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Syncton, we deliver expert Cloud Consulting services to clients worldwide. Our experienced consultants enable your innovative solutions to be designed and built right first time, ensuring earlier achievement of measurable business results. Our consultants work with your team to accelerate the transfer of knowledge, to minimise your risks and to maximise your project outcomes.

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Syncton Cloud Consulting broucher

  1. 1. CLOUD COMPUTINGDevelopment Consulting Training Head Office: B-16, View Towers Lakdi Ka Pul, Hyderabad, A.P- 04 Tel: +9140 3100 6200 / +91 800 888 9681 , Email:
  2. 2. About Us:If you want to know about Syncton Cloud Consulting Services, it’s really allabout you. Simply put, our business model is to make you look good by affect-ing positive change. While most of our competitors are pushing resumes or one-size-fits-all processes, that’s just not our style. We are in the business ofproviding you with results.We could use this space to explain how our people have done some incrediblethings. Or we could bore you with the ins and outs of various project manage-ment tools and techniques. If you’re interested in that we’re always happy todiscuss it but let’s be honest. If you’re like most or our clients, you don’t reallycare how we do it. You just want results and that’s what Syncton Cloud Con-sulting Services is really all about. With the help of Syncton Cloud Consulting Ser-Here are five things you should know about us: vices, you can:1. Our people have a track record of delivering results for our clients.2. We recognize every project is unique and we tailor our approach to fit Reduce costs. Every business today must do more with less. We help you max- your needs. imize IT resources, decrease operating costs, and reduce excess IT infrastructure3. We follow a highly scalable, light weight set of project management guide- capacity from your IT infrastructure. lines, focused on delivery not bureaucratic overhead or expensive tools. Enhance flexibility and agility. By aligning your IT infrastructure with busi-4. We specialize in defining, planning, training and delivering IT pro- ness priorities, we accelerate your ability to respond swiftly to market demands. jects ranging from process implementation to infrastructure and custom Take advantage of innovation while minimizing risk. Get ahead by leverag- software development. ing virtualization, cloud computing, the latest data center automation, orchestra-5. We pride ourselves on repeat business and referrals. That only works tion, and disaster recovery technologies with our field proven expertise. when we deliver for our clients. Cloud: Development | Consulting | Training
  3. 3. advantage of Syncton Cloud Consulting Services products and solutions, and to focus on delivering industry leading innovation in your own market. Protecting your Investment Syncton Cloud Consulting Services team is skilled in the areas of network and software architecture in Cloud Computing Technology. To enable you to build on your investment in existing technology, staff and infrastructure, we focus on trans-Cloud Consulting ferring knowledge to your team at every opportunity, with a goal to generate self- sufficiency as quickly as possible. sets have come together to deliver and support complex solutions for Tier 1 carriers around the world.At Syncton, we deliver expert Cloud Consulting services to clients worldwide. Ourexperienced consultants enable your innovative solutions to be designed and builtright first time, ensuring earlier achievement of measurable business results. Ourconsultants work with your team to accelerate the transfer of knowledge, to mini-mise your risks and to maximise your project outcomes.Getting you Up and RunningEngaging with Syncton Cloud Consulting Services early will help get your teamup and running and set you on the right course during the planning and design stag-es of your project. Syncton Cloud Consulting experts can provide valuable earlyguidance on appropriate solution architectures to address your project’s objectivesand the underlying business needs. Our expertise will enable you to take optimal Cloud: Development | Consulting | Training
  4. 4. Optimise your Solutions Delivering on our CommitmentsThere are always many ways to approach a problem and Syncton Cloud Consult- Syncton Cloud Consultants have access to resources and to Syncton Cloud con-ants are specifically trained in the optimisation of solution design and of data, net- sulting partners that can be brought to bear to guarantee successful and repeatablework, software and hardware architectures in order to meet the demanding require- results. Our consultants have experience in driving projects in which organisationsments for performance, robustness, resilience and high availability. Our clients find with complimentary skills and product sets have come together to deliver and sup-our skills offer an invaluable addition to their own capabilities during the design port complex solutions for Tier 1 carriers around the world.phase, but also throughout system development, and during the deployment and on-going operation of their solutions. Cloud: Development | Consulting | Training
  5. 5. Seminars Syncton Cloud consulting Services can arrange 1-2 day seminars to outline hori- zontal network architectures achievable using an open, event-driven application server and to illustrate examples of services which can be taken to market on our platform. These Seminars can take place at our own Training Center or at your loca- tion. Standard Training Courses (Please ask for separate Training Curriculum) We offer standard Training Courses covering all aspects of service architectures, development, and the deployment and operation of our platforms and solutions, toEducation enable you to deliver results successfully. At Syncton Cloud consulting Services, we continually feed real world experience into our training programs, to ensure theySyncton Cloud consulting Services provides training courses designed to meet the maintain direct relevance to our customers’ needs.requirements of architects, developers, system integrators, and support and opera-tions staff. We are proud to present our self as being one of the first and only Customized Training Coursesinstitutions in Country to introduce “Cloud Computing (SAAS & PAAS)”. We Specifically tailored training courses to meet your specific needs.have been conducting extensive training by the team of experts from various do- Please contact us at for further details on any of thesemains like ecommerce, banking, insurance, telecommunication, etc… courses, or to discuss your specific needs.We provide training courses with a range of different approaches to suit the needsof our clients and partners: Cloud: Development | Consulting | Training
  6. 6. Our Associations: Cloud: Development | Consulting | Training
  7. 7. Suppor t issues with a structured, proactive approach. Our focus is always on averting any impact on your business or operational effectiveness. Qualified and experienced Syncton Cloud Consulting Services staff are always available to handle even theSyncton’s worldwide Support team complements our Education and Consulting most complex support issue. Our Support professionals gain their experienceservices by focusing on the resolution of any problems you encounter in the deliv- through involvement with product R&D and have access to all the resources re-ery or operation of your solutions. quired to achieve timely resolution of your problems.At Syncton Cloud Consulting Services Support –We Never SleepOur Premium Support service is available 24x7. Our support services are drivenprimarily through Syncton Cloud Consulting Services owned and operated, sup-port centres in multiple locations in India and United States, providing coverageacross all global time-zones. So no matter where you or your customers are based,you can speak to an expert Syncton Cloud Consulting Services Support profes-sional during normal business hours. It also means that while you sleep your prob- lem is being worked on by our experienced and focused frontline personnel. Our Commitment to QualityThe Syncton Cloud Commitment to Quality extends beyond the software we devel-op to encompass also the quality processes designed to guarantee professional, pre-dictable and repeatable results. Our Support team works together with your own support organisation and other solution partners to resolve Cloud: Development | Consulting | Training
  8. 8. Main Branch: USA Office B-16, View Towers Lakdi Ka Pul, Known as Hyderabad, A.P- 04 Opp: Seha Hospital / Behind Lakdi Ka Pul Railway Station Ascent Software Services Inc. Chicago, ILReach us at: +9140 3100-6200 / 800-888-9681 | Skype ID: Syncton.IndiaVisit us at: | Send queries on: