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Introduction to Database Research Projects @ CWHR


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Introduction to Database Research Projects @ CWHR

  1. 1. Introduction to Database Research Projects@ Center for Women’s Health Research(CWHR) OB/GYN Ritu Khare, Roderick Price, Kalatu Davies, Michele Follen March 14 20121
  2. 2. Background Information Science, Systems, and Technology Information Science Techniques  Database Modeling and Design  Information Extraction and Retrieval Healthcare  Data Integration, Mining, and Warehousing 2
  3. 3. Projects Dissertation Project CWHR Project 1  Clinical Form Encoding CWHR Project 2  EMR Error Detection CWHR Project 3  Query and Data Extraction Tool 3
  4. 4. Dissertation Project Making Databases Easier to Use Enable users to SEARCH and QUERY databases Enable users to DESIGN databases  GoogleForms, FormsAssembly, SurveyMonkey, REDCap Some Algorithms A user-designed form A New Database (a collection of interconnected tables) 4
  5. 5. Dissertation ProjectAccommodate Changing User Needs FormMapper - Form understanding - Equivalent elements discovery - Birthing new database elements
  6. 6. Dissertation ProjectThe FormMapper Tool  Solution:  Novel Techniques Evolved  Re-use ExistingForm FormMapper Database Database  Experiments in Healthcare  52 clinical forms Objective:  6 databases: 35-500 tables  To evolve a high-quality database.  84.5% match with gold standard  74% high-quality Lesson Learnt Quality of evolved databases could be improved … … if the terms used on forms are standardized (clinically encoded) 6
  7. 7. CollaboratorsCWHR Project 1: Dr Sandra Hartmann Dr Aasta MehtaClinical Form Encoding Dr Yuan An, Dr Xiaohua Hu, Dr Il-Yeol Song ? MRN Med Rec # Medical Record Number Blood Diastolic Pressure Systolic BP Physical Status Constitutional Vital Signs Form SNOMED CT Concept Term 11615400: Patient (person) Patient 398225001: Medical record MRN number (observable entity)7
  8. 8. CollaboratorsCWHR Project 2: Dr Edgar Chou Dr Paul NyirjesyEMR Error Detection Dr Yuan An Dr Xiaohua Hu EMR data-entry errors cost  Allscripts Error Handling  time, efforts, money  Not enough  Clinical guidelines are not  misdiagnosis, patient health appropriately integrated (not so benign)  Surface – level checks Alert!!! Allscripts DB Alert!!! DUCOM Clinical Warehouse 8
  9. 9. CWHR Project 3: Query and Data Extraction Tool Allscripts Database (Feb ’12) Experts:  420k+ patients  Dr Xiaohua Tony Hu (Data Mining)  140 -160 providers  Dr Yuan An (Data Integration)  5TB of Data  Dr Kalatu Davies (Biostatistics)  Dr Il-Yeol Song (Data Warehousing)Drowning in dataand information Summarize, Discover patterns and knowledge Starving for DUCOM Natural Language Query Clinical using NLP techniques Warehouse Customized reports for different providers, and residents research 9