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Vocabulary week ten - term three


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Vocabulary week ten - term three

  1. 1. DREADFUL dread·ful ˈdredfəl/ adjective causing or involving great suffering, fear, or unhappiness; extremely bad or serious. I am having a dreadful time at the party. I am so bored.
  2. 2. SHIPWRECK ship·wreck ˈSHipˌrek/ noun the destruction of a ship at sea by sinking or breaking up, e.g., in a storm or after running aground. Look at the shipwreck on the beach. That is so cool!
  3. 3. DISMAL dis·mal ˈdizməl/ adjective depressing; dreary. The effort on the exam was dismal. I am very disappointed.
  4. 4. DEVOUR de·vour dəˈvou(ə)r/ verb eat (food or prey) hungrily or quickly. I am so hungry! I can devour this whole chicken by myself.
  5. 5. SAVAGES sav·age ˈsavij/ noun plural noun: savages (chiefly in historical or literary contexts) a member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized. The Pilgrims encountered savages when they went to the New World
  6. 6. ABATE a·bate əˈbāt/ verb (of something perceived as hostile, threatening, or negative) become less intense or widespread. We must abate the spread of the MERS virus.
  7. 7. COORDINATION co·or·di·na·tion kōˌôrdnˈāSH(ə)n/ noun the organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity so as to enable them to work together effectively. Rowing a boat requires the coordination of everyone.
  8. 8. SKILL skill skil/ noun the ability to do something well; expertise. David Beckham had the skill to play football.
  9. 9. STROLL stroll strōl/ verb walk in a leisurely way. Do you want to take a stroll on the beach?
  10. 10. AWFUL aw·ful ˈôfəl/ adjective very bad or unpleasant The rotten eggs smell awful.