How to successfully sell new business


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Here are great tips for obtaining more referral

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How to successfully sell new business

  1. 1. Aaron Brodsky 6.25.12
  2. 2. *Have at least one new appointment scheduled everyday*Make a goal to set 2 new appointments everyday*Play the numbers (Know your numbers): 10 prospects to get an appointment 3 appointments to make a sale = 30 prospects to make a sale
  3. 3. *“Im never too busy to see if I can be a resource to anyone you care about - friend, family or colleague.”*Be specific * Friends * Family * People they do business with*After getting a referral and calling the referral, follow up with your customer to tell them how it went and to thank them for the introduction
  4. 4. Work Smarter, Not Harder! Source:
  5. 5. *Ensure that your customer is completelyhappy or satisfied first.*You can’t expect them to give you one oftheir friends or contacts if you did notdeliver on your product or service.
  6. 6. *Ask them, “Would you recommend me?” Be ready for the answer.*If yes, then ask who they would recommend you to and their relationship to the referral. Many times you will receive one or two referrals after this step.*If no, uncover the problem and try to overcome the objection or fix the issue.
  7. 7. *Ask them to take out their mobile phone.*Have them type in your contact information and save it.*Explain to them that you want to provide them with the best customer service in case they have a problem or issue.*Let them know you don’t want them to have to search for your contact information. They will appreciate you sharing this.
  8. 8. *While they have out their mobile rolodex, ask if there are any people in their phone that they can refer you to.*You just hit pay dirt.*If they give you a referral from their phone, ask if they would be willing to call and introduce you to them. You will be amazed by how many of your customers will comply with your request.
  9. 9. *After they provide you with many referrals, thank them: *A week or so later, send them a personal thank you note. *In today’s society, a hand written note will go a long way. *You will be astonished by the response you receive from sending a personalized note.
  10. 10. *If a referral does business with you, make sure you reward your customer, especially if they are not expecting it.*Your customers will begin to send referrals over to you in droves.*Then watch your sales increase.
  11. 11. *Don’t prospect… network*Join local chambers and business networking groups (BNI, etc…)*Don’t just network to give a sales pitch*Take legitimate interest in the people you meet and eventually, if they have a need, you can identify it and see if you can fill it and show them how
  12. 12. * I see this as one of the most important parts of being successful, in anything really* When surveyed, business owners said they hate sales people that tell them they’re going to do something, but don’t do it. That’s how most sales people are.* If you say you’re going to call them on Tuesday at 9:30am, don’t call them on Wed. Don’t call them at 9:45.* You lose credibility every time you say you’ll do something but don’t do it, and gain credibility every time you do.* Have a system, whatever it is, and stick to it.
  13. 13. * Great salespeople aren’t big talkers, they’re big listeners* The sales process is about finding out what the customer wants and needs and then figuring out how you can help them get it.* It’s never about you and what you want to do for them.* It’s all about what they need. What keeps them up at night? How can you help?* “The less you talk, the more you will sell.” – Larry Weinberg
  14. 14. There are no shortcuts in life or sales. Think about it, anything worth anything takes time.One cannot reduce the natural process in order tocircumvent the experience or time commitment.
  15. 15. A person cannot speed up building trustwhich is the foundation of any relationship. Trust gets built over time.
  16. 16. Many have tried by taking a pill or doing a“magic diet”, but it only gave them short- term results.It was not something they could sustain. It takes exercise and proper diet, continuously.
  17. 17. Hot pockets do not count. Think back to your last holiday meal. Ittook that person an immense deal of time and planning for a 30 minute meal.
  18. 18. Some brides take YEARS to plan their fairytale wedding.
  19. 19. Anyone can have a terrific day or evenmonth, but to do it year after year it takes time and hard work. There is no substitute!
  20. 20. The closest thing I’ve found to a sales shortcut is a referral.A solid referral can bypass several years of building a relationship, but this is not a guarantee. It still involves work.
  21. 21. I did actually find one shortcut. It was in computer software, but it took time torealize that the short cuts existed and to understand how to use them.
  22. 22. If shortcuts existed, they would be labeled “The Way”. Remember: