Western Canada Delegation to SXSW2014_(V1)


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These Western Canada companies are seeking B2B appointments at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas, March 9-12, 2014.

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Western Canada Delegation to SXSW2014_(V1)

  1. 1. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles 2 Web Designs Inc. 2 WEB DESIGN have provided web design services for 375+ businesses, non-profit organizations, and municipalities in just under a decade. With a collaborative design approach to our projects, we will continue to provide our clients with unique and customized web design solutions. We offer:  Fully customized solution, with per-project pricing model  Manage your own website with a robust Content Management System  Reduce bounce rates and increase website traffic  Develop a social media strategy with weekly, monthly, and yearly milestones Current Products and Services:  Website Development, mobile websites & applications, content management, online marketing Target Audience:  Post secondary institutions, event centers, resort properties, non-profit organizations  Geographic focus, North America, Middle East Main Contact: Mouneeb Shahid, Owner 102 – 108 Research Drive, Saskatoon, SK Office: 306.664.2932 Cell : 306-251-1925 Email : mouneeb@2webdesign.com Website : http://www.2webdesign.com http://www.linkedin.com/company/2webdesign-com @2WebDesign Page 1 of 13
  2. 2. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles Complex Games Inc. Complex Games is a leading mobile game development studio with a strong expertise in free-to-play game design and monetization, with over 11 years of proven experience creating & delivering top-selling, award-winning mobile games for some of the world’s largest game publishers and entertainment brands. Complex Games has successfully developed and deployed its own Multiplex Engine supporting real-time synchronous multiplayer strategy & action games for smartphones and tablets. We offer:  Multiplex Engine – manages real-time mobile multiplayer games.  AGAP Analytics Platform – collects relevant user gameplay data.  Dedicated A.R.M. team – maximize your game’s financial results. Current Products and Services:  Award winning mobile games including Disney Duck Tails, Scrooge’s Loot, Zynga CityVille Invasion, Lost Girl – the game, Battle Bears 1 & battle Bears Royale, Mega Bloks and many others. Target Audience:  Primary market is large video game publishers: Activision, Sony, Microsoft etc.  Secondary market is the entertainment industry (videogame tie-ins for film, music, tv): Paramount, Universal, Warner, etc. Main Contact: Noah Decter - Jackson 201 – 545 Hervo Street, Winnipeg, MB Office: 204.997.4260 Email : noah@complexgames.com Website : www.complexgames.com @complexgames Page 2 of 13
  3. 3. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles Playhouse Entertainment Inc. Playhouse Entertainment Inc. is an indie video game development studio dedicated to combining realistic and innovative motion controlled gameplay with engaging and emotional storytelling. In order to achieve a level of interaction that has yet be to seen in video games, Playhouse has developed a unique motion controller peripheral that enables familiar dual joystick controls to be paired with two handed motion-controlled gameplay for the first time ever on video game consoles. Playhouse Entertainment is a licensed 3rd Party PlayStation Developer, currently hard at work on our first commercial release, which is being developed for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC. We offer:  The Playhouse Motion Controller Peripheral (PS4, PS3, Wii U.) Current Products and Services:  The Manifeste (Coming soon: PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC) o An episodic 1st and 3rd person action adventure game featuring an exhilarating original story where the player’s choices affect the outcome. Combines immersive motion controlled gameplay with natural joystick character and camera controls. Target Audience:  Developers currently working with Razer Hydra, Sixense STEM system peripheral manufacturers, console publishers.  Potential companies: Cloudhead games, Super massive games, Sixense, Oculus VR, Razer, Mad cats, PDP, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo. Main Contact: Brett Gale, CEO Unit 19 - 222 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, MB Office: 204.292.9889 Email: playhouseent.inc@gmail.com Website: www.playhouseentertainment.com Page 3 of 13
  4. 4. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles PO-MO Inc. PO-MO is one of North America's leaders in transforming spaces for events and promotions using interactive projections on buildings, augmented reality display solutions, gesture controlled displays, and dynamic lighting design to provide users with new and engaging experiences. PO-MO Inc. develops interactive motion and gesture display solutions, including Po-motion, LUMO, Sparkle Party, Headswap, and custom R&D projects. Po-motion interactive floor and wall software makes it easy to create affordable interactive projection games and effects. Because our creation tools are so simple, many of our customers would like to give their children the opportunity to create games and effects and use them at home. Po-motion has been used by Air New Zealand, Google, Samsung, and Reebok. We offer:  Software: creative tools development, interactive display software, driver development, online content management.  