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365 Teachings from the New Revelation for Yesterday, Today and Forever (part 2)


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Excerpts from the New Revelation of Jesus Christ received by Jakob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer - with images

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365 Teachings from the New Revelation for Yesterday, Today and Forever (part 2)

  1. 1. “Let Me tell you this as a truth, full of light:I could as well have come to earth in a gianthuman shape, accompanied with countless hostsof angels, with fire, lightning, thunder and stormand could have proclaimed the words of grace toyou with a mountain-shattering voice of thunder.Not a single person among you would then beenable to feel any doubt in his heart, for terror andfear would have immediately paralyzed him,rendering him unable to think at all. Would thathave helped anyone towards his true innerliberation? Oh, never! That would have been ajudgment for every human soul and a bondagefor all minds.Behold, that is why I came into this world quiteunknown and in lowliness, so that no humanheart would become imprisoned and peoplewould solely through the blessed power of thetruth of My words and teaching recognize Melovingly and freely arrange their lives THE NEW REVELATION ofaccordingly.” JESUS CHRIST (The Great Gospel Of John VI, 7:7-8) Through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  2. 2. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer “Does there exists a father with only a little love for his children, who would throw one of his children, who committed a mistake against his order, for the rest of his life into a dungeon and on top of it punishes him daily for as long he lives?!If no human father could do this, who basically as a person is bad, how much less will the Father in heaven do such, who is the everlasting and purest love and goodness Himself! Or just imagine for yourself a truly wise and quite reasonable person on earth! Will he ever approve of an everlasting punishment for a sinner, or will he award such punishment to anybody? Surely not, and even less so the most wise God!” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 6, 243:9-10)
  3. 3. "Whoever allows himself to be enticed by the world and its matter (which necessarilymust be - and remain - under judgment, or it would not be world), must be consideredlost and dead for as long as he cannot forsake the judged matter. Thus, for the sake ofthe created beings, there must be an eternal judgment, an eternal fire and an eternaldeath. But from this it does not follow that a spirit imprisoned in judgment mustremain imprisoned for as long as this judgment can last - any more than on earth, if youhad built a strong prison, the prisoners would be sentenced to remain there for thewhole time the prison would last.Is it not obvious to everyone that prison and imprisonment are two different things? Of course, the prison is - and remains –forever, and the fire of My zeal must never go out. But the prisonersremain in the prison only until such time whenthey have changedand bettered themselves. “ THE NEW(From Hell to Heaven II, chap. 226) REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  4. 4. THE NEW REVELATION "Gods mercy reaches so far that He stillof JESUS CHRIST looks upon your (Pharisees) abominablethrough Jakob Lorber & sins with forbearance, hoping that youGottfried Mayerhofer will finally convert and repent. For even a sinner in the middle of hell crying out to his God and Lord for help will find help and redemption.” (The Great Gospel Of John XI, chap. 5) “Thus, truly, there is also an eternal hell - yet no spirit who, on account of his depravity, would be condemned to eternal hell, but only until his betterment.” (From Hell to Heaven II, chap. 226)
  5. 5. THE NEW“A man who abandons God, casting REVELATION ofHim out from himself and not taking JESUS CHRISTHim up again, necessarily must createa true hell within himself, which must throughbe bad and wicked in everything. If Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofersuch human spirit then, from suchgodless state, necessarily faresvery badly – getting worse with time,then the Deity cannot be blamed.Because if the Deity were tononetheless take over suchbeing omnipotently in spite ofthe being’s most stubborn resistance,then this would instantly annihilatesuch being, which would be against alldivine order.For were the Deity to destroy even the smallest being that had once been set free out ofItself, then this would be the start of the destruction of all beings. Since the Deityhowever unchangeably established Its order for the non-destruction ever of whatsoeverbeing of any self-development, the everlasting enduring of every being is therebyassured, and therewith the possibility of becoming an exceedingly blessed one, or remainunhappy, if desired! “ (From Hell to Heaven I, 30:9-10)
  6. 6. “I also tell you that much less than you think in your foolish belief depends on thetemptations through the devils. The true devil is man himself with his worldly desires.From these issue self-love - this is one evil, the passion for a life of luxury - a seconddevil, ambition, pride, lust for power, anger, revenge, envy, avarice, arrogance, harlotryand contempt for his fellowman -all these are devilsbegotten on mansown ground and soil. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferTherefore, you shall not be so scared of the devil nor shall accuse him. However, doaccuse yourselves in your conscience and do proper repentance and firmly resolve tobecome completely different men, and then carry it out.Love God truly above all and the poor neighbor as yourselves, and your many and greatsins will be forgiven you. For as long as man does not completely give up sin, he cannot beforgiven it, for sin is mans own doing because it proceeds from his flesh and from the desire of his soul.” (The Great Gospel Of John VI, 10:12-13)
