Using Return Path Data to Promote Your Brand: Marketing/Research Breakout Session - London

Return Path
Oct. 14, 2015

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Using Return Path Data to Promote Your Brand: Marketing/Research Breakout Session - London

  1. #RPWT Little Data, Big Decisions: The Path to Data Enlightenment Keynote 3:45 - 4:15 Using Return Path Data to Promote Your Brand: Marketing/Research Breakout Session 4:45 - 5:30 Scott Roth, Chief Marketing Officer, Return Path Speakers: Guy Hanson, Sr. Director, Professional Services, Return Path Rob Holmes, General Manager, Email Fraud Protection, Return Path 4:15- 4:45 Real Data, Real Results: Customer Showcase & Panel Discussion 4:45 - 5:30 Using Return Path Data to Protect Your Brand: Security Breakout Session 5:30 - 7:00 Networking and cocktails Please join us as we wrap up the day! Opening Remarks Guest Speaker 3:00 - 3:45 Sara Murray, Entrepreneur & Founder of & Buddi 4:40 – 5:10 Coffee break
  2. Using Return Path Data to Promote Your Brand Marketing/Research Breakout Session Guy Hanson, Senior Director, Professional Services
  3. Email addresses in the world. Facebook users in the world. Twitter users in the world.
  4. Email 53% of marketers state email produces significant or some ROI Only 29% of marketers say the same for social Social Source: Salesforce State of Marketing report 2015
  5. How Effective is Email Marketing? Source: The Direct Marketing Association (UK) Ltd, National client email report 2015 Consumers who receive marketing emails spend 83% more when shopping ROI = £38 for every £1 spent in 2014, compared to £25 in 2013 They order 28% more often Their orders are 44% larger 70% of digital marketers see email as the top medium for ROI And here’s why…
  6. Email Optimisation Drive more ROI from the #1 digital channel Increase email spend by 15%-20% by reallocating budget from lower performing channels Delivered 60 million more monthly responses Got nearly 25 billion messages to the inbox
  7. 2.5 billion+ Mailboxes in the provider cooperative 4 million+ Consumers in the end-user panel 50 billion+ Messages scanned and parsed The Return Path Data Cloud We curate exclusive information and translate it into unexpected insights, empowering clients and partners to make great decisions.
  8. What a Marketer Worries About Before Hitting Send
  9. Opportunities for Email Marketing • Reach the Inbox • Attention • Relevancy • Advantage • Trust
  10. Opportunity 1 Reach the Inbox
  11. On average 21% of commercial emails land in spam or get blocked.
  12. Reach The Right Inbox Optimise email visibility by getting more email delivered. Get on the Best Certified Whitelist Assess Your Inbox Placement Know Your Sender Reputation
  13. Solution: Data Using data, we can analyse many aspects that prevent organisations from reaching their customers, grabbing their attention, and being relevant. Open rates Complaint rates Inbox placement rate Personalised delivery
  14. Red Letter Days increased its attributable revenue from email by 10% and leapfrogged its competitors in the battle for the inbox with Return Path Certification.
  15. Opportunity 2 Gain Attention
  16. The average consumer receives more than 500 marketing messages in a given month and opens fewer than 1 in 15
  17. Capture Attention With the Right Subject Line Know How You’re Being Viewed See What Your Competitors are Doing The Right Message
  18. Optimising Subject Lines Subject Line and Body Copy are Important Optimise for the Action, Not Just the Open Test Everything
  19. • Did you get one of these yet? • Don't miss your (free) limited edition sticker • Thanks for getting one of these, Tom • You'll think these are pretty cool Emails from Hillary
  20. 46% 23% 27% 24% Thanks for Getting One of These, Tom Did you get one of these yet? Don't miss your (free) limited edition sticker You'll think these are pretty cool: Winner: Thanks for Getting one of These, Tom
  21. Learnings From The UK Elections
  22. “We undertook a competitive review by Return Path to enable us to receive credible benchmarking vs our competitive set. Not only did this provide a clear view of where our strengths lie, but the findings have also assisted us in prioritising areas for improvement. What particularly impressed was the ability of the Professional Services team to really get to grips with the nuances of our business, and the depth of the insight generated as a result.” Fiona Rigby Head of Marketing Jobsite
  23. Opportunity 3 Relevancy
  24. Relevancy and Personalisation are Key Have a secondary email address to get away from spam and marketing emails. Said email was their preferred channel to receive marketing offers from brands. 39% said they wanted to receive fewer emails. 32% said they wanted fewer repetitive emails. Source: Adobe
  25. Solution: Data Personalise email frequency and send time of day messages based on customer behavioural data.
  26. An individual is 25% more likely to open an email within the first hour that it lands in their inbox.
  27. The Right Time Earn more response and revenue by having your email arrive when customers are in their inbox. Optimise the Send Time by Subscriber Pinpoint the Best Day and Time to Connect See Higher Opens, Clicks, and Conversions
  28. Initiate Send Send Time Optimization Shelly Tanya Ramón …the rest of your list Receives email At 9:00 am Receives email At 3:00 pm Receives email At 12:00 am Subscribers receive email when they are typically online
  29. Case Study | Major Resort “Send time optimised campaigns perform much better than our control group as well as the default hour.” Open rates were higher Click-through rates were higher Click to conversion was higher
  30. Opportunity 4 Gain Advantage
  31. Solution: Data • Know how subscribers read your email (clients, devices, and inboxes) • Use engagement data from your campaigns to know where to focus and what to prioritise • Know your competitors and how your brand performs against theirs • Use performance data to create more effective subject lines and content
  32. READ RATE FOR WINNER’S CAMPAIGNS IS HIGHER BY 11%* VS 14% WINNER: LABOUR PARTY * Shared subscribers are 9% of Labour Party’s total list size.
  33. READ RATE FOR WINNER’S CAMPAIGNS IS HIGHER BY 1.7%* VS 38% WINNER: CHELSEA FC * Shared subscribers are 2% of Arsenal FC’s total list size.
  34. Amy Macgregor Head of eCRM MyVoucherCodes “We knew there were opportunities to strengthen our email program, but we couldn’t identify them specifically enough to take action. Return Path showed us precisely where we could achieve better performance and how to do it. Their solutions provided extraordinary insight into our competitive situation and our subscribers’ behaviour, and their consultants brought the strategic expertise we needed to develop new approaches.”
  35. • In-depth visibility into consumer spending and behavior. • Powered by email data from more than 2 million consumers. • Actionable insight to measure impact, understand trends, and make decisions.
  36. Opportunity 5 Gaining Trust
  37. The Average Uptime For Phishing Attacks Email Threat Trends Source: APWG Global Phishing Report 2H2014 29hours Source: RSA Fraud Report (October 2014), EMC Phishing Is Up 162% since 2010
  38. PHISH
  39. Solution: Data • “DMARC protects almost two-thirds of the world’s consumer mailboxes and 75% of UK customers.” • DMARC protects your brand from direct domain phishing attacks • Instructs mailbox providers on how to handle unauthenticated messages Source: Return Path DMARC Intelligence Report, Feb 2015
  40. Source:, press release, February 2015 Anti-phishing standard today, inbox placement factor tomorrow DMARC “If your domain doesn’t protect itself with DMARC, you will be increasingly likely to see your messages sent directly to a spam folder or even rejected.” John Rae-Grant Product Manager, Google
  41. Case Study - Global Financial Services Leader Challenge: • Cybercriminals launched phishing and malware attacks from legitimate sending domains, tricking customers and gaining access to their passwords. Solution: • Implemented DMARC to authenticate email from sending domains. • Employed Return Path’s Email Threat Intelligence to detect and take down malicious “brand spoofing” messages. Result: • Blocked millions of phishing emails in a two- day period • With visibility into unaffiliated domain threats, they can protect their customers • The % of suspicious messages blocked grew from 13% to 96% - a 600% increase.
  42. Reach the Right Inbox With the Right Message At the Right Time
  43. Sydney • London • São Paulo • Chicago • New York • San Francisco • Los Angeles • Paris Join us for cocktails & networking!