9-21-12 CCA Newsletter


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9-21-12 CCA Newsletter

  1. 1. Crossroads Charter Academy Elementary Newsletter Cougar Mews September 21, 2012 Kendall Schroeder215 N. State St., Big Rapids, Michigan Elementary PrincipalPhone: 231.796.6589 www.ccabr.org On the Calendar CCA Weekly Newsletter Friday, September 21 Parents, in addition to weekly CCA Homecoming Football Game 7:00pm information that comes home to Saturday, September 22 you from classroom teaches, the Suicide Prevention Walk –Northend Riverside Park elementary office prints a Registrations will begin at 9:00am Tuesday, September 25 weekly, school-wide newsletter. Cross Country Club 3:30-4:30pm Beginning next week we will Wednesday, September 26 send it home with the youngest Kindergarten Field Trip-Schwallier’s Country Basket sibling only. If your youngest Tae Kwon Do 4:00-5:00pm child does not come home with a Thursday, September 27 “Cougar Mews”, let the elementary office know. We 5/6 Girls Volleyball Practice 3:30-4:30pm don’t want to miss you! Friday, September 28 PTO Treat Day $0.50 each Saturday, September 29 Cross Country Club Meet – Carson City 2:20pm Munch a Lunch! The Wishing Tree Mon..... BBQ Pork Sandwich OR Chicken Patty Sandwich Tues..... Pancake & Sausage OR Corn Dog Outside of our elementary Wed..... BBQ Chicken Quesadillas Bites OR Pizza Pocket office, we have a wishing tree Thur.... Macaroni & Cheese OR Egg Roll w/Sweet-N-Sour (bulletin Board). It has items Fri....... Personal Pan Pizza OR Cheeseburger that are needed for different Healthy choice: Turkey Wrap classes. If you are able to Alternative: Fruit & Veggie Bar supply an item, please bring that item to the office along with the tag from the tree so that it can get to the class that needed the item. Box Tops & Soup Labels 2nd grade is doing a canned food drive. You can It’s easier than ever to help support your put the food by Mrs. Robinson’s door. We are school. Mrs. Nawrot’s doing this thru the month of September. We 4th Grade is organizing are doing this for people that don’t have food. the collection for CCA. They are ready to By: Marcus Harland get started, so please send in your box Mrs. Robinson’s 2nd Grade tops and labels.
  2. 2. Crossroads Charter Academy Student Pick up and Drop off Protocols September 19, 2012Hello Parents!We are very excited about the opening of our new parking lot at the corner of Marion and Spruce. While we realize this area isto be used throughout the day and evening for general parking, we would like the am / pm times of 7:40-8:00 AM and 2:45-3:30PM to be mainly used as a pick up – drop off area. We will ask people to use the northern and southernmost areas of the newparking lot for actual parking and leave one row open for people to wait in their cars for picking up students at the end of the day.We know everyone has their favorite area and it may already be part of a daily routine, but we are confident if we can organizethe process better, the time spent waiting in traffic can be reduced significantly. Here are the general protocols we want used:Drop off-Because drop off in the morning does not create as bad a traffic bottleneck as the afternoon pick up, we feel there ismore flexibility in morning drop off routine. Depending on congestion at the time you drop off, elementary parents can drop offat A, B, or C, and MS / HS parents can drop off at B, C, or D on the map. Parents with students in both buildings should use B orC. As a general rule for pick up and drop off times, we want the entrance on the new parking lot on Marion to be “entrance only”with everyone leaving the lot to Spruce. To lessen traffic congestion in the area towards Marion, we ask everyone to turnright while leaving the new parking area onto Spruce, and exit to the west towards Rose Street and then to either Pine orMadison. We do not want people using the alley for pick up or drop off due to it being very narrow and easily blockedshould cars meet in the middle of the block.Pick up- At the end of the day, the circle drive near the elementary drop off point A will be mainly for primary grades k-2.Grades three and four will be asked to use the new parking area, and grades 5-6 will be asked to use area C of the lower highschool parking lot. Middle school and high school will be asked to use areas B or D. Again, people leaving the high school lot andnew parking area on Spruce are asked to drive north to Rose Street when leaving. People arriving at 2:30 on the circle drivewill be asked to park in the new parking lot. Also, we ask that parents do not park on the north side of Spruce alongsidethe elementary building. This narrows the usable portion of the road making it difficult for people exiting the lowerparking area, or getting to the new parking area. Please go to the new designated areas to pick up or wait for yourstudents to be brought over.In both pick up and drop off, there will be adult crossing guards at each area. The crossing guards at the two areas on Spruce willbe stopping traffic simultaneously, thus allowing students to cross Marion after traffic has time to clear. With traffic stoppedat both areas of Spruce, no cars will be able to enter Marion until the crossing guards allow traffic to pass again. Students willwait at staging areas of the sidewalks and cross together quickly and safely with the help of CCA staff. It would be very muchappreciated and also great modeling for our students if staff and parents would use the designated crosswalks during these heavytraffic periods.If you have children in more than one grade level, you can have themall meet at any of the designated areas that work for your situation.If you find your routine is still taking a long time, please try adifferent recommended area to see if it helps lessen the time it takesto pick up or drop off your children.This plan is likely to be adjusted as we see the new challenges inimplementing our protocols. Again, we are confident if we worktogether we will be able to make your daily commute with yourchildren less stressful and safer for us all!Thank you,Lynn Gullekson, SuperintendentCrossroads Charter Academygulleksonl@ccabr.orgPhone 1-231-796-9041 ext. 231