  7. 7. “And look, so is also the survival of THE NEW REVELATION ofthe devils a law that has been placed JESUS CHRISTin them, besides the still personal free through Jakob Lorber &will. As long as they do not want to Gottfried Mayerhoferacknowledge Me as the One who Iwas since eternity, still am andeternally will be, so long will Mycompelling law also not move awayfrom them, for if I would take awayMy compelling law, then theirindependent existence would comean end. If an already independent existing being improves his life out of his free will now or only after a for you unimaginable long time, and turns to the Kingdom of the truth, is for Me the same. And I will not change My eternal order one hair’s breadth for this reason. However, he who wants to have it differently can also do that, because all means are given to him for that.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 18, 85:8-9)
  8. 8. “For behold, it says there: ‘Departfrom Me, accursed ones!’”“Who cursed them? Impossibly God!Because if God cursed someone, thenthere would be neither love norwisdom in Him. If the Deity were tocrusade against Its works, would Itnot actually crusade against Itself forIts own ruin, - instead of fortifyingItself from one eternity to anotherthrough the growing perfection of Itsworks - Its children?!”“A being has on the one hand a fully free spirit and will, which actually is grounded inGod’s love and wisdom. On the other hand, to isolate it from omnipotence for becoming atruly free being, it also for a while has to have an omnipotently judged body and an outer,judged world with its own stimulants under judgment. Hence it cannot be judged anddetermined by anyone other than itself. Such free being therefore can be ‘cursed’ only byitself, that is, completely separate itself from the Deity. “ (From Hell to Heaven I, 29:2,4,5) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST Through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  9. 9. “Every soul contains her own spirit, and she cannot detach herself from this spirit. Thispure spirit is the opposite of Satan’s spirit. When such a soul wants to get closer to Satan,the spirit within her opposes her as a judge, imposes punishment, and torments the soullike an inner fire. Through this torment, the soul is removed as far from Satan as possible,so that she may better herself. If she continues to better herself, it becomes easier andeasier for her, the closer she comes to the purity of her inherent spirit.Should this improvement continue, and if she attains the condition of her spirit, then thesoul may reach bliss.” (Earth and Moon, chap. 58) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  10. 10. “This is the difference between bliss and damnation: in bliss the entire soul passes overinto the spirit, and the spirit is then the actual being. In damnation, the soul wants toexpel the spirit and take on another, namely Satan’s spirit. But since the spirit within herhas the opposite polarity, he practices the counter force which repels her severely fromSatan. The closer a soul comes to the being of Satan, the more severe is the effect of thespirit within her towards the spirit of Satan. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST This reaction is a very painful through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer feeling for the soul. And that is where the suffering and pain in Hell come from. This reaction shows itself in appearance as an inextinguishable fire; that is the worm in the soul that never ever dies and whose fire never becomes extinct. This is one and the same fire that causes the highest bliss in an angel and the greatest calamity in a devil." (Earth and Moon, chap. 58)
  11. 11. “The same way of spiritual existence and activity is also found THE NEWamong the souls of those who were called away from all the globes REVELATIONand are now living in the beyond. Also they have freedom of will. of JESUSThey can progress or retrogress, they can do whatever they wish. CHRISTThey can, in a minute, proceed from the hellish torture of a throughtormenting conscience to the beatitude of an angel; can remain Jakob Lorber &what they were in their lives on earth or become still more wicked Gottfriedthrough companionship with other, more evil souls. Their sphere of Mayerhoferaction is limited by nothing but the conditions of existence found oneach spiritual level.” (The Lord’s Sermons, 15) “Of course, the total conversion is a rather slow process, but this does not matter, since a total perdition of the soul is forever out of the question.” (The Great Gospel Of John vol. 5, 232:2)
  12. 12. “But since you also askedwhere My Heavens may befound, I tell you: MyHeavens are wherever The good and pure spirits are always living inthere are godly, pure and the pure light spaces of the free ether space."good men and spirits. This (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 17, 88:8-9)whole visible space, thatends nowhere, is Heavenwithout neither end norbeginning. But only forgood men and spirits.However, where evil menand spirits are dwelling, THE NEW REVELATIONthere this space is not a of JESUS CHRIST throughHeaven, but a Hell, which Jakob Lorber &is judgment and eternal Gottfried Mayerhoferdeath, showing itself inthis world as matter,which in itself is also ajudgment and thus death.So whoever is only chasing after the treasures of the world, which is entirely matter,judgment, Hell and death, goes thereby also with his soul into death. Thus, all evil spiritsare mostly dwelling in the matter of this Earth.
