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This report helps the reader understand the cloud computing segment, the different technology & service vendors in this space, their positioning in this market

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Cloud computing

  1. 1. Cloud Computing October 2011
  2. 2. Sources referred in preparing the report • • Forrester, Morgan Stanley research, IDC research, Zinnov, Gartner :- detailed reports / overview reports • Public sources - public websites,blogs, press releases, online forums and associations etc., The views / inferences are based out of the reading and understanding of these above mentioned articles
  3. 3. Objective of the report • Snapshot of Cloud Market Opportunity - Cloud model, key players, services and service providers • Trends – Current market trends & opportunities • Vendor Landscape • • 3 Tier II – Large Indian IT Co • • Tier I – MNC Tier III –Mid-sized India IT Co Partner landscape
  4. 4. Snapshot of Cloud Market Opportunity - Cloud model, key players, services and service providers Cloud Model SaaS PaaS Key Players in the segment Service players Oracle IBM HP SAP  Selling directly through SaaS model :-Oracle, IBM, HP, SAP, salesforce Salesforce Microsoft Azure Google App engine  Top MNC’s – are extending their SaaS offering to PaaS solutions stitching their products through partner programs Service offerings that are being offered by those player  No distinct business model for service providers* (SP)  Implementation - SP are working with ISV’s / Enterprises to enable their Products / IT application either as “SaaS” or “SaaS ready”  Platform expertise - membership in different programs  Migration Services - of applications to one or multiple platforms as required  Salesforce – Infosys,  Billing and SLA Management as value services Microsoft – Most of the India IT cos (large sized & mid-sized) such as Infosys, Wipro and Mindtree , Aditi, Persistent, HCL etc., Google App Engine  AWS IaaS Amazon Web services, Rackspace Mindtree * Service providers (SP) – typical companies considered are Indian IT service providers ** Re-engineer – make the application modular such that each module has extra features and thereby differential pricing *** Large ISV’s & Mid-sized ISV’s :- For the purpose of classification Mid-sized ISV’s with annual revenue figures uptp $30-$100M (reference :- Internal ISV customer profiling) Large ISV’s with annual revenue figures beyond $100M 4  Strategic Consulting - Extension of the IT services offering using the Cloud story - maturing the relationships  Implementation partner – Taking the shape into transformational deals  Public / Private cloud – Migration to public cloud or private cloud / hybrid cloud  Infra Management – RIM services
  5. 5. Trends – Current market trends & opportunities Inferences from analysts IaaS will hit its peak early and then commoditize quickly - With a market size of $2.9 billion in 2011, the IaaS market represents the second-largest public cloud space today. IaaS will reach a peak of $5.9 billion in global revenues in 2014 and will then enter a period of significant commoditization, price deterioration, and margin pressure. AWS remains the largest player in the IaaS space, with nearly a 60% market share of compute-as-a-service and storage-as-a-service with Rackspace at number 2. PaaS - Hypergowth of this model will start, on average, in 2011. While ISVs have a takeover time of three years, corporate application development will transition within five years and service providers will be even slower — seven years. The average takeover time in this simplified model is five years. Highlights - ISVs are buying PaaS technology and potentially hosting services, Outsourcing providers are buying PaaS technology to host SaaS applications. SaaS applications will suddenly become a competitive requirement for ISVs during 2011 and will start to transition to more standard-based PaaS. System integrators and outsourcing providers should build PaaS/legacy integration skills. They can leverage PaaS technology strategically inside their private cloud environments and deliver new legacy/PaaS integration services. SaaS - represents the largest and most sustainable growth opportunity. The SaaS market today represents the largest public cloud market by far, globally, with $21.2 billion in total revenues in 2011. The SaaS space will grow significantly over the next five years. By 2016 and then start to stagnate It is important to note that the rapid growth in the number of SaaS end users will trigger good growth for PaaS and IaaS solutions, as the majority of SaaS vendors will rely on the platforms and infrastructures of their tier two PaaS and IaaS partners. Private cloud - Cloud is seen as a viable business need, concerns about security and flexibility are drawing enterprises to go the private cloud way. 5
  6. 6. Cloud Computing – Competitive landscape 6 Source – Zinnov Consulting May 2011
  7. 7. Cloud computing ecosystem summary • Pioneers of the early cloud model [SaaS] • They provide their products [Software & Middleware] as a service • This market space is crowded with Enterprise software product companies / ISV’s Consumption Orchestrators • This segment consists of the enablers of the cloud commonly termed as technology service providers • Their role encompasses all / some cloud enablement activities such as Consulting, strategy mapping, migration, integration, maintenance and hosting 7 S/W to manage the software • Players who are the pioneers in developing high computing machines with high end storage capacity. Ex IBM, HP, DELL. • These players have ventured into the software services segment as an extension of their high computing design expertise HW Solutions for Cloud Creators Infrastructure IBM / HP servers + connectivity + Data Security • This segment consists of the Infrastructure player such as data service provider, data hosting service providers and communication carriers etc., • They provide the storage space to the customers who are using their hosting service with a pay-per-use revenue model •Amazon •AT&T •DELL •…..
  8. 8. Tier I [MNC’s] (Intended to understand the dynamics in the Cloud segment) Player Role IBM Leader in Technology, SW & HW & HPC tools for Cloud HP "Everything-as-aService" DELL Primarily hardware centered software services 1) Dell has developed it own cloud services model created to support hardware clients, and now is extending that model to attempt to create a new model where the cloud service model is embedded in all of the core enterprise offerings 2) Dell is investing heavily in the cloud services business and continuing to expand its Data Center Solutions organization (goaled with being a leading provider of x86 scale computing solutions for large Internet and cloud providers). 3) Driven by acquisitions(data center cos, SaaS technology companies & S/w cos) – stitching a strong cloud story 1) Microsoft Accenture Strategic Industry specific Consulting 1)Using Cloud as a Technology strategy rather than a business strategy and targeting large enterprises through the consulting route . It did not create a separate cloud service line because Accenture believes cloud will be a part of everything it does for clients. 2)Strategy – to leverage strength in industry knowledge, large-scale implementation by having Industry-specific cloud services 3) Provides all the professional services in the cloud solution areas - has relationships with the major providers of IaaS, and through its Cloud Enterprise Services platform 4) The Accenture & Cisco Business Group (ACBG) is a new cloud sales and delivery channel and a strategic partnership with Cisco to exploit new, network-enabled business processes. 5) Preferred global systems implementation partner for Microsoft Azure as partner wit Avanade, (business technology company dedicated to providing solutions using Microsoft technologies, offers a suite of services for the Windows Azure platform.) 6) Accenture has more than 1,500 people conducting cloud work and plans to double its cloud resources over the next year. Amazon, Cisco, Eloqua, EMC, IBM, Google, Microsoft, NetSuite, Oracle,, SAP, Sun, Taleo, VMWare, Workday Capgemini Implementation and delivery management engine for cloud services 1) The firm has established early relationships with major cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, and Microsoft 2) In the future, Capgemini will be a reseller of cloud services from firms like Google & Microsoft by playing in the private cloud services space. Global Alliance with MS to Offer Accelerated Cloud Services in 22 Countries on Azure platform. 3 Focus is on enterprise customers by positioning Capgemini Private cloud IaaS and it has created a COE. 4) This approach seems to be gaining traction, and Capgemini has a good pipeline of enterprise clients (new and from the install base) interested in these cloud-based solutions Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, IBM, Microsoft and 8 Services that competitors are offering 1) Aggressive strategy to address the utility services business ( 2) Strategy - to deliver cloud services directly to clients, enable other firms to deliver cloud services (usually SaaS & PaaS), help clients implement cloud services into their businesses, and help clients create their own cloud technology environments ; all has IBM product stitched along 3) GBS team – addresses platform and application layers – Consulting to implementation route 4) GTS team - addresses infrastructure layers of the cloud - Managed Services, RIM route 1) HP & the acquired EDS have an “everything-as-a-service” vision 2) COE and the combination of hardware, software, alliances, and services business caters to enterprise clients via a cloud services model. 3) HP Labs - focused on developing underlying cloud services technologies and is creating cloud services for cloud implementation, Social Computing, security, new media,& Web-based service 4) HP is converting some of its traditional offerings to a cloud model. 5) HP created a centralized cloud business planning and operational center to coordinate cloud offerings across business units within the vast organization (similar to IBM) Alliances 1) Amazon web services 2) Academic & Research Institutions 1) Intel, 2) Microsoft, 3) Global and regional SIs to deliver infra & software services
