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My journal ryu


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Published in: Education
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My journal ryu

  1. 1. BY RYU
  2. 2.  I have found stopwatch . Not the one your thinking. This one is the special one, it can stop the time. I have been using it for many things. For example copying test, new toys and stealing things from the grocery store too ,and no one would going to know. hahahahaha. Aha the world would be mine. But eventually it was broken by this dumb computer. I was using this too much until it heat off. It burned every thing in it way. Now every thing was the same and the most fustrurated thing is that now that computer is now fixed. Arrrrrrg I hate it
  3. 3.  I did not believe my eye. The thief is climbing my house, I was shocked . Finally I was calm and I call the police. But unfortunately my phone was lost! I need to protect my self from the thief so I unlock the secret safe and took the gun out . I never know how heavy it was until I touch it . So i keep it back then I finally realize it was just a cat .