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AI for marketers


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Overview of AI
What is AI?
- AI is just whatever computational task is hard to achieve right now. If it’s become “off-the-shelf”, it isn’t AI. A cynical view
- AI performs “cognitive” tasks

AI usecases
- Provide new interaction route for potential customers
Integrate into omnichannel experience
- Use to inform or support activity
- Letterbox Lab case study

Content repackaging
- Turn content from one format to another intelligently
- Blog -> Video
- Video / voice -> Transcription
- Transform blog posts into videos

Metadata enrichment
- Discover new tags, topics, key points in text to generate stronger metadata to support search inside the site and beyond.

Microsoft Text Analytics AI
- Using Microsoft Text Analytics we can easily grab information about our content and even recommended links to sources.

Social listening
- Identify the direct and indirect mentions and conversation opportunities for you to engage with

Using RPA tools
- There are many social listening paid tools out there but tools like Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier can be used to bootstrap your social listening process by integrating off-the-shelf AI APIs.

- Use extracted insights from a number of sources to generate content and funnel processes targeted at the individual to improve conversion rates.
- Get personality insights based on social and email contents to tailor communication.
Implementing AI quickly

How do I use AI now?
- Address demand
- Start small
- Gather your data

Technologies showcased:
- Microsoft Power Automate
- Microsoft Cognitive Services
- Lumen5
- Crystal
- Chatfuel

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