  9. 9. Tier II [Indian Big Four] (intended to study the positioning & differentiation) Services that competitors are offering Cloud Model SaaS 1) End to End cloud offerings for the SME segment called ION cloud offerings 2) The TCS labs are conducting cloud computing research initiatives on offerings associated with advisory, deployment services, and cloud-enabled services for the SMB market 3) The firm is also monitoring cloud services startup firms and assessing potential partners. 4)Target market - SMB and derive revenue of $1B in five years TCS Infosys Wipro 1) Services from strategy, planning and Cloud set-up to the migration, creation and aggregation of Cloud services 2) Enabling some of their apps (HR-in-a-Box , Finnacle) in a SaaS model ; as a PoC 3) Internally its projects have already adopted the internal enterprise cloud 1) Wipro has formed a discreet cloud solutions unit, called the Productized Solutions Group (PSG) 2)Wipro, as per IDC, is focusing on the twin tracks of being both an OEM-style cloud service provider and a SI helping others to build enterprise cloud services. 3) OEM in this context means that Wipro owns the software or intellectual property rights for a service that is white labeled by another software or service provider. 1 ) Not the early movers in the cloud space, but with investments in skilled onsite resources It is company gain cloud-related consulting and assessment opportunities. 2 ) Deep industry specific focus – they are positioning cloud in their transformational deals 3)Services offered BPaaS, Cloud Strategy and advisory services, Cloud Migration, management & monitoring services along with a cloud 360 4) Cloud COE leverages solution on Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, & also developed multiple frameworks and solution accelerators 5) Built an Octane Solution Center (OSC) for development of cloud-enabled solutions that integrate specific enterprise business processes with Microsoft technologies, such as Azure and Silverlight., CTS 1)Leveraging its strength in Remote Infrastructure and Engineering services 2)approach is driven by Collaboration with customers unlike “know it all” pitch in the cloud space. It has a 2 pronged strategy :a)Cloud Competency Services. - assessment and consulting, migration to public cloud and implementation of private cloud, and cloud operations -as a Service Integrator b) Business Services :- unique services which are incubated through a corporate funded initiative These services are applicable to multiple vertical industries, across multiple geographies, involve multiple technologies and will have replicability and multi-tenancy. 3) Have a set of IP across different LOBs for the SaaS & PaaS Offerings (Agora, Nimbo etc) HCL 9 PaaS P P Partner programs* IaaS P P P Global alliances with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Google etc., No explicit partnership only for cloud except with NetApp AWS, Microsoft, CA, HP, Hitachi ,IBM, Oracle-on-Demand, Salesforce (premier consulting partner),VMware Amazon, Cisco EMC, Microsoft,, and VMware. P P P Microsoft (COE), IBM, Oracle, SAP, AWS, Cordys, Salesforce P P P Technology/OEM's Partnerships with Cisco, EMC, Vmware, Sun, Microsoft, NetApp IaaS: Amazon Web Services PaaS:, Microsoft Azure, Tibco Cloud Management: BMC, CA P P P * - Note- The service providers would have partnerships or alliances with the OEM’s at on overall service level ; not specifically for Cloud. However, it may be assumed that some of the benefits of the cloud program may be extended to them
  10. 10. Tier III [Mid sized companies] Cloud Model Competitors Services that competitors are offering / Positioning Partnerships / Alliances SaaS Mindtree 1)Cloud based service on Amazon & MS Azure 2)RIM & Managed services 3)Solution accelerators on Azure & AWS 4)Provides some of the solutions to customers as SaaS 5)Target market - ISV 6)Go-To-Market theme > Technology Consulting> MS Azure implementation > Deploy over cloud > RIM services 1)Symphony 3600 - Defining, Executing & Optimizing 2)PaaS - MS Azure,, Google App engine 3)IaaS – AWS, IBM Cloud 4)Cloud Accelerator – SaaS framework on J2EE, Consulting framework 5) Partnership with vendors like TechCello, Corent and others to build multiple frameworks for .NET development, javabased migrations etc 6)Target market – ISV 7)Go-to-Market theme > Business Consulting > MS Azure implementation > Deploy over cloud Symphony Persistent Systems 1)Cloud based offerings around each of the partner products ; Strong relationship with IBM products – leveraging the experience to the cloud 2)ISV - Offerings include consulting, engineering, migration and platform development across the cloud stack 3)Enterprises - Deployment & migration of apps to cloud ; Google Enterprise member since 2005 4)Availability of Collaborativ Tools ,& Soln accelerators ; as a cloud based delivery eg: KLISMA(e-com platform on cloud) 5)Go-to-Market theme > Expertise on platforms / products > Enabling app on Cloud Aditi Technologies 1)Cloud Labs – provides services such as as Portfolio Analysis and Cloud Strategy; Cloud Migration, Re-architecture and Testing; Private and Hybrid Cloud Deployment and Management; PaaS Development, and SaaS Integration. 2)proprietary tools as a part of the cloud labs initiative ; these tools are positioned to assess the ROI etc., 3)PaaS development services - .NET and Java based development services on platforms(MS Azure, AWS), Migrating onpremise .NET applications 4)Target market – Enterprise segment 5)Go-to-Market theme - Leveraging proprietary tools to engage in consulting > targeting migration / testing engagements 10 IaaS Amazon Microsoft P P P * P P 1)Aditi Technologies to focus on mobile and cloud in 2011 - to hire around 400 people (2011) with a $1 M investment on R&D ; for cloud the target market is ISV, extranet collaboration(3 projects in 2011) 2)They are looking to rebrand / reposition cloud offerings leverage their MS partnership 3)Target market - Enterprise segment 4)Go-to-Market theme - Azure based platform services > looking to increase presence in Asian market Syntel PaaS * P P P Amazon Microsoft [Gold certified] Salesforce IBM Oracle Salesforce, Google Enterprise partner, MS Azure, AWS VMware IBM , CISCO Quad Soln Microsoft Azure P P P Microsoft Gold certified , HP, IBM, Oracle Jaaneva – SaaS Outsourcing relationship management, Jaspersoft * - Some of proprietary Solution Accelerators / tool are provided through SaaS model
  11. 11. Competitive Landscape – Observations Top MNC’s • Leveraging their strengths through their products ; • Delivering their products via-SaaS • Building clout in the eco-system through partner programs with their core products stitched • GTM theme:Industry specific strategic business consulting > Cloud Building / Implementation > Managed Services Cloud as a technology service / alternative (private cloud) in large transformational deals Large Indian IT firms • Cloud computing is the route to mature from IT service to technology service providers • All have set-up COE > Large number of resources aligned to specific platforms > Building frameworks / SA’s across the cloud service model > Driving Cloud implementation internally as a proof of concept • End-to-End implementation is the theme ; however, they are in the lower strata of Cloud based service • Huge pool of resources • Members in partner programs –Firms have tie-ups with OEM’s such as IBM, HP’s etc but not necessarily for Cloud specific programs • Infra-as-a-Service : Amazon web-services • Software-as-a-Service / Platform-as-a-Service – Microsoft(Azure), Salesforce(, CISCO, IBM(tools & platform), Oracle • GTM theme:- Strengths in RIM > Infra-as-a-Service > Building applications > Maintaining the cloud Mid-sized IT firms • • • • Leveraging product development niche-ness as their strength as SME’s ; thereby targeting deals appropriately sized Alliances to One Infra player and more than platform player (MS & Salesforce) at the least Leveraging ADM strength + Platform Knowledge as the route to engaging the cloud GTM theme :- IT /Technology Consulting > Application development + Platform Knowledge > Deploying on Cloud (Private / Public / Hybrid) 11
  12. 12. Partner Landscape Criteria IBM [Feb 2011] CISCO [Mar 2011] salesforce [Mar 2011] Program consists of 3 modules a)Cloud Builder, b) Cloud Provider c) Cloud Services Reseller They don’t have any major cloud product ; leveraging the “networking “ strength and their core networking products 2 main programs paths from which you can select a)ISV partner program b)Consulting partner program Partners can choose any or all of these solution areas by qualifying the minimum criteria. About the program Supports 5 solution areas for Business Partners a) Cloud application providers b) Cloud builders c) Cloud service solution providers d) cloud infra providers e) cloud technology providers Cloud Builder - for partners who design and implement cloud-ready infra or fully provisioned private or public clouds. Cloud Provider - for partners offering public cloud services to the market by selling their own brand of Cisco-powered cloud services. Cloud Services Reseller - for partners who "white-label" or resell a Cloud Provider's "Cisco Powered Service." Consulting Partner - Program offers 3 partnership