  13. 13. THE NEW REVELATION of That is the house of MyJESUS CHRIST Father! Within this endlesslythrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer great house there are many dwelling places. Those who had no opportunity to know Me here nor could listen to My words will certainly find within this great house and opportunity that is purposeful for their everlasting life. Therefore, do not worry about who, now or later, cannot learn of Me; for My“Where then is that so terribly depicted ‘judgment Father knows them’, when perhaps only a decillionth of people would Out of His love and wisdom,get into heaven and all others into hell? He has not called a single oneHow could this One, Who wrote the guilt of an into existence for anadulteress into the sand of the temple and Who, on everlasting fall, but for ananother occasion in the presence of many sinners, everlasting resurrection.loudly exclaimed: ‘Come unto Me, all who labor andare heavy-laden, and I will give you rest!’ - (Received from the Lord throughindeed! How could this One have preached about Jakob Lorber, on March 18, 1864)such a day of terror?
  14. 14. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“I did not open the doors to life only for those ones now living on the earth, but also forall those who have passed over long ago. And many of the sinners of ancient times willhave to undergo another brief life-trial in the flesh, as I have already indicated to you.In the beyond there is an endless number of schools, where the souls can be instructed inthe most expedient manner. To be sure, it is not so easy as here, because there, every soulhas no world and surroundings other than those preceding from its own thinking, feelingand willing, which offer the soul all that it loves and wills.” (The Great Gospel Of John VI, 65:2-3)
  15. 15. “In this respect, My love is universal since it must only pursue the great purposes of acreation to which all others have to submit. Love, as I understand it, forgets neither theworm nor the senseless stone and even less the larger and more finely organized beings.But this love has other laws, other intentions, other purposes.Were My love not as it is, I would have to be a vengeful God, as so many people amongyou would like to make Me, a severe judge, implacable when dealing out punishment, allattributes which you have learnt in your law books, but are not found in My law book.It is precisely out of love that I transform all the evil that human beings do to one anotherinto something good. Out of love I do not judge, do not fling any anathema orthunderbolt between quarreling people. They create their own evil, and My concern isonly to let the comforting word from a better world flow into the heart of the oppressed.Happy those who take heed, but this unfortunately is rarely the case; that is why thecomplaints and recriminations made against Me.” (Secrets of life, chap. 26)THE NEW throughREVELATION Jakob Lorberof JESUS & GottfriedCHRIST Mayerhofer
  16. 16. “No one will be able to say about My teaching that it demands even somethingunnatural, unfair and impossible; and yet in time such hardships and impossible to carryout adjuncts will set in, which no man will be able to observe in their entirety.One will massacre people in their hundreds and thousands in an exaggerated eagerness,worse than the wildest forest beast, and will believe that they are performing anextremely pleasant service for God. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferYes, I Myself will have to let Myself be caught and finally even killed by the people, ifthey want it, in order to give the people the freest and highest playground for their will;for only through this highest and very most unlimited freedom were people placed onthis Earth completely in a position to rise to the truest and most perfectly god-likechildren and gods themselves in all things.For as I Myself am God from eternity to eternity only through My very most unlimitedstrength of will and power, likewise the children of My love must be it too eternally!”(The Great Gospel Of John III, 177:5-8)
  17. 17. “Just look at the flame of the lamp which burns here on the table. Can you separate the light from the flame or the flame from the light? Now, the flame is that which I call Father and Love, and the Light is His Son, sent by the flame to illuminate the darkness of the night. Are then the flame and its light not one Being? And is the flame then not also in the light as the light is in the flame? And when this is so and could be impossibly otherwise, then the will of the Father reveals itself in the light that emanates from Him. Thus, he who walks in this light, walks also according to the will of the One who sent Me as His Light into this world, and he who walks in this light cannot lose his way andTHE NEW REVELATION must reap eternal life, because the Light, of JESUS CHRIST according to which and in which he walks, through is the eternal Life itself.” Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer (The Great Gospel Of John VIII, 86:11-12)
