Discus diseases


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Discus Diseases can harm your fish. Get the complete guide on discus fish care and learn how to prevent and treat discus diseases.

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Discus diseases

  1. 1. Discus diseases are one of the things that you want tolearn and understand about. You need to know how to deal with them and learn how to preventthem from attacking your discus fish. The key thing is to make sure that you keep your tankwater clean and you keep your discus fish healthy. You can do this you will prevent some of thediscus diseases you will and can encounter.Discus Diseases - Introduction to Gill FlukeGill fluke is one of the most common discus diseases. Gill fluke is really dangerous to discusfish fry and older discus fish. Gill fluke can be prevented if you make sure that you keep thetank water clean at all times. Parasites thrive in dirty water. Most discus fish will catch diseaseseasily if they are stressed out. If you you keep them healthy, its possible that they wont catchthe disease at all. Gill Flukes are external parasites that destroy the gills. This can trigger heavybreathing and irregular swimming, these are signs to let you know that they have discusdiseases. The discus fish that is suffering from this disease can turn out to be paralyzed and cansink down to the bottom of the tank.Discus Diseases - Why is it Hard to get rid of Gill FlukeThe problem with gill flukes is that it is hard to get rid of them. They must find a host or theywill die within a couple of days, but not before they lay more eggs. Once the eggs are laid, theycan stay dormant for 3-5 days (some researchers say up to a month). The reason why it is sohard to get rid of them is because you first have to kill the adult and then wait for the eggs tohatch before you can kill the young. Hopefully, you can do this before they lay more eggs.Unfortunately, there is no medication that can kill the eggs you have to watch for them to hatch.If your tank is dirty, you are giving them a breeding and thriving home.Discus Diseases - TreatmentSalt Dips is one option for discus diseases. You take the fish and dip them into a high amount ofsalt for a few minutes and this is supposed to kill the parasites. The thing that most people forgetabout is that you have to quarantine your tank and attempt to kill any parasites that are still insideof the tank. If you put your fish back in you are re-infecting them.
  2. 2. Formalin is another option. Be sure to read and follow the directions. This is good because itwill kill most or all of the parasites that are swimming around in the tank.Potassium Permanganate is yet another option. This is another medication that you can giveyour discus. It is said to be very harsh on the fish and your tank.Change your Tank. In order for this to work, you must have a temporary home for the discusthat you have treated. You must completely empty the contents of the tank and clean them. Youhave to wipe down the tank with alcohol (including everything else including filters) and let it sitfor one month. If you use one of these options, you will kill the parasites.Theresa Jordan=============================================================For a Complete Guide on Discus Fish Care be sure to visit Discus Diseases=============================================================