Using Social Media For Dm Goals


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Slides from the presentation by Steve Broback and Teresa Valdez Klein of the Parnassus Group to the Seattle Direct Marketing Association on March 5, 2008.

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Using Social Media For Dm Goals

  1. 1. Using Social Networking to Achieve DM Goals
  2. 2. Who Are We? The Parnassus Group Steve Broback Teresa Valdez Klein
  3. 3. What Will We Cover Tonight? Social Networks/Social Media Defined Overview of the platforms and Philosophy The business case for social media Focus on Facebook -- and how to leverage it Blog monitoring
  4. 4. Brand/Buzz Monitoring
  5. 5. Social Media Defined In comparison to traditional media (and Web 1.0), online social media is: Perpetuated Web-enabled content of a conversational nature.
  6. 6. Social Media Defined Perpetuated - indefinitely available for new participants to weigh in. Web-enabled, but a Web page by itself is not “social.” Conversational: Two (or more) way discussion includes social link sharing sites.
  7. 7. Examples of Social Media Two distinct waves so far
  8. 8. The First Wave Blogs Wikis Discussion groups/bulletin boards Instant Messaging
  9. 9. The Second Wave Social networks: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn Twitter/Jaiku/Pownce
  10. 10. “Recession Proof” Marketing(?)
  11. 11. Let’s Talk DM! We want to generate leads We want to message those leads We want to convert those leads How do we get started???
  12. 12. Not So Fast…
  13. 13. Direct Marketer Beware... It's an entirely new model and philosophy Traditional selling and messaging are likely to be rejected Contributing and participating are the new currency Ignore the proper etiquette/protocol at your peril
  14. 14. Philosophical Underpinnings Your company is not a person Everyoneʼs a publisher now (and in the PR business) Personal/professional line is very blurry Youʼre here to help Ready, fire, aim -- repeat?
  15. 15. Blogs: Social Media 1.0 Drive traffic Build an email/prospect list Close sales
  16. 16. Searchers are Shoppers Amazon: The original bloggers(?) Are you buying Google ads? Harris Interactive study “The Blogosphere is not a used car lot.”
  17. 17. Building a List From Your Blog Commenters Email Subscribers Bloggers who link to you
  18. 18. Selling with a Blog Linking to buyers Engaging with supporters and detractors Publishing testimonials Case studies
  19. 19. Facebook: Social Media 2.0
  20. 20. What is Facebook? Intent was to connect real-world friends online Originally for anyone with a .edu address Now open to anyone with an email address Now connects friends and personal/professional acquaintances
  21. 21. What’s the Big Deal? Identity confirmation The feed!!!! 66 million active members The first reasonable platform to facilitate business activity Lots of potential touch points Applications Not hideous (will be soon?)
  22. 22. Facebook Anatomy Profile Page
  23. 23. Facebook Anatomy News Feed
  24. 24. Facebook Anatomy In Box (Mail!)
  25. 25. Facebook Anatomy Notifications
  26. 26. Facebook Anatomy Updates
  27. 27. Facebook Anatomy Groups
  28. 28. Facebook Anatomy A group page
  29. 29. Facebook Anatomy A group page
  30. 30. Facebook Anatomy Events
  31. 31. Facebook Anatomy An event page
  32. 32. Facebook Anatomy An event page
  33. 33. Facebook Anatomy Applications dashboard
  34. 34. How Are Marketers Using FB? Engage with clients/prospects Engage with existing groups Create and manage groups Create Fan Pages Buy social ads
  35. 35. How Are Marketers Using FB? Sponsor a gift Buy banners Affiliate program integration Create an application Newsfeed announcements Recruiting
  36. 36. Can’t I Just Send a Freaking Email Blast?!?! They donʼt make it easy Friends (be careful!) Groups youʼve created (up to 1,000) Fan Pages (sort of) Addresses youʼve scraped/culled – NOT!
  37. 37. Getting Started Sign up Notify friends (be careful!) Join a group or two Try out a basic application like posted items
  38. 38. How Can You Message FB Members? Email News feed Requests The Wall Discussion forums within groups Notes Notifications (from applications)
  39. 39. What’s Next OpenSocial MySpace “The Social Web” Googleʼs Social Web API BuddyPress from Automattic
  40. 40. Get in Touch