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Sri lanka foundation


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Sri Lanka Foundation in Los Angeles. we have provide Sri Lanka Foundation news, awards functions, SLF world wide community news and events.

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Sri lanka foundation

  1. 1. SRI LANKA FOUNDATION Inspire and Achieve
  2. 2. SRI LANKA FOUNDATION 1930 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90057
  3. 3. NEWS AND MEDIA Sri Lanka Celebrated On 9 July 2016 Sri Lanka Day 2016 Sri Lanka Export Crops At Risk Of Climate Change Nadaraja To Replace Thangaraja As Sri Lanka Take On Indonesia This Weekend
  4. 4. SRI LANKA FOUNDATION EVENTS AND FESTIVALS Sri Lanka Day Festival The event is organized by SLF to bring sight, taste and feel of Sri Lanka to visitors who gather in one location from all over California. Sri Lanka Award Ceremony Recognizing those in the pursuit of excellence worldwide. Performing Art Center Classes on weekends, enroll now to learn folk dance, language and music from Sri Lanka.
  5. 5. SRI LANKA BUSINESS DIRECTORY Get Your Business Listed Now To Attract New Customers From All Over The World.
  6. 6. SLF AWARDS Lifetime Achievement Award
  7. 7. SLF AWARDS Exceptional Achievement Award
  8. 8. SLF AWARDS Outstanding Performance by Young Professional
  9. 9. SLF AWARDS Srimerican of the Year
  10. 10. SLF AWARDS President’s Award
  11. 11. FAMILY FUN DAY Come on down to Paseo Colorado Enjoy your family day Fun and Creative Game Participate in best and creative fun game with your kids Family Time with us Make your day memorable
  12. 12. SRI LANKA FOUNDATION Thank You for your love & support