  18. 18. THE NEW REVELATION"Listen, if it is sure that God as of JESUS CHRISTCreator of all beings – yet differentfrom all other beings who werecreated by Him – was, is and will beeternal, is it then for Him an throughimmovable necessity to remain in Jakob Lorber & Gottfriedthat particular original center? If it is Mayerhoferalready given to man to move freelywith his body in all directions andeven more so with his spirit, howcould God in His limitless freedomrestrict Himself in that wherein Hegave even His created beings fullfreedom? I say to you: the divineinfinity has the power in everythingto also move endlessly free.He therefore will also have the rightto change His glory into the flesh inorder to be visibly andunderstandably present before Hiscreated human beings as an eternalentirely perfect Man.” (The GreatGospel of John, Book 18, chap. 74)
  19. 19. “It is true that I possess already since eternity in Myself all power and glory, but still, I was not a visible and perceivable God for any created being, not even for the most perfected angel. If I, to a certain extent wanted to make Myself visible for someone like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then this happened because I had filled an angel with such a degree of Spirit of My will that on certain moments he represented My personality. But from now on, I am a visible God for all men and angels and I have laid the foundation for a total perfect, eternal and independent free and consequently true life, and from that consists also My own greater glorification and with that also yours.For how could even the most perfected angels and also the most pious men of this and allother earths glorify God in truth by a true and living love for Him, whom they had neverseen and therefore also had never understood? For it was always said: ‘No one can seeGod and keep the life, because the pure divinity is in Himself a devouring eternal fire.’ Thatfire in Me is now covered and tempered by this body of Mine, and now is no more valid:‘No one can see God and live’, but: ‘From now on, every angel and human being will beable to see God and live, and whoever will not see God, will have a very miserable andjudged life.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 19, 5:14:15) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  20. 20. “This body of Mine is therefore the THE NEW REVELATIONglorified shape of the Father for the of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber &benefit of the people and angels, so that Gottfried MayerhoferI could be an understandable and visibleGod for them. Now you can see Me,listen to Me and speak to Me, and bythat still stay alive. Because before, itwas so that no one could see God andlive. I am now God in every respect. InMe is the Father. And the power thatgoes out of Me according to My love,wisdom and almighty will and that fillsup the eternal endless space throughoutand which is also active everywhere, isthe Holy Spirit.As you can see Me now as God-Man with you, I am with My whole original central Beingcertainly completely and undivided in your midst, here in this dining-hall on the Mountof Olives. And thus, as highest true God and Man at the same time I am nowhere else,not on this Earth and even less on another. But still, by the power, which is the HolySpirit, that goes out of Me, I fill all the Heavens and the earthly material and endlessspace with My activity. I can see everything therein, from the greatest to the smallest, Iunderstand everything, know everything, decide on everything, and create, guide andrule over everything.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 18, 75:1-4)
  21. 21. THE NEW REVELATION “The living spirit in man isof JESUS CHRIST My eternal love and wisdom that creates,through arranges and maintains Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer everything, and this spirit is actually the true and in itself already eternal man in man, who, in order to become independent, covers himself, only in the course of time, with a soul and a body according to My eternal order in him, and steps thus into an outer visible form.Now if this is so and can impossibly be otherwise, you surely will realize that I have lovedyou already an eternally long time before you still were what you are now. You are nowas if a spark of life that is separated from My love and you yourself can become a big andindependent flame of love that looks like Me, by loving Me above all and your fellowman,who is completely equal to you, as yourself. And if this is what you are, and will then alsolove Me in this manner, you will soon see into yourself how I as the Eternal Love ameverything in all and again everything is in Me.“ (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 21,53:10-11)
  22. 22. “A natural human being, as you are still now – although you can view now with your eyes, and hear with your ears the Lord and Master of all existence and life – if he becomes heavyhearted at the sight of a beautiful environment, because the feeling of his perishability awoke in him, then this is only very beneficial for his soul. Because that feeling is the immortal Spirit from Me in the soul of every human being, without which he would not possess a life. That Spirit cries out to the soul: ‘Do not love the world for the sake of its outer charms, for they are all subject to death and perishability. Take courage and turn away your lustful eye from that which is nothing in itself. Instead of that, turn inwardly in your deepest inner self, in Me, your true existence and eternal life. Then you will not only see andTHE NEW REVELATION recognize the dead, outer shell of the thingsof JESUS CHRIST and beings, but excellently see and recognize that which is in them and which is active, andthrough how and why, and what ultimate goal they Jakob Lorber & have.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 22,Gottfried Mayerhofer 35:9)
