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In this slidecast, Fritz Ferstl from Univa discusses complex issues of application license management for cluster and grid deployments.

"Companies invest large portions of their budget on expensive software tools without the means to ensure that these critical assets are being used optimally and getting into the hands of those who need it most," said Gary Tyreman, CEO, Univa. "In the highly competitive business environments of today, going to market quickly is paramount. License Orchestrator provides that speed through an integrated, scalable and flexible approach to managing key software licenses."

Learn more: http://www.univa.com/about/news/press_2013/06182013.php

Watch the presentation video:

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Univa License Management Podcast slides

  1. 1. No! License Management is not boring! Fritz Ferstl, CTO Univa Corporation
  2. 2. 2 Well, is it exciting? Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.* •  Individual application licenses can cost >$500,000 per seat •  Single most important asset being managed •  Way more important than 50-100x cheaper server •  Do everything required to keep those licenses busy •  And make those applications perform at top speed •  Even if cost per seat is similar to other assets there are still very specific challenges: •  Know what you have and who uses it. Then optimize. •  Pay for as few as possible but for as many as necessary •  Accelerate project schedules by providing preferential access to licenses to users/departments/projects needing it the most •  Adjust dynamically to changing demands •  Allocate licenses based on funding/entitlements •  Share unused licenses; share across geos •  Account and do charge-back for license consumption •  Reserve licenses for mission critical project phases •  Improving license utilization provides instant ROI and can result in dramatic savings! Often much more than through any other means of optimizing a capacity computing environment!
  3. 3. 3 • New product released in July 2013 •  Must be using Univa Grid Engine 8.1.5 or later • Open architecture for support of arbitrary License Management facilities •  Initial support for FlexLM only • Replaces and vastly exceeds previously existing means for managing licenses with Univa Grid Engine •  e.g. via consumables or qlicserver (aka the Olesen method) Univa License Orchestrator Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.*
  4. 4. Univa License Orchestrator Server License Monitor Managed Licenses: License 1 … License x Job A_Cluster X Job B_Cluster Y Flexera Publisher 1 Flexera Publisher 2 Qmaster LO Thread LO Connector Qmaster LO Thread LO Connector Qmaster LO Thread LO Connector Univa Grid Engine Cluster x Univa Grid Engine Cluster y Univa Grid Engine Cluster z License Orchestrator Architecture Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved. Slide 4
  5. 5. 5 Multiple License Managers •  Aggregate licenses across multiple license managers •  Inside a cluster and across clusters, organizationally or geographically dispersed •  Minimizes idle time of licenses •  Allows to implement cross-company license usage policies FlexLM FlexLM FlexLM FlexLM FlexLM Univa License Orchestrator Saves cost through optimized utilization of licenses Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.*
  6. 6. 6 Fair Sharing of Licenses •  Distribute licenses to users, user groups and projects based on Fair Share policy •  Allows for temporary over-usage with compensation later •  Allows for assignment of shares per license per user •  Option for default user that matches requests from unlisted users •  Again across clusters and license managers Faster ROI through aligning license usage with business demands Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.* 6
  7. 7. 7 Fair Sharing of Licenses (cont.) •  Example: 6 Users, 3 Licenses, with default users –  Users: alan, bob, cathy, dan, edward, fritz –  License: license-a, license-b, license-c –  Default users for each license Faster ROI through aligning license usage with business demands Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.* 7
  8. 8. 8 Project-Based Sharing of Licenses • Distribute licenses within projects (as well as departments and users) based on fixed shares •  Always the same entitlement for license access •  No overage or underage • Also across clusters and license managers Faster ROI through aligning license usage with business demands Shares Projects 70 % HI 70 % MED 20 % LO 10 % Departments 20 % Development 10 % Test 10 % Production 80 % Users 10 % Maria 25 % Steve 15 % John 50 % Susan 10 % Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.*
  9. 9. 9 Limiting License Requests • Limit license consumption –  Quotas per license for users and user groups –  Each quota can have multiple Rule Sets –  Rule Sets are evaluated in order. First match wins. Faster ROI through aligning license usage with business demands $ loconf -srqs license-a-quota { name license-a-quota description All of the quota rules for license-a enabled TRUE limit users {cathy,bob} to license-a=10 limit users @power_users to license-a=100 limit to license-a=20 } Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.* 9
  10. 10. Preferential Access to Licenses 10Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.* •  Implements share what you can spare •  Licenses are owned by an organization and will be utilized by it first •  But unutilized licenses can be shared Faster ROI through aligning license usage with business demands free req d License Owner License Borrower
  11. 11. 11 Pre-emption of licenses •  Ensure access to required licenses for the most important workloads •  Withdraw (pre-empt) license from low priority job and hand to high priority job Faster ROI through aligning license usage with business demands License Usage over Time High Prio Job Low Prio Job Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.*
  12. 12. 12 Reserving Licenses •  Provide license access at a designated time in the future •  Ensure license requirements can be met together with other dependencies of the job •  Backfilling utilizes license prior to the start of the reservation for other, short-running jobs Faster ROI through aligning license usage with business demands License Usage over Time Backfilling Reservation Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.*
  13. 13. 13 Grid Engine / Non-Grid Engine Use •  Allows for license management functionality also without Grid Engine being utilized •  Or for situations with parts of the resources controlled by Grid Engine and parts of them being unmanaged Save cost by optimized use of licenses FlexLM FlexLM FlexLM FlexLM FlexLM Univa License Orchestrator Unmanaged Cluster Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.*
  14. 14. License'Accoun+ng'and'Repor+ng •  UniSight is integrated with License Orchestrator •  Specific reports provide insights in and analytics on license usage •  UniSight collects data from all Univa Grid Engine Clusters and License Orchestrator •  Reports can be created to correlate data from cluster and License Orchestrator 14Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.
  15. 15. Conclusions •  License Management is at least as important as managing other valuable assets in a cluster •  SW licenses are often the most important and most rewarding asset to be managed •  Univa License Orchestrator is a novel product which in combination with Univa Grid Engine addresses the challenges of license management 15Copyright*©*2013*Univa*Corpora4on,*All*Rights*Reserved.*
  16. 16. Thank You! fferstl@univa.com http://www.univa.com/products/license-orchestrator.php