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StartupBridge India 2017 | Startups

StartupBridge India is an annual conference held in December at Stanford where top technology innovators from India and Silicon Valley build strategic partnerships to innovate for the world.

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StartupBridge India 2017 | Startups

  2. 2. SANJOE JOSE Founder About the company Talview, formerly Interview Master, offers automated video interview-based recruiting solutions to organisations. The company is focused on providing automated video interviews for pre- screening candidates before job interview.
  3. 3. VINAY NATHAN Founder About the company Altizon is an IoT startup, whose flagship platform Datonis is used by enterprises dealing in the manufacturing and cleantech sectors for condition monitoring, predictive analytics, operations and for driving consumer insights.
  4. 4. About the company Flutura is a niche Big data analytics solutions company with a vision to transform operational outcomes by monetizing machine data. KRISHNAN RAMAN Founder
  5. 5. ADARSH NATRAJAN Founder About the company AIndra Systems is using computer vision and deep learning to create a scalable, cloud-based solution for mobile facial recognition as well as tackling a wide array of problems in fields like enterprise healthcare and education. The platform also offers automated and affordable 'point-of-sample collection' screening tool for cervical cancer.
  6. 6. About the company Lavelle Networks focuses on the development of solutions that are able to deploy, manage, and monitor hybrid WAN networks. It also offers Xpedition, a networking solution that enables its users to connect to their applications. And it also offers CloudPort and CloudStation platforms to control their networking solutions. SHYAMAL KUMAR Founder
  7. 7. About the company Senseforth is a humanlike conversation platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. Senseforth can address queries, resolve issues, perform tasks and even help customers shop. SHRIDHAR MARRI Founder
  8. 8. Zapty provides everything you need to be on top of your work, be it personal or social or with teams and projects at work. It essentially flips traditional work management on its head by putting conversations at the center of work to naturally and seamlessly discover, collaborate and manage work. ARVIND AGARWAL Founder About the company
  9. 9. Vymo builds web and mobile applications for automating sales force activities and driving sales effectiveness. It partners with its clients to help them institute sales practices into their daily routine through simple tools YAMINI BHAT Founder About the company
  10. 10. ShieldSquare's revolutionary technology identifies and blocks bots that scrape content on Online Portals. ShieldSquare helps online portals to increase their competitiveness, generate more revenues as well as improve the user experience on their site. PAVAN THATHA Founder About the company
  11. 11. Whodat Tech provides augmented reality technology software to businesses to help them build an AR- based application or product feature. SRIRAM GANESH Founder About the company
  12. 12. Predera's mission is to empower every enterprise in its successful data journey. We are a premier machine learning consulting firm focused on analytics and data engineering, with a labs wing where we continue to develop cutting-edge solutions VAMSHI AMBATI Founder About the company
  13. 13. ToneTag is an integrated library (sdk) that allows easy, frictionless, and secure proximity payments using sound (Tone) or NFC (Tag). KUMAR ABHISHEK Founder About the company
  14. 14. Resilinc is the world’s first big data platform and multi- enterprise network connecting direct raw material suppliers efficiently on a single platform to allow them to quickly provide visibility to their sites, parts and suppliers to many customers without duplicating efforts. BINDYA VAKIL Founder About the company
  15. 15. EdGE Networks offers next gen HR Technology Solutions for talent acquisition and workforce optimization powered by Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. ARJUN PRATAP Founder About the company
  16. 16. Unbxd, the fastest growing e-commerce product discovery platform, applies artificial intelligence and advanced data sciences to connect shoppers to the products they are most likely to buy. Unbxd enables personalized site search, navigation, product recommendations and merchandising for leading online retailers including Ashley HomeStore, Express, FreshDirect, Rue21 and ibSupply. Unbxd powers more than 1.5 billion shopper interactions a month. PAVAN SONDUR Founder About the company
  17. 17. is a Deep Learning platform offering tools for enterprises and developers to build and manage deep learning applications. VINAY KUMAR Founder About the company
  18. 18. Chargebee is built with a focus on delivering the best experience to provide a seamless & flexible recurring billing experience to customers & manage customer subscriptions. Commercially available since mid-2012, Chargebee is trusted billing partner for SaaS, Subscription eCommerce and Membership Services of various sizes, globally. KRISH SUBRAMANIUM Founder About the company