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Utah's Statewide Master Person Index for Healthcare


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Utah's Statewide Master Person Index for Healthcare

  1. 1. Utah StatewideMaster Person Index NAHDO MPI Roundtable Oct 12, 2010 Scott Narus, PhDDepartment of Biomedical Informatics University of Utah
  2. 2. Statewide MPI Project2-year NIH GO grant, $2.7MStart: 30 September 2009Partners:• University of Utah BMI, UPDB, HIM, IRB/RGE, Legal, IT Security• Intermountain Healthcare• UDOH• UHIN – cHIE integration
  3. 3. Project AimsUniquely identify individuals who seekhealthcare or public health services inUtah; Support research, operational &public health purposesEstablish guidelines for use of MPIDevelop MPI repository and supportingservicesTest the MPI in a research settingDevelop integration strategy for cHIE
  4. 4. MPI Access Admin Users Researchers MPI Data MPI DataContributors Consumers MPI record Repository ? Local MPI
  5. 5. = Intermountain Key= University = Data load Other Cerner Researchers / Epic Domain= UDOH = Data access Clin. Experts= Global = proposed BI / Other BDS Admin MPI EDW KR Research DBs UPDB / CHPC TS / UPDBL (Homer) MDR PH FURTHeR DBs Local Biospec. ERICA DBs (IRB) cHIE Biospec. MPI(s) DB Biospecimen Mngrs Biospec sMPI MPI AHR DB
  6. 6. Important Concepts“Master of Masters”• Matching vs. Linking vs. Merging/Resolve• Master/Golden Record“Slave of Masters”• Not an originator of person records• Rely on local matching/linking/mergingOpen architectureNo clinical data storage
  7. 7. Important IssuesConsentResearch vs. Operational use policiesSustainability• Ownership / Governance• Management Central vs. Distributed• Financing
  8. 8. Project MilestonesPolicy Development Internal (closed)Requirements testinganalysis InterfaceMarket survey developmentBuy vs. Build System testingDecision ImplementationDevelop / Purchase cHIE InterfaceLoad local MPI data Sustainability Plan
  9. 9. StatusPolicy Committee meeting 2x/monthTechnical Committee meeting weeklyLinking variablesInstitutional data collection completeTechnical staff hiredRequirements development completeEstablish success criteriaRFI releaseDevelopment Plan
  10. 10. Utah Statewide MPI Project Questions? Scott Narus (