Hardware: sensor and camera testing, early stage controller integration, projector and display testing, concept design.  Support: online customer support, driver support, remote calibration.  R&D: new display tech evaluation, user testing experience. Current Products and Services:  Po-motion Interactive Display Software – interactive wall and floor software.  Custom R&D (recent clients include Google, Samsung, Nestle, Air New Zealand, Adidas).  Motion Maker creation tools.  LUMO interactive projector – allows children to make interactive projection surfaces. Target Audience:  Primary market is Digital Out Of Home (DooH) Advertising and toy manufacturers/wholesalers, particularly those who release tech-toys: Wow-wee, Hasbro, Leapfrog.  Current clients: large marking organizations such as Ogilvy, Mather and independent AV companies including Human Touch Interactive (South Africa), Think Big (Peru) and Hiperbox (Mexico). Main Contact: Meghan Athavale 403 – 63 Albert Street, Winnipeg, MB Office: 204.775.5529 Email : meg@po-mo.com Website : www.po-mo.com Social Media: www.facebook.com/pomoproject, www.facebook.com/pomotion, www.facebook.com/lumoplay Page 4 of 13
  5. 5. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles VendAsta Technologies, Inc. At VendAsta, we’re focused on building a platform that helps small and medium businesses do three main things: monitor, manage, and build their online reputations. Available through a white labeled Business Center or via APIs, our tools offer comprehensive online presence solutions that satisfy – and exceed – local business's goals. Our partners are some of the largest media companies in North America. Currently, we serve 250 media institutions operating over 1,800 media properties (including Dow Jones, Hearst Corporation, Web.com, The McClatchy Company, and Gannett, just to name a few), which together represent 8,550+ salespeople. But at the end of the day, we’re here for the little guys - the local car dealerships, the hidden pizza joints, the average plumber, and anyone else who needs a hand building their online audience and strengthening their brand. We offer:  Reputation Intelligence – software that monitors online listings, ratings, reviews, and unstructured mentions from the web and provides competitive share of voice reports so that  business owners can find out how to improve their online visibility.  Brand Analytics– a solution that provides multi-location Reputation Management reporting for brands and franchises. The software gathers information at the local level, so that companies with multiple locations can get an accurate picture of their customers’ online conversations and visibility data.  Concierge - a Reputation Management and Social Media CRM tool that provides publishers and media companies a scalable solution for offering “Do It For Me” services to their local business clients.  Presence Builder - unifies local businesses’ online presences by providing a streamlined way to create mobile sites, customizable landing pages, and Facebook Apps.  Social Marketing - a platform that helps local businesses build their online fan-bases, conduct customer service, and generate leads with social media. Target Audience:  Primary markets include IYP companies, newspaper groups, interactive agencies, certified marketing representatives, digital agencies, and any other company in North America that sells digital solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Main Contact: Allan Wolinski Suite 405 Avenue Building, 220 3rd Avenue South, Saskatoon, SK Office: 306.955.5512 Email : awolinski@vendasta.com Website : www.vendasta.com Page 5 of 13
  6. 6. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles Zu Digital Agency We are zu, a digital agency. For over 16 years we’ve been using skill and imagination to build things for the web and mobile platforms. Our team is made up of craftsmen—experts in strategy, design and development—who take pride in their work, creating pixel-perfect websites and applications for our clients. We offer:  Strategy: User research, competitive analysis, planning, marketing research, usability testing.  Creative: Creative strategy, visual design, content strategy, content development, scenario development, UX.  Development; systems integration, software architecture, content management systems, server-side development, client-side development, quality assurance and deployment. Current Products and Services: We use technology, creative thinking and collaboration to build smart, elegant solutions. We help businesses and organizations of all sizes communicate with their customers, their investors and even themselves. In short, we build digital things for mobile platforms and the web. Current clients include: Government of Saskatchewan, Cameco, PotashCorp, Viterra. Target Audience:  Firms with 500 ++ employees.  Governments, major publications, advertising/promotional agencies. Main Contact: Ryan Lejbak, CEO 303 Pacific Ave, Saskatoon, SK Office: 306.653.4747 Email : ryan.lejbak@zu.com Website : www.zu.com @Ryanlejbak ; @zutweets Page 6 of 13
