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Importance of Self Analysis


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Importance of Self Analysis

  1. 1. Self-AnalysisIn order to be successful in life, one needs to carry out self-analysis which creates apathway for an individual to get closer to his/her own personality and repair what needsto be amended in order to achieve success.Two such tools of self-analysis are SWOTanalysis and Johari window...SWOT analysis:A more business minded self-analysis..It is a strategic planning and self-analysis method used to evaluate the strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an individual or a business. It involvesidentifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable inachieving an objective. This method of self-analysis requires pre-specification ofobjectives to be achieved otherwise it carries the risk of being useless.Now if I say SWOT, I must define its tools which form an integral part of this Self-analysis, right,
  2. 2. Name of the tool Stands for Meaning S Strengths Individual attributes helping to achieve the objectives W Weaknesses Individual attributes harmful in pursuit of objectives O Opportunities External favorable conditions T Threats External unfavorable conditions SWOTIdentifying these four tools in your day-to-day decision making will surely help you a lot.Trust me. This method of self-analysis requires us to: Capitalize and make the most of our strengths Minimize the weaknesses Act faster than others and bank on the opportunities Combat the threats by being alert.
  3. 3. After doing the above self-analysis, we need to match our goal with these and determinewhether the goal can be viably achieved. Once the goal seems achievable one shouldtranslate the Self-analysis-identification to self-analysis strategy. Strategy is the mostviable way of implementing a plan towards maximum success.We cannot change Os and Ts and hence our strategy needs to be such that we use ourstrengths to the fullest and make our weaknesses immaterial in order to pursue the roadto success while maximizing our gains from incidental opportunities and minimizing thelosses from incidental threats.For example, imagine yourself as the coach of a football team. Players will be assignedpositions according to their strengths. Obviously a keeper wouldn’t play as a striker.Moreover, a weak opposition player will be an opportunity that the team will aim toexploit. Like if the opposition keeper is weak, then the instructions will be to take asmuch shots as possible. Similarly if the opposition striker is good, and can become athreat, steps will be taken to mitigate it. (You might be interested in football if youveread this example please do read my views on FernandoTorres.../meetsa/blog/fernando-torres-is-not-down-and-out/) Johari Window-A more personal self-analysis method..This is a technique of Self-analysis devised by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955 inthe US. The subjects of self-analysis are given a list of 56 adjectives and they arerequired to pick 5 or 6 of their choice that they think best describe their own personality.Even the peers of the subject under self-analysis are required to pick up adjectives thatdescribe the subject and then these are mapped onto a grid.This window actually represents the information like feelings, experience, views, skillsetc., that a person thinks he possesses and what he actually has according to otherswhich makes this an effective tool for self-analysis.This window has four perspectives known as four quads or windows about self-analysis:I. What is known by the person about him/herself and is also known by others-the open area, free area, free self or ‘the arena’ ex,: dribbling ability of Leo messi.II. What is unknown to the person but the others know- ‘the blind spot’ ex.:theextent of a young messi’s footballing ability was known to Barcelona scouts but not bymessiIII. What is unknown to others but the person knows- hidden self or ‘facade’ ex:your poetic ability if you do not share your poems.
  4. 4. IV. What is unknown to both the person and top others- ‘unknown self’This is a diagrammatic representation of the self-analysis process of the Johari window: Known to self Not known to self Known to others Open Blind spot Not known to Hidden facade Unknown othersThe size of the panes can be changed to reflect the relevant proportions of each type ofknowledge.Today’s world truly epitomizes the phrase, ‘survival of the fittest’ and hence conductingself-analysis has become of utmost importance in every phase of professional orpersonal life. In this world full of cut throat competition, one needs to do his homeworkie self-analysis to prosper. But I have a genuine and legitimate opportunity to makemoney online so that you can supplement your income. Hence please check it out andmake the most of this opportunity before it runs out…Once you’re convinced that this is a genuine income earning opportunityrather than just another one of those internet gimmicks, click on the linkbelow to exploit this unique opportunity at the earliest: