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CryENGINE 3 Rendering Techniques


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For Crysis 2, the R&D team at Crytek created the third iteration of CryENGINE. This lecture covers various topics related to Crytek’s latest engine iteration. Tiago Sousa provides an overview of the rendering pipeline, and the successful transition to a multiplatform friendly deferred lighting approach; how gamma-correct HDR rendering and its multiplatform details have been handled, with a focus on performance and quality. Other topics include deferred lighting techniques such as efficiently handling skin-rendering, and overcoming alpha-blending problems for hair/fur rendering for current-generation hardware; water-rendering and dynamic interaction; batched HDR post-processing; and how AA was handled. The lecture also includes multiplatform comparisons on final image quality, optimization strategies, and performance analysis insights. It also unveils the DX11 implementation of certain features.

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CryENGINE 3 Rendering Techniques

  1. 9. Depth Diffuse Acc Normals Specular Acc Opaque Passes (linear space) Transparent Passes (linear space) Final Tone Mapped Result