  7. 7. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles Tactica Interactive Tactica specializes in creating cross-platform digital media strategies & products for television producers, marketers and broadcasters. More recently we have extended our reach into life sciences with a focus on health sector applications for knowledge translation and research. We collaborate with you to create high-impact, revenue generating and award-winning websites, mobile Apps, video games, and social media to deliver an effective crossplatform digital media strategy. We offer:  Engaging interactive digital media experiences.  Development of strategies to educate, inform, and build target audiences.  Creation of new revenue streams based on content.  Assistance with budgeting, pitching and accessing funding & tax credits. Current Products and Services (recent projects): ● Seed - Shots of Wisdom (Second screen experience) ○ a second screen experience for Canadian broadcaster, Rogers Media for the original comedy series, Seed. Premiered February 4, 2013. Find out more about Seed . ● Million Dollar Neighbourhood - Facebook app ○ Pledge your way to financial health, supports the factual series airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network. See the app on Facebook . ● Tiga Talk - Speech therapy app for pre-schoolers ○ The TIGA TALK! mobile iPhone application is a super fun way for children to develop speech sounds through playful games featuring encouragement from Tiga and friends. ○ See the video about the app. ● 3D Baby ○ 3D Baby Pregnancy Tracker & Calendar gives you an amazing 3D and 360 view of baby in utero week by week. Find out more about 3D Baby . Target Audience:  Adverting and marketing agencies looking for interactive media partners, broadcasters, television producers, companyies catering to new parents, children’s market.  Geographic: international but with a focus on US, UK and Australian companies. Main Contact: Angela Heck, Director Business Development 248 Princess Street, Winnipeg, MB Office: 204.960.4325 Email:angelaheck@tactica.ca; @tactica Website: http://tactica.ca/ Page 7 of 13
  8. 8. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles Display Systems International Inc. Founded in Saskatoon Saskatchewan in 1983, Display Systems International manufactures and markets industry-leading software for public and private cable networks. Their software is used to develop various products including photo advertising channels, hotel television networks, and TV listings channels. Innovation is central to their business as they work to develop new products to meet the changing demands of the cable industry. Target Audience:  Cable TV (adverting, real estate, community channels), Private Cable (Country clubs, apartment complexes, retail), Care Facilities (hospitals, care centers etc.), hotel chains, educational facilities.  Governments, major publications, advertising/promotional agencies. QuickLinkt simplifies the referral process and reduces missed opportunities through an easy to use smartphone app enabling realtors, mortgage brokers and investment advisors to drive additional opportunity by encouraging, rewarding and tracking in the moment referrals. Target Audience:  Local mortgage brokerages and real estate firms.  Geographic – Austin area and beyond. Main Contact: Dale Lemke, CEO 2214 Hanselman Ave., Saskatoon, SK Office: 1.877.934.6884 Email : dale.lemke@displaysystemsintl.com Website : www.displaysystemsintl.com Page 8 of 13
  9. 9. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles Twisted Pair productions Inc. Twisted Pair Productions Ltd. is a full service media production company specializing in video, audio and interactive development. We have two interactive developers on staff and are fully fluent in iOS, Android and Blackberry mobile development as well as C++, Java, Flash, Director and .Net. We have extensive experience in developing applications for museum and interpretive center clients across Western Canada. These would include touch tables, touch screen applications, video and audio presentations, games and puzzles. Clients include Saskatchewan Government House, Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, Vancouver Museum, Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Saskatchewan Science Center and others. We are experienced with web development using open source CMS such as Joomla including extensive multimedia and social capabilities. As well, we have experience porting mobile applications from one platform to the other. Recent examples of this include the 2013 JUNO Awards app ported to Android from iOS as well as Hamilton Health Sciences also ported from iOS to Android. We offer:  App development with emphasis on the museum and interpretive center markets.  Video and audio production and post production, described video production, language versioning. Current Products and Services:  Twisted pair has completed digital media production projects for the following companies: o Access Communications, Alliance Atlantis, Arizona Portland cement, Calgary stampede, CanWest Global, Cinepost films, City of Calgary & Regina, ESPN, Fox TV, EnCana, Frank Slide interpretive Center, The Banff Center, Travel Alberta, Tourism Saskatchewan, Universal Studios, and many others. Target Audience:  For SXSW, Twisted pair is interested in meeting with Interpretive Centers, museums, tourism agencies etc.  A secondary market is existing developers who would like to publish on multiple platforms recent works include: 2013 JUNO Awards app ported to Android from iOS as well as Hamilton Health Sciences also ported from iOS to Android. Main Contact: Mike MacNaughton 603 Park Street, Regina, SK Office: 1.306.721.2590 Email : mike@twistedpairproductions.com Website: http://www.twistedpairproductions.com/ Page 9 of 13