  23. 23. “Whoever loves his father or mother more than Me is unworthy of Me; and who hassons and daughters and loves them more than Me is unworthy of Me. Whoever doesnot willingly take his burden - even if it should weigh him down like the Roman cross ofdeath - onto his shoulders and follow Me, is quite unworthy of Me and shall notparticipate in the Kingdom of God.Truly I tell you: Whoever seeks the life of this world, and also easily finds it, shall loselife eternal and on judgement day, following the shedding of his body, I shall notawaken him to everlasting life, but cast him into hell for eternal death.But he who does not seek worldly life, even shuns and despises it out of true, pure lovefor Me, shall find eternal life; for I shall awaken him immediately after the death of hisbody, i.e. on his judgement day, or the first day of his new life in the spirit-world, andshall lead him into My Eternal Kingdom and adorn his head with the crown of eternal,immortal wisdom and love and hewill then rule forever with Me andall the angels of the eternal,infinite heaven over all thematerial and spirit world.”(The Great Gospel Of John I, 140:8-10)THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTThrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  24. 24. “As long as I still walked among them (Lord’s disciples) physically they did not have a firmconviction that I was a godlike being with powers and attributes ordinary people did notpossess. They did witness My miracles, but lived and believed only under theircompulsion. The moment I had been taken away from them and this direct influenceabated or ceased altogether, their firm belief, their confidence and trust, had faded away.If I had not risen from the dead and fulfilled all My former promises, My disciples wouldhave promptly returned to their previous occupations and regarded their experienceswith Me only as a dream of which nothing but a memory would have remained of thereality of which they would not have been able to convince anybody.And as I then had to put My seal to My work with My resurrection, My repeatedappearances among My disciples during forty days and My ascension, thus I must nowguide and strengthen you, My children, in your faith and trust. “(The Lord’s Sermons, 20) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  25. 25. “My teaching gives you the highest freedom, As I have given you all this for free, soand therefore it cannot be proclaimed with you also should give it for free to thosethe sword and with the chains of the darkest who want to have it from you. (Theslavery, because man must also be Great Gospel Of John vol. 8, 20:3)acquainted with and accept that which hecan and will procure with the highest “So I did also not come into this worldfreedom of life. to bring the Earth – as it is now – peace and quietness, but the sword to THE NEW fight against it, and I Myself am, as the REVELATION eternal Truth, the sword. That sword I of JESUS CHRIST have also given to you for the battle through against Hell and its raging power. Thus, Jakob Lorber & do not fear those who can indeed kill Gottfried Mayerhofer your body, but who cannot damage the soul. And if ever you want to fear someone, then fear the One who possesses all power in Heaven and on the whole material world, and who, as the only Lord and Master over life, can throw a soul who is filled with sins, into the deepest abyss of Hell and its eternal death.“ (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 21, 69:8)
  26. 26. “Whenever I, as Christ on earth, prayedto My Father, it was Wisdom calling toLove to limit its boundless action. Just aswisdom and love can only exist with eachother, I, as the Christ, was one with MyFather, the Love, and therefore I couldsay: No one knows Me, except theFather in Heaven and I alone know Him,or “I go to the Father and so on. TherebyI meant to say: All the world was createdout of love, but wisdom has regulated itsconditions. Love creates, and wisdompreserves. Love, as the "Father", was thehighest symbol of purity; whereas I,wisdom, as the "Son", proved it throughthe deed.Thus also man, as My descendant, shallbecome a manifestation of love andwisdom. He shall love first and only thenshall he learn to be wise so as tocomprehend fully My creation and his THE NEW REVELATION ofmission in it.” (Lord’s Sermons, chap. 5) JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  27. 27. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Although there was an endlessgap between Me and you men bywhich even the most perfectangel spirit could not evenapproach Me, but now a bridgehas been built across that gap,and that one is formed by thelove for Me from your side, whileI from My side have become aMan Myself of flesh and bloodout of My eternally great andabove all mighty love for youmen, and have also taken yourweaknesses upon Me, so that I If this is the case now between Me and you men,will not be an eternally distant and thus completely different from the time ofGod, but that I can be a Moses, no one can say that he is annihilated by Mycompletely close and easy to divine majesty that lives in its fullness in Me, sincereach Father, Friend and Brother, I Myself am with all My heart meek and humblewhich you can become and stay and full of the highest patience and tolerance, loveaccording to the measure of your and compassion.”love for Me. (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 21, 53:5-6)
