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Vietnam Startup Scene

An introduction to Vietnam Startup Community and Ecosystem. Where to go to meet local startups. Where to stay while visiting the community.

And if you plan to come to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Please do contact me, our team has experience and technology to host monthly startup events here. In the past, we hosted special guests from Rackspace, Chartio, SoftLayer, JFDI and TechInAsia.

Feel free to contact me if we want to learn more or add anything.

Vietnam Startup Scene

  2. 1.Market Size 2.Funding landscape 3.Community 4.Startups 5.University 6.Talents Contents
  3. 1. Market Size • Internet penetration: 36.5% = 16M internet user (2013) • Broadband internet subscribers: 5.3M (Dec 2012) • Mobile phone subscribers: 121.7M (Dec 2012) • Smartphone penetration: 30% • Ecommerce value at US$ 700M (2012) • Population: 89M (2012) • GDP: US$ 141B (2012) with 5% GDP growth
  4. 2. Funding landscape Amount: • Angels: 5k – 50k USD • Series A: 100k – 500k USD • Series B: 1M – 10M USD VCs: • 8 local VCs List of Deals: • Investment: ~50 over 3 years • Acquisition: 4
  5. Investment Fund & Venture Capital Have early stage funding Mostly series A and above
  6. Interested Overseas VCs & Funds
  7. Acquired Startups Acquirers Valuation $22M (%50 stake) $37M
  8. High Valuation Gen 1 Series B$200M $75M $75M $37M
  9. 3. Community Two main cities: Hochiminh & Hanoi • Coworking Space: 10 • Incubator: 5 • Training: 3 (Founder Institute, StartupWeekend, VYE) • Startup Events: 2 – 4 weekly tech, startup events • Conference: 4
  10. Co-working Space – Hochiminh
  11. Co-working Space - HaNoi
  12. Incubator/ Accelerator +
  13. Training
  14. Tech & startup events .vn
  15. Highlighted events
  16. Event Resource
  17. 4. Startups • More than 400 startups • A large percentage of startups who are achieving growth have either foreign co-founders or co-founders study abroad. • A rising trend that Vietnamese co-founders raise fund and set up office in US, then have development hub in Vietnam. • Endless and unethical competition: ecommerce, groupon, social network.
  18. Growing 3rd gen Startups Vietnam’s Dropbox All things T-shirt Vietnam Search EngineVietnam’s Udemy
  19. Blue Ocean 3rd gen Startups Medical Service SoLoMo Cab Sharing Crowdfunding
  20. Overseas Achievement Most Disruptive
  21. 5. University Issue 1: University still does not recognize the importance of startups to the economy. Entrepreneurship is still regarded as a hard way to make $. Issue 2: Lack of mentors -> lack of entrepreneurial lecturers -> (A few) Only teach at highly paid (international) universities where rich kids and parents don’t want to do something challenging.
  22. Top universities Technology: • Ho Chi Minh University of Information Technology • Ho Chi Minh University of Technology • Hanoi University of Science & Technology • Hanoi FPT University Entrepreneurship • John von Neumann (Ms. Innovation Leadership Entrepreneurship)
  23. 6. Talents We are proud to have excellent technical skills ( love to hack things and build things), are hard-working and risk-taking. However: • Unethical work: usually do the wrong ways (black-hat SEO, buying emails, ads spam) • Poor revenue model: lack of innovative way to make $ • Mainstream of students still love corporate jobs
  24. Talents Region: • Hanoi: more technical and logic • Ho Chi Minh: more business and creative Salary: • Fresh graduate: $250 - $450/ month • Mid-level: $500 - $1000/ month
  25. Bonus: What are some issues? • Lack of support from government -> No funding scheme • No training and mentorship for startups • No recognition from corporate -> No support + challenge for B2B • Lack of collaboration between startups in the community -> Pushing down instead of growing together • Don’t get benefits of coworking space -> Missing opportunities…
  26. Say Hi ! • More info about Vietnam startups here
  27. Resources • • t_Asia_Digital_Future_in_Focus • • • •