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Asset Tags - Designing, Application & Installation Tips [MyAssetTag]


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A comprehensive presentation by asset tags expert demonstrating the applications, trends, uses, and benefits of tagging your assets. Presentation by

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Asset Tags - Designing, Application & Installation Tips [MyAssetTag]

  1. 1. Asset TagAn Introduction to Asset Tagging, Barcoding, Installation and Asset Tag Design
  2. 2. Tips from the Asset Tag Experts Tags are Friendlier, Smaller, More Durable and Cheaper than Ever Before Software is Easier to Learn, More Mobile and Cheaper than Ever Before You Don’t Need to Spend $1,000’s on Software, Training and Tags Asset Tracking: “It’s Easier that You Think!”
  3. 3. Effective Barcodes Scanners are everywhere!• Eliminate Errors• Instant Scans Most Readers Scan• No Extra Cost Most Barcodes• From 1D to 2D to QR• Direct Links to Web Page Long 1D Barcodes - Do 2D and QR Codes are RFID – Is there a We Need Them? Rapidly Taking Over Future?
  4. 4. Effective Use of a Logo Single-Color Logos – Most Common• Extend Your Brand – on Every Piece of Equipment• Reduce Counterfeiting• No Cost• Logos Converted for Free• Make the Right Tag Easy to Find Multi-Color Logos Photo Quality Color – Even on Metal Asset Tags Silver or White Background Best
  5. 5. Color Coordinating Asset ClassesClassify Your Assets – “at a glance”• Color Codes for: o Different Divisions/ Departments o Year or Month of Acquisition o Type of Asset (F&F vs Different Prefix Codes Electronic vs Equipment) o Different Funding Sources• Spot Department Assets at a Glance: “Who Owns What”• Re-enforce Color Coding with Suffix or Prefix Codes
  6. 6. Coding by Asset Type Coding by Asset Type
  7. 7. Coding of Asset Tag Coding by Acquisition Date
  8. 8. Non Traditional Asset Tags Towards a Broader Definition of “Asset Tags” • Not Just for Depreciable Assets Place on a Folder • Not Just for Stationary Equipment • Not Just 1-Tag for 1-AssetAsset Tags withDetachable Tab Labels• Mark different spots.• Redundancy advantages.• Use an Asset ID number on your office file. Repeater Tag
  9. 9. Do Your Assets Move? and, Golf Carts and, Ski’s!PlanesTrains Plus, Bikes
  10. 10. Is Theft a Factor?Are Assets Often Misplaced?
  11. 11. Do You Need to Track Service Schedules,Tools or Experimental Batches?
  12. 12. Non-Traditional Material Choice Prevent Unauthorized Access AlumiGuard® Remains the top choice But, there are other materials too!Self-Voiding Polyester DestructibleWhite or Silver Void Asset Labels
  13. 13. Match the Asset Tag Material to Your Asset TypeAlumiGuard® Removable Polyester Clothwith Heavy, Soft Adhesive 1 year later Adhesive Designed for Rugs and FabricSticks to rough surfaces. SecuriCuts Take off the asset label cleanly. A year later! Asset tag cannot be removed “whole”. Tag cannot be reused.
  14. 14. Handwritten Asset TagsDeadsoft Aluminum is indentable Writeable surface on Plastic Labels
  15. 15. Conformable Asset TagsForSimple Curves For Compound Curves
  16. 16. Hanging Asset Tags Rigid Tags have a hole.Hang from a tie, key chain or brass chain
  17. 17. Rollers for Extra Pressure – and Superior Bond Free Roller or Squeegee with Each Order Roll out your asset tags.This makes a big difference!
  18. 18. Where to Place an Asset Tag Tags Should not get in the way!Large Tag – FewerOpportunities for Placement Asset Tags Asset Tags should be placed in the can be tiny, same place for too. same types of assets