  28. 28. “I, as the man you see before you, am not God, although a Son of God, which actuallyevery human being should be, for the people of this earth are destined to becomechildren of God once they have recognized His will and live in accordance with it. One ofthem, however, was from eternity destined by God to be the First, to have life within Himand to pass it on to everyone who believes in Him and lives according to His teaching. Andthis First One am I. However, I did not bring this life out of God into the world at birth,although the seed was latent within Me. It had first to be developed, which cost Mealmost thirty years of time and effort. Now I stand before you perfected and can tell youthat all power and might in heaven and on earth is given to Me and that the spirit withinMe is fully one with the Spirit of God; and by My signs you see that I can accomplish whathas never before accomplished by a human being. […] THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTThis spirit is, indeed, God, but I, as the throughSon of Man, am not, because, as I said Jakob Lorber &before, I had first to acquire with much Gottfried Mayerhofereffort and practice the dignity of a god, likeevery other human, and was able to unitewith the Spirit of God only after achievingthis. Now I am one with Him in spirit, butnot yet in the body. After great sufferingand total and most humiliating self-abnegation of My soul, I will become onewith Him also in the body.”(The Great Gospel of John VI, 90:9-12)
  29. 29. “I am the gate, the way and heaven myself. He who listens to Me, believes in Me, andloves the Father in Me above all, will walk through the right gate of all life the light wayto the Kingdom of the Heavens that is created spiritually out of My pure love in thelightest and most living form out of My wisdom.Do not look up or down with yourfleshly eyes if you want to perceivethe true sight and the nature ofHeaven which is the Kingdom of God,but direct the eyes of your mind atyour inner awareness of love. Thereyou will see Heaven, eveneverywhere, no matter in which placeyou will be in My creations, be it onthis Earth or on another, this does notmatter, because the view of Heavenwill form itself out of the foundationof your life, just like it is formed byMy word and by your good works.Only by means of your own Heaven THE NEW REVELATIONwill you be able to come in My eternal of JESUS CHRISTand infinite great Heaven.” (The Great through Jakob Lorber &Gospel Of John, Book 18, 66:2-3) Gottfried Mayerhofer
  30. 30. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Stay where the Kingdom of God and its eternal spiritual life rule, for I Myself am the Truth,the Kingdom of God, the Revelation and the eternal Life. Whoever believes in Me willreceive the eternal life when I will wake him up on the youngest day. I will also stay in theone who will stay in Me in faith and in love, and in whom I stay has already the eternal lifein him and will never see, feel nor taste death. So stay here with Me, and by your love, inMe.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 22, 91:4)
  31. 31. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“You can leave out this too great awe for Me, and grow instead of that, into the right andtrue love for Me, for it means much more and it is greater to love God above all than tofear Him above all. An exaggerated fear for God drives man ever further away from Godand is finally the bad seed out of which, in due time, will grow paganism with the wholepagan service of idols, superstition and finally complete disbelief.But with full love, man comes ever closer to God, he trusts Him more and more and longsfor Him, and thus he is more and more filled with the Spirit of God, because theconstantly increasing and trusting love for God is the true and living Spirit of God in manand the spirit of the eternal life in the soul.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 21, 97:2)
  32. 32. THE NEW "Whoever wants to attain to the spiritual rebirth in order to gainREVELATION miraculous powers (for ambitious and selfish reasons), can rest assuredof JESUS that such grace will not be bestowed on him. For this would literallyCHRIST mean to throw the finest pearls to the swine.through Love for Me, great goodness of the heart, love for all mankind - this, inJakob Lorber & short, is the true sign of spiritual rebirth. However, where this is lackingGottfried and the persons humility is not fullyMayerhofer developed, neither halo nor cassock or spiritual visions are of any avail. All these people are often further from the Kingdom of God than some others who appear very worldly. For the Kingdom of God never comes with any outer pomp, but enters quietly and humbly into the human heart.“ (Bishop Martin, chap 70)
  33. 33. “There is always a greater THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTpower in the wisdom of through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhoferthe human spirit than inhis fist, and whereearnest in itself canperform little or nothing,love with its patience andmeekness will dowonders. The full earnestin your own heart and itscourage controls yourself.However, your weaponagainst men shouldalways consist only ofLOVE, MEEKNESS andPATIENCE.Then you will achieve more on this way on which I Myself am going before men than withsheer zeal of fire and its earnest that is as hard as diamond.You really should not be afraid of worldly people, who in their anger can indeed kill thebody, but can do nothing further anymore to your soul. Therefore, fear only the One whois a true Lord over life and death since eternity.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 22, 16: 9-10)
