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Social Media Proposal: Jimmy John’s

1. Presented by: Ron Skubisz
2. Founded in 1983 by Jimmy John Liautuad, Jimmy John’s has become one of the largest gourmet sandwich stops as well as “America’s favorite sandwich delivery guys”. Jimmy John’s markets to customers who want to walk in and out with their sandwich in under 2 minutes.
3. Jimmy John’s marketing strategy is geared towards highlighting their speed and delivery services. Jimmy John’s currently sponsors NASCAR’s Kevin Harvick in the number thirty-three car as well as the UFC Heaveyweight Champion, Brock Lesner. Their goal is to become not only the number one sandwich restaurant but also the number one delivery service in America.
4. My proposal is to have the Jimmy John’s divert more of their focus towards new media outlets. The new media outlets I propose Jimmy John’s looks into are the following...
Mobile Apps.

5. With over 400,000 fans on Facebook, Jimmy John’s has already taken the first step towards utilizing this new resource. What I am proposing is that Jimmy John’s uses their page to hand out coupons or discounts to those who become fans of their company. Also, the JJ’s page is the perfect tool for creating and inviting people to come to their promotional events.
6. Blogger has become an extremely effective tool for companies to promote and connect with their customers. By hiring bloggers and critics to post blogs about them, Jimmy John’s will have it’s name and reviews read by thousands.
7. My proposal call for Jimmy John’s to create a mobile phone app that will find locations, browse the menu, and place orders for pick up or delivery.
8. With the dominance displyed by YouTube over the past 5 years, I propose that Jimmy John’s hold a commercial contest where participants make and upload their own Jimmy John’s commercials. The winner will have theirs become part of the national television campaign.
9. My proposal calls for a budget of under a 100,000 dollars, much of it going towards the national television campaign.
10. Success will be measured through following the growing number of users on Facebook, Blogger, App stores, and YouTube.

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Jimmy john’s new age of marketing

  1. 1. JIMMY JOHN’S NEW AGE OF MARKETING<br />Presented By: Ron Skubisz<br />New Media Drivers License<br />8/13/2010<br />
  2. 2. Slicing Into Jimmy John’s<br />Founded in 1983 by Jimmy John Liautuad, Jimmy John’s has established themselves has one of the premiere gourmet delivery sandwich restaurants. <br />Jimmy John’s is known for their gourmet sandwiches using only freshly made bread and ingredients. One of the things that sets Jimmy John’s apart from the rest is how quickly a customer can walk in and walk out of the store with their order.<br />In the “healthy” fast food industry. Some of Jimmy John’s biggest competitors are Subway, Blimpie, and Quiznos. <br />Jimmy John’s has a stable and wide ranging customer base. Their target market aims at customers who want a fast and healthy gourmet sandwich. A lot of attention is paid towards college students as well as the on the go worker. <br />
  3. 3. Current Marketing Strategy<br />Jimmy John’s current marketing strategy is focused on promoting Jimmy John’s fast delivery service. Using television ads, event sponsorships, Internet advertising, radio, and billboards. <br />Much of Jimmy John’s marketing is done through television and internet. <br />Jimmy John’s uses both Facebook and Twitter to interact with their costumers online. Currently on Facebook, JJ’s as 408,266 people who “like” them and almost 10,000 followers on Twitter. <br />Jimmy John’s sponsors NASCAR, driver Kevin Harvick in the 33 car. As well as current UFC Heavy Weight Champion Brock Lesner. <br />Click logo for television ad.<br />
  4. 4. Marketing Proposal <br />New Media Marketing Tools<br />Facebook<br />Blogger<br />Mobile Phone Apps<br />Youtube<br />
  5. 5. Facebook<br />Offer coupons or other discount offers for adding Jimmy John’s to user’s “Like” list. <br />Use Facebook to create and inform customers about upcoming promotional or discount events. <br />Buy ad space on Facebook page<br />
  6. 6. Blogger<br />Encourage customers to go on Blogger and write reviews about Jimmy John’s<br />Offer coupons or discounts to bloggers who post about JJ’s<br />Hire well known bloggers and food critics to post reviews and start open discussions<br />
  7. 7. Mobile Phone Apps<br />The app store for apple alone has 225,000 applications with over 5 billion total downloads.<br />Companies such as Chipotle, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell and other restaurants have created applications to help promote their stores. <br />Jimmy John’s should create an application which would allow for users to find store locations, browse the menu, and place orders for pick up or delivery. <br />
  8. 8. YouTube <br />In 2010, YouTube was estimated to be serving over 2 billion videos a day<br />YouTube has become the most popular place to find amature or professional videos on the web. <br />Jimmy John’s could take advantage of this dominate media tool by holding a video contest. Where applications make and upload their own Jimmy John’s commercials onto YouTube. After a certain amount of time whichever video receives the most views will be added to Jimmy John’s national television ad campaign. <br />
  9. 9. Budget<br />One of the biggest advantages of advertising on the Internet is that start up and maintenance costs are relatively low in comparison to television advertising. <br />Facebook: Costs should be relatively low. The only costs that would be applied to this venture would be maintenance of the page itself. <br />Blogger: Costs associated with would range anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 dollars a year for payment to bloggers and critics. <br />Mobile Apps: Costs for building and maintaining mobile phone apps should only cost a few thousand dollars. <br />YouTube: The costs for running the actual contest should be reasonably low due to the fact that promoting this can be done online. For 5,000 dollars Jimmy John’s will be able to promote their contest effectively. The most expensive part of the campaign comes with placing the ad on television. Costs could range from 20,000 to 50,000 dollars. <br />The total budget for my new media marketing strategy should not exceed more that 100,000 dollars. <br />
  10. 10. Evaluating Success <br />A key advantage of advertising online is that evaluating whether a particular campaign was successful or not has become fairly easy. <br />Facebook: By tracking either the growth or decline in Facebook fans can be a sign of success. Another step to measuring success is to have surveys handed out at events run through Facebook, asking how people heard of this event. <br />Blogger: Success due to bloggers can easily be recorded by tracking the number of people to read and leave feedback on JJ’s blogs. <br />Mobile Apps: By tracking the number of times the Jimmy John’s app is downloaded as well as the number of orders placed thru the app is an extremely accurate method of measuring success. <br />YouTube: Success for the YouTube television commercial contest can be measured by tracking the number videos uploaded as well as the total number of hits those videos receive. <br />