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PIXIEVIEWER and OpenSimulator at the #OSCC13


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PIXIEVIEWER and OpenSimulator at the #OSCC13

  1. 1. Agenda - Welcome - Introduction - About PIXIEVIEWER - Architecture - OpenSimulator as a Data Source - Prim Conversion - Head Mounted Devices (HMD) - Encryption and Content Security - 3D Printing - Release plans - Q and A PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany
  2. 2. About PIXIEVIEWER In July 2012 i started the PIXIEVIEWER project, just to explore new technologies and to see how far it can be pushed. Feb 2013 – My first Tweet Sunny Salamander ‫‏‬@SunnySalamander15 Feb #Pixieviewer goes iPad. The premiere! #virtualworld March 2013 - 500 new registrations PIXIETEC UG, a German Limited Liability Company was founded and registered. April 2013 – 1200 registered users Today PIXIEVIEWER is available around the world and used by more then 6 Major Companies around the globe connected to the PIXIEGRID Network. PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany
  3. 3. Architecture PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany PURE HTML5, WebGL no plugin, Open Source CC BY-NC-SA Webservice, IIS Application
  4. 4. Architecture API Access Points PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany 2-10 GBit VPN, San Francisco , New York, Europe Germany (Backbone) , Australia, Japan, Newzealand (planned) API´s available at 1GBit at the major exchange points.
  5. 5. OpenSimulator as a Data Source 1. Static OAR Import 2. Live Connection via modified OpenMetaverse Client 3. Direct Database Access 4. Sim Module (not developed) PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany Backbone API OpenMetaverse Client (Web Browser) OAR OpenSimulator 1 2 2 2 3,4 1
  6. 6. Prim Conversion With PIXIEVIEWER all Prim data is converted into MESH. The conversion work is done by the clients! ..and stored back to the backbone (via the API) For the conversion PIXIEVIEWER is measuring the Client´s network speed and Browser Capabilities and Powers. It will pick the most powerful Clients to do the conversion, if none is available the Backbone will do the conversion. This will make sure that also slim clients, like Smartphones and Tablets, can access all content. PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany
  7. 7. Head Mounted Devices PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany PIXIEVIEWER 3D Rendering Drone Flying
  8. 8. Encryption and Content Security Content: is converted into a MESH format and it is made available via http Accessible to everyone. There is no special protection in place. There is a permission system, different to OpenSimulator. -Visitors (render, view) -Members (contribute, modify – limited to the current scene) -Administrators (full access) Each Mesh and all Textures do have a user specific Watermark. PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany
  9. 9. Encryption and Content Security Encryption: - PIXIEVIEWER in it´s Standalone Version supports Client to Client Encryption - Keys are shared secretly (commercial version only) - A special Encryption covers public Chat and private IM - Audio and Video Conferencing is secured by SSL (weak, as we learned) - Encryption is weak for scenes connected to OpenSimulator, because the connection to OpenSimulator cannot be secured. - If connected to OpenSimulator, Client encrytion cannot be used. PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany Viewer Viewer Viewer API Backbone OpenSimulator X Viewer Viewer X X
  10. 10. 3D Printing PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany
  11. 11. Release plans PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany Dev Commercial Public May 2013July 2012 December 2013August 2013 May 2014
  12. 12. Q and A PIXIEVIEWER PIXIETEC UG Germany