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Iranian Startup Ecosystem


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Iranian Startup Scene.

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Iranian Startup Ecosystem

  1. Iran Startup Ecosystem First Published: August 3, 2015 Version 1.13
  2. By
  3. Startups' Logos are linked to their sites Download the Slides or Click on People's pictures are linked to their profiles
  4. Startup Ecosystem
  5. Why Iran? Population: 80+ million 20­35: 32 million Users: ~40+ million         50% Users: ~ 72 million Est. 30+ million Users: ~40+ million         50%
  6. Slide belongs to:Fereidoun Ghasemzadeh
  7. Government & Agencies
  8. Government
  9. Iranian Startups
  10. Rising Stars Fashion Online Advertising Crowdfunding Handicrafts Real Estate Photo Sharing Personal Healthcare Hadaf Finance Crowdfunding Music Streaming Maps Personal Finance Personal Assessment Music Streaming Freelancing Food Ordering Taxi Booking Project Management
  11. Stars Online Retail Video Sharing Online Retail Android App Store Online Retail Discounts Music Food Ordering Social Network Online Auction Discounts Classified advertising Payment Online Booking Online Retail
  12. Exits & Aquisitions
  13. People you should know
  14. Community Leaders (Linked to Linkedin profiles) Sohail Abbasi Mahdi Alipour Mashhad Community Arash Atashnama Zanjan Community Nasser Ghanemzadeh Iran Startups Fred Korangy MAPS Accelerator Mohsen Malayeri Avatech Accelerator Ahmadreza Masrour DMond Accelerator Arash Milani Tabriz Community Samaneh Nasihatkon Shiraz Community Said Rahmani Sarava VC Mobin Ranjbar Milad Saberi Startup Grind Amir Vohooshi Investor Mohammad Zahedi Isfahan Community Majid Zamani Investor
  15. VCs
  16. VCs
  17. Accelerators
  18. Accelerators
  19. NGOs & Media
  20. NGOs & Media
  21. Events
  22. Startup Events
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