  10. 10. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles Shnaap Shnaap is a highly engaging platform which blends the opportunities of stock photography with social media. We offer:  We cater to small/medium sized enterprises involved in the Internet, Technology, Social Media, e-Commerce, Photography, Music, Sports and Recreation-based industries. Current Products and Services:  Launch underway. Details follow. Target Audience:  Media, Marketing & Advertising Agencies, Venture Capital.  Geographic: global. Main Contact: Rob Ranson, President & CEO Units 2 to 6, 590 Roseberry Street, Winnepeg, MB Office: 204.414.9260 Email : rob@Shnaap.com Website: www.shnaap.com Page 10 of 13
  11. 11. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles Atami Atimit is a one-stop shop with full service mobile app development and consulting for iOS, Android, Windows mobile and Blackberry platforms. Founded in 20011, Atimi has over 125 full time employees and is a trusted development partner to HBO, the New York Stock exchange, Warner bros, and other Fortune 1000 companies. Atimi handles high value intellectual property for some of the largest companies in the world. Atimi’s broad range of expertise and effective development processes helps clients to reach their target launch dates reliably and efficiently thereby allowing them to focus on building strong, lasting relationships with their own customers. The end goal isn’t simply to create an app – plan, design, build and provide marketing direction so clients have a successful product they’re excited about. We offer:  Custom software solutions, content management, market strategy, mobile app development  Orchard mobile framework – our patented rapid-development framework which provides a solid ready-made foundation of fundamental, state-of-the-art features that harness the full power of the end device across all mobile platforms. Current Products and Services:  Atimi has built more than 50 custom mobile applications for a growing list of Fortune 100 clients. To date, Atimi-built apps have been downloaded by over 100 million users combined and regularly appear among the top performing and top grossing apps in their App Store categories.  Examples of recognizable Atimi apps include: P90X, PF&E Mobile Bill Play, HBO, HBO – Inside Boardwalk Empire. Target Audience:  Primary geographic market in North America, majority US, secondary is Western Europe  Industry specific: Media companies - broadcaster level: Rogers, Bell, NBC Universal, Fox, CBS; Sports companies – sport teams and franchises, broadcasters, sport related product manufacturers (Under Armour, Oakley, Red Bull etc.); Agencies of record for Fortune 1000 clients – DDV, BBDO, McGarryBowen, The Martin Agency, Wunderman, Ogilvy & Mather, Grey; Liquor/Alcohol companies: labatt’s, Smirnoff, Coors, Bacardi, Johnnie Walker, Absolut, jack daniels, Anheuser-Busch, Heineken etc. Main Contact: Skipp Johnson 600 – 550 Burrard St. Vancouver, BC Office: 778.372.2008 Email : sjohnson@atimi.com Website: www.atimi.com Page 11 of 13
  12. 12. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles Zeros to Heroes Media We are a technology company that makes entertainment properties awesome Current Projects include:  Continuum - Working with Showcase and Reunion Pictures, Zeros 2 Heroes produced and designed all the digital extensions for the TV series. These included a branded show microsite with behind the scenes footage, a social media and blog campaign, an 8 issue graphic novel, and a nation wide twelve week Alternate Reality Game that combined live events and online game play.  The Centenary project - A once in a generation opportunity to commemorate the most seminal period in modern history World War I. The basis of the Centenary project is to use transmedia storytelling techniques to recount a once-in-a- generation event: the centennial commemorations of the First World War.  ANIMISM: THE GODS' LAKE - Part Harry Potter, part Hunger Games, this animated epic that tears aside the veil that lies between our world and one that is much darker - and more fantastic - than we can imagine. In addition to creating and producing the television series, Zeros 2 Heroes developed a comprehensive transmedia strategy that includes comics, games, mobile apps and a short fiction anthology (penned in equal parts by fans and best-selling writers of science fiction and fantasy).  and 20 Year Media 20 Year Media Corp. (“20YM”) is a pioneer in demand driven inventory optimization solutions for the motion picture industry. 20YM builds technology to aggregate consumer demand for content and then matches and delivers that content digitally to the appropriate screen, whether it’s a movie theater, a TV, a laptop or a mobile phone. By harnessing social dynamics through the Qdup.com and WannaWatch.It web applications, 20YM analyzes user profiles and social connections to optimize the delivery of content, and facilitates social viewing opportunities to maximize revenue. 20YM’s products and services are aimed at the 300 million plus movie-watchers in North America to address the problems of movie discovery and social consumption brought on by the proliferation of new digital channels and the demise of the video store Page 12 of 13
  13. 13. Western Canadian Delegation to South By South West Interactive March 7th to March 12th Austin, Texas Participant Profiles Target Audience:  Film industry across North America: filmmakers and exhibitors.  Secondary - outreach directly to movie fans and consumers. Main Contact Mike Rosen Suite 600, 55 Water Street Vancouver, BC V6B 1A1 (604) 684 4577 Email: mike@z2hmedia.com Website: http://zeros2heroes.com/ Page 13 of 13