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Props music video pp


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Props required for the music video shoot.

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Props music video pp

  1. 1. Props needed for our music video Eloise, Hugo and Coco
  2. 2. For the performance shots • An electric guitar • Drum kit (inc seat for drummer) • Microphone on a stand - for the singer. Although it does not matter what kind of microphone, I think the style of microphone below would suit our star image more. • Keyboard (I watched a live performance of the band on YouTube and realised that the band use a keyboard to make the extra sound effects in the song).
  3. 3. For the narrative shots.• Pen (Sharpie) - for the boy to write and doodle with on the wall and the paper • Anti-depressant tablet packet - for the boy to take during the video • Projector, so that the projections will appear on the frost gel back drop. • Red Paint, for the boy to paint with. • Spray paint, for the boy to paint the walls with. • Black chair, for the boy to sit on. • Matchbox, full of matches. Even though it does not matter really what the matchbox looks like, since it is not a huge factor within our music video, I think we should get a matchbox with some slightly creepy/weird pictures on the front, rather than just a regular "cook's matches" design.
  4. 4. For the dancer shots. • For the dancer shots, we do not need any props, apart from the projector, which we have already needed for the narrative shots.