgraph” sections.
  7. 7. simplifyMD builds Electronic Health Records (EHR) software that is simple to start, easy to use andefficient. They create cloud optimized affordable tools that allow doctors to spend more time withpatients and less time doing paperwork.simplifyMDEasy Street Family Practice
  8. 8. For more information: simplifyMDChallenge• Modify existing character Easy Street Family Practice designs for animation• Develop character personalities for exisiting simplifyMD wanted to add a little humor to the character designs• Write complete stories often complex world of Electronic Health Records in three panels while communicating key messaging and government regulations and incentives.• Research and understand industry lingo• Quick turnaround from From purchase to deployment simplifyMD promises’s script, strip to animation even in their name! Sticking to their brand they chose simple and fun characters to explain the benefits of their software amidst the stressSolution• Setup a streamlined and and complexities doctors often experience choosing EHR solutions. efficient pipeline• Worked closely with team Timbuktoons was contacted by simplifyMD to bring their existing to understand concepts characters to life through comic strips and short animations.• Rigged characters in Toon Boom Harmony We worked with their team to craft the key messaging for each strip. New illustrations for each strip were then imported into Toon Boom’s Harmony and combined with the rigged characters created during the development and pre-production phases.
  9. 9. Orbie for Orphans is a non-profit organization founded by the entertainment company OodlesWorld to create awareness, advance the rescue of orphans worldwide and provide education aboutresources for adoption and foster care.Orbie for OrphansOrbie: Pilot Episode
  10. 10. For more information: Orbie for Orphans Orbie: Pilot Episode Orbie for Orphans wanted to use animationChallenge to show orphans and foster children that they• Adapt existing CG characters to 2D animation• Produce almost 10 minutes are special. within a short timeframe• Switch to a new pipeline for frame by frame animation Orbie for Orphans wanted a pilot episode for their animated using Harmony curriculum in development that’s designed for the specific needs of• Craft a creative storyline while including specific orphans worldwide. Timbuktoons worked with Orbie for Orphans to required content develop the series (story, character design, art direction) and produceSolution the short.• Implement three different pipelines for three different art directions In production we used three pipelines for the different styled• Crew up for various pre- production and production animated segments. The majority of the episode is frame by frame elements animation created digitally in Toon Boom’s Harmony. Another segment (“Orbie’s Story”) was produced in After Effects using illustrator assets. The third segment (“Bo’s Flashback”) was symbol based animation produced in Flash.
  11. 11. Make Timbuktoons your choice for keeping your project on scope, budget and time.Partial Client List• ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Why use a cloud studio for your next great project? Home Edition• The Discovery Channel• The National Archives Simple...budget, talent and technology.• Jellyfish Labs/Phil Vischer• Compassion International• Veterans Administration• Graebel Relocation Get big market, network quality without paying LA, NY or ATL prices.• Willow Creek Association We crew up and down depending on your project’s needs. Our talent• Saddleback Church• Tim Hawkins pool is fresh and global and the tools we use make you feel like we’re• National Concrete & Masonry Association right in the next room.• Department of the Interior• Department of Justice All of this helps us keep your project on scope, budget and time.For more information:
  12. 12. We’re your animation oasis in the clouds.Recent Awards• 2012: Telly Award (Gold)• 2011: Davey Award (Gold), Addy (Silver), Addy (Gold), Telly Award (Bronze)• 2010 Addy (Silver), Addy (2 Gold), “Best Animation” Contact Us (706) 854-7704Get up to 30% tax creditGeorgia’s Entertainment info@timbuktoons.comIndustry Investment Actprovides a tax credit forsingle production or on 7013 Evans Town Center Blvd. Suite 102multiple projects. Evans GA 30809These tax credits createsignificant cost savingsfor companies producingfeature films, tv series, musicvideos and commercials, aswell as interactive gamesand animation.For more information:GA Production IncentivesFor more information: