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Stand Out Online and Land an Interview


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During a time when 10% of the country is out of work (and presumably looking for a new job), how do you stand out from the crowd to get noticed and land an interview?

Apply marketing tips and tricks to:
* Find jobs before they ever even exist
* Manage your resume and portfolio in a way that makes it quick and easy to customize for every job
* Build a consistent look and feel for your resume and portfolio
* Add that extra WOW factor with cheap (or free) and easy technology tools

Stand Out Online and Land an Interview

  1. 1. Stand Out Online and land an interview
  2. 2. Overview • Social Networking - Finding the Jobs • Style - Fonts, Imagery & Presentation • Keeping it All Consistent - Your Personal Style Guide • Using Technology - Tools & Tricks
  3. 3. Social Networking
  4. 4. The Rules • There aren’t many solid ones. • Consistency is key. • This discussion is about ideas and trends that seem to be working in today’s market. • They won’t all work for you. • There may be others that work in addition to the ideas presented here.
  5. 5. Where have all the jobs gone? • LinkedIn • Monster • Career Builder • indeed • Content Wrangler • Facebook
  6. 6. One Example - Paul’s Experience • LinkedIn status of a colleague. • Status update was that he was working on finishing a book about networking. • Proactively approached him inquiring about the need for assistance with proofing. • Ended up with a short-term contract for typesetting, and own name now has visibility.
  7. 7. The Basics - Etiquette • Watch what you post (e.g., language, opinions about current employer/job). • Pay attention to timing (supposed to be at work). • Remove questionable photos, postings with inappropriate language. • Your boss, coworkers, and prospective employers are paying attention. • Find the balance between keeping yourself visible and becoming annoying.
  8. 8. Online Profiles • Keep it consistent. • Professional separate from social (e.g., LinkedIn for professional, Facebook for social), but still watch it. • Adjust visibility settings (permissions). • Facebook recently started allowing Google indexing. • May not want to link all your social networks, but others (e.g., Twitter) may benefit from association.
  9. 9. Online Profiles, Part II • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter
  10. 10. Recruiters/Employers • When looking at profiles/résumés, they are watching for: • Misspellings. • Large gaps in employment that are unexplained. • Consistency.
  11. 11. Style Fonts, Imagery, Presentation
  12. 12. Your Own Brand • Think of yourself as a product. • Résumé, website, avatar, portfolio, etc., should all flow and carry a seamless design characteristic. • Keep it simple and elegant - makes it easier to carry your style through multiple pieces. • Use it when participating in discussions. • Offer your expertise.
  13. 13. Fonts: Serif vs Sans Serif
  14. 14. Why Sans the Serif? • Sans serif fonts look good at most sizes. • They tend to have a more contemporary or business feel. • Most operating systems render them neatly. • Serif fonts tend to lose readability at smaller sizes. • Without ClearType, serif fonts tend to look grainy, and lose readability at extreme sizes.
  15. 15. What is ClearType? • Renders fonts smoothly on Windows machines.
  16. 16. Rules Are Made to be Broken • Sometimes its ok to break the rules. • Use serif fonts in typography for style and emphasis.
  17. 17. Web-Safe Fonts
  18. 18. Clip Art vs Vector Art
  19. 19. Why Cut Out Clip Art? • Outdated. • Associated with lack of effort. • Entire Facebook pages dedicated to hating Clip Art. Try These Resources • • •
  20. 20. Where to Use Art? • Replace outdated imagery in your portfolio/on your Website. • Do not add unnecessary imagery to your résumé, social networking pages, etc.
  21. 21. Keeping It All Consistent
  22. 22. Your Style Guide
  23. 23. Color Palette • Select at least three colors for your primary palate. • Add large swatches of those colors, along with their color codes, to your style guide.
  24. 24. Typography • Choose your fonts and styles. • Include a detailed Style Sheet. • Check that your fonts and styles are Web safe!
  25. 25. Job Descriptions • Make your résumé flexible & manageable. • Always create a custom deliverable for each job you apply for.
  26. 26. When It All Comes Together
  27. 27. When It All Comes Together
  28. 28. When It All Comes Together
  29. 29. When It All Comes Together
  30. 30. Using Technology
  31. 31. Use Technology to Show Off • Have an e-version of your portfolio available. • Make it easy to manage. • Make it present well.
  32. 32. Presentation Tools Slide Rocket Depends Create sleek, elegant presentations online Adobe InDesign Included Creates Flash Books from Any Document Prezi Free Creative alternative to PowerPoint Flow Chart Tools Lucid Chart Depends Flow chart tool, instant sharing Lovely Charts Depends Flow charts/other charts Product Planner Free Cool flow charts/how to's Online Collaboration Zapproved Free Easy way to collaborate on ideas and projects and make a decision Dabbleboard Free Whiteboard for online collaboration Screen Capture Screen Toaster Free Screen recorder, no download required Jing Free Screen capture/recording tool Web Design/Analytics Browser Shots Free Check your website in multiple browsers at once Sprout Builder Depends Create flash content for websites Clicky Depends Awesome white label website analytics Social Tools SocialU Free Social media stalking tool PixelPipe Free Upload videos and pictures to multiple sites at once hit me later Free Snooze button for email Sendible Free Schedule emails, tweets, sms, etc Soungle Free Google for sound effects: find and download free sound effect Wordle Free Word cloud generator BudURL Free link shrinker and tracker Image Enhancement Picreflect Free Image reflector Wave my Pic Free Reflects and ads a wave to the bottom of any picture
  33. 33. Some Tools In Action • Adobe InDesign Flipping Book • Sprout Builder • Prezi
  34. 34. What Are You Waiting For?
  35. 35. Stuck for Ideas? • Google is your best friend. See what others are doing and take inspiration from them. • Spend time on designing your personal brand. • Proof, re-proof, and have someone else proof again.
  36. 36. A Few Career Resources • • •
  37. 37. Thank You Kristy Nolan & Heather Steele