  34. 34. THE NEWREVELATION ofJESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer “Do follow the prompting of your heart, which will teach you in a moment more than allfive books of Moses and all the prophets. For behold, nothing in man is true, except love! Therefore, adhere to it and you will be walking by day." (The Great Gospel Of John vol. 1, 22:9)
  35. 35. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“My teaching as such is very short and easy to understand, because it desires of man onlythat he believes in one true God and loves Him above all as the good Father and Creator,and his fellowman as himself. That means, to do everything for him as he in a reasonablemanner can wish that also his fellowman would do the same for him. Well, that much self-love every man will surely have, so that he will not wish that his fellowman would dosomething evil to him, and therefore he will also not do that to his fellowman.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 17, chap. 59:3)
  36. 36. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“I also did not say that the one whoproclaims My teaching to otherpeople should not mention My deedsat all, but not too much sensationshould be made of it. And then bypreference only those deeds shouldbe mentioned that I have done topeople out of pure love, as a Doctorand Helper, to one person or toseveral people who were in thegreatest need.And no sensation should be made of those deeds - although I also performed themout of love for the people - that were done to convince them more quickly of thetruth of My teaching, which is only necessary especially in this time, but not infuture times in which My word will already perform signs by itself. For this wouldsoon increase peoples desire and make them long more for all kinds of wondersthan for the influence of the true life which My teaching has in man.“(The Great Gospel Of John, Book 23, 28:2-3)
  37. 37. “My teaching gives you the highest freedom, and THE NEW REVELATIONtherefore it cannot be proclaimed with the sword and of JESUS CHRISTwith the chains of the darkest slavery, because man mustalso be acquainted with and accept that which he can and through Jakob Lorber &will procure with the highest freedom of live. As I have Gottfried Mayerhofergiven you all this for free, so you also should give it for free to those who want to have it from you.Also, I have forced nobody of you, but I called you in full freedom: ‘He who wants, let him come, listen, see and follow Me.’ And you have done that out of your free will. Therefore, act from now on like this in My name, then you will walk the right way.But he who will make a ‘must’ of it, willnot be My disciple, and on his way he will encounter rocks, reefs and thorns.”(The Great Gospel Of John VIII, 20:3-5)
  38. 38. “I also knew that My Word would find a good soil with you, and that is why I came here to bring comfort to all of you. But let this be the greatest comfort to you, that in Me the kingdom of the God, Whom you do not know as yet, has come to you and with it eternal life of the soul.For behold: What use are all the treasures of this earth to man, since he has soon to leave them behind forever? Is it, therefore, not incalculably wiser for man to gather such treasures that last forever and secure for the human soul and everlasting, more blissful and happy life, and that man, already during this earthly life, gains the clearest and undoubted conviction that his true, most perfect and free life actually commences only after the death of the flesh?” (The Great Gospel Of John VI, 131:12-13) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  39. 39. “Your question is actually THE NEWwhy I allow those enmities REVELATION ofon a celestial body like the JESUS CHRISTEarth. On this I say to you through Jakob Lorber &that apart from the Earth Gottfried Mayerhoferthere are countless muchbigger celestial bodies, andthere you will find no or verylittle of this kind of earthlyenmities among the created.Yes, then why exactly on this But to bring a soul into that position he must, as they useEarth? I say to you: because to say, after a long series of years, in a way be joinedthe people of this Earth are, from countless soul particles from the kingdom of allfor what concerns their soul creatures on this Earth. And this joining of those oftenand spirit, in a position to endless many souls of creatures is that which the oldbecome children of God by wise men who knew about it, called ‘migration of thewhich they then also will be souls’.capable to do what I can do. The outer material forms of the creatures destroy eachThat is why it was said to the other from both sides, but by that, many souls who liveelders by the mouth of the in those creatures become free. Those who are similarprophets: ‘You are My unite themselves and are procreated again in a materialchildren, and therefore gods, form on a next, higher level, and so on till man.”just as I, your Father, am (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 24, 66:1-4)God.’