levels based on your commitment and the maturation of your business: Registered, - Select, - Premier. The program also supports the separate category of Global Systems Integrator for consulting partners with an established global presence that make a significant investment in their business. Recognition as a Global Systems Integrator is granted only by invitation, with a negotiated partnership agreement The minimum criteria is Solution with IBM services & software, Sales & technical certifications, Revenue, client references. Salient Features & Insights Each of these criteria have min & max points associated with it Many of the cloud partners were already part of Cisco’s managed services partner program Membership Pattern -- 200 partners are trained on IBM's private and hybrid cloud solutions -- 150 SaaS providers are leveraging IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise --120 ISVs are using cloud-friendly licensing (ASL) for IBM software products -- 40 partners are working toward the Cloud Specialty -- 25 partners are enjoying the benefits of the Cloud Specialty As of July 2011, there are 12 partners in this program BT Global Services,CSC,Dimension Datam, NaviSite, (recently acquired by Time Warner Cable),NEC,PAETEC, Quest Software, Qwest, SAVVIS, SunGard, Terremark, (recently acquired by Verizon Business), Wipro
  13. 13. Partner Landscape Criteria About the program HP [March ’11] Amazon Rackspace Cloud System partner program - is based on the company's expansive CloudSystem portfolio, which includes HP cloud computing products like CloudSystem Matrix, Cloud Maps and the Cloud Service Automation software. The AWS Solution Providers Program is designed to enable Systems Integrators (SIs), Interactive Agencies, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and Channel Partners Independent web hoster, and the market share leader in managed hosting. It also offers a PHP and .NET based cloud PaaS, email and share point hosting and cloud storage. Rackspace leads in scenarios where website hosting is the key and not strong in traditional application hosting (Ex ERP systems) HP has also announced that it will be expanding its Cloud Centers of Excellence program, as on Sep 2011, 19 HP Cloud Centers of Excellence have been established in 2011 at partner facilities throughout the US Salient Features & Insights The centers feature the company’s CloudSystem, an integrated solution for building and managing services across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. HP wants channel partners to sell more servers, networking and storage into the cloud computing market – and they are planning to set up a Public cloud system The cloud system partner program is available for Channel partners in the US (as on Mar 2011). Membership Pattern No public information on number of partners in the cloud program Amazon does not offer Managed services AWS ISV Ecosystem - enables ISV in creating new revenue streams, delivering products faster to more markets, by providing a set of tools, training, support, best practices, and licensing options to leverage the software distribution capabilities of the AWS platform. The AWS Systems Integrator Program focuses on helping a wide range of professional services firms (including system integrators, agencies, and consultancies) successfully deliver and operate cloud based solutions built on AWS for your end customers. AWS program benefits include in areas such business & IT strategy, solution architecting, application delivery, managed services, and training to ensure your customers can quickly and successfully deploy applications onto the AWS cloud Solution providers include more thatn 100 cos in the SI and ISV category Global solution providers are Accenture, Adobe, HP, IBM, MS,, Oracle, SAP, Redhat linux, Symantec. All these providers have their products hosted on AWS space by Amazon through alliances / partnerships The partner program consists of 2 tracks: The Rackspace Cloud Reseller Program and The Rackspace Cloud Affiliate Program Cloud Reseller Program offers discounts of up to 12 % for resellers selling large volumes of cloud hosting across Rackspace Cloud Cloud Affiliate Program members can earn 5 to 7 percent of a referred hosting customer’s payments for a period of up to three years. Rackspace OpenStack™ is a scalable Open source cloud operating system, It is an offering by Rackspace to target the enterprises looking for a private /hybrid cloud model
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