  40. 40. “But I say: If you provide for yourselves first, you are abandoned by God and are without His blessing and His otherwise so certain help. For God did not create men for selfish reasons, but out of pure love and, therefore, men must in everything fully correspond to the love that gave them their existence. If, however, you live and act without love andtrust in God, you voluntarily reverse the heavenly element within you into a hellish one, turn away from God and become servants of Hell, which in the end will not fail to give you the reward you have deserved, which is death in the wrath of God.” (The Great Gospel Of John I, 125:14)
  41. 41. "All those who, already on Earth, will follow Me and My wordswill reach that goal which I indicated to you so many times asthe rebirth of the soul.THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferSo this is when the soul hasbecome pervaded by the spiritby which he is already capable inthe body to penetrate in all higherwisdom of the Heavens and become lord, notonly over himself but with that also lord over his environment, yes even over nature and hidden powers, when he tries, out of love,to fulfill My will for the benefit of fellowman. The means to reach that goal are called:FAITH and TRUE LOVE FOR FELLOWMAN.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 25, 77:1)
  42. 42. "But of what consists that power of God in man? It consists of the true and pure love for God, of its all-superior wisdom, and by that of the right love for fellowman, and also of meekness and humility, as well as self-denial against the enticements coming from the world. He who has become strong in all this, has already the power of God in himself, and has become, through the unification of the Spirit of Power from God with the soul, completely one with God, and has by that raised himself above the coercion of time and space, and with that also above every judgment and every death.He has become anindependent ruler inand from God, and eternally THE NEW REVELATION he should no more fear, as little of JESUS CHRIST as God should fear Himself, the ‘wrath through Jakob Lorber of God’, which is His almighty and all-powerful & Gottfried Mayerhofer will of which the unbendable earnest gives every creature its firmness in time and space, because man has become one with God in the manner that I have clearlyexplained to you now.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 21, 70:8)
  43. 43. “The more love for God and his fellowman man will truly begin to feel in himself and themore merciful he becomes in his mind, the greater and stronger has then also becomeGod’s Spirit in his soul. Because the love for God and from that to fellowman is nowexactly God’s Spirit in the soul of man. To the same extend as this love will increase andgrow, also God’s Spirit will grow in him. And when finally the whole man has becomepure and charitable love, then the complete unification of the soul with God’s Spirit inhim has taken place. Then man has reached forever the supreme goal in life that Godhad set for him.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 18, 42:10)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  44. 44. „I said: “If you stay in Me, I willalso stay in you. However, withoutMe you can do nothing.And if you are with Me, and havedone everything in My name, thensay in yourselves: ‘Look, o Lord,how we, while working in Yourvineyard, are still standing beforeYou as lazy and useless helpers.’For truly: he who exalts himself,will be humiliated, but he whohumiliates himself, will be exalted.Besides, you will call no one ‘Lord’,for also, only one is your Lord andMaster, and this is I. You will call You are all brothers and sisters among each one ‘Father’, for only one is The one among you, who wants to be the first andyour Father, namely He who lives the most important, should be the helper andin Heaven. So you also should call servant of all. For in My Kingdom, the mostno one good and holy, for only humble, the minor and apparently the least, isGod is good and holy. actually the most important and the greatest inTHE NEW REVELATION all wisdom and power.”of JESUS CHRIST (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 22, 13:2-5)through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  45. 45. “I say to you: the spirit is the only living thing in man, is pure love and most gentle and is an eternal supremely well disposed feeling of that love. Thus, he who will make effort to ever more absorb this love of the spirit and its most gentle and eternal most well disposed feeling into his selfish soul, becoming therein also more and more strong, more powerful, more courageous and more compliant, will help by that the full union of the spirit with the soul. And if the soul becomes then pure love and wisdom in his most gentle and most well disposed feeling, then such a soul is also entirely one with his spirit and is therefore then also in the most living possession of all wonderful capabilities of life and existence of his spirit. And that is then certainly more valuable than having attended all theTHE NEW REVELATION schools of the worldly scientists on Earth of JESUS CHRIST but remaining by that a severe and through Jakob Lorber insensible human being.” (The Great & Gottfried Mayerhofer Gospel Of John, Book 19, 98:15)
  46. 46. “Only then shall I pour from the heavens My spiritfull of truth and power over all My followers, whichin turn will then fully render possible the completerebirth of the spirit and in the spirit, and only thenand thereby will you understand and recognize therebirth of your spirit.Until then, nobody can be fully reborn in the spirit,as nobody has been since Adam, not even Mosesand all the prophets.But through My act, which has now been madeknown to you and all the others, all people startingwith Adam, will take part in the full rebirth of thespirit; all who were born in the world and whowere, during their earthly life, at least of good will,even if they did not always act accordingly.For there are many others who are of the best willto do something really good, but who totally lackthe means and the bodily strength and skills whichare indeed as necessary for it, as the eyes are forseeing. Well, in such cases, the good intentionmeans as much as the deed itself, as far as I am THE NEW REVELATIONconcerned.” of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber (The Great Gospel Of John III, 171:5-7) & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  47. 47. “Let everyone examine the inclinations of his THE NEW REVELATIONheart, and he will easily discover what kind of of JESUS CHRISTspirit prevails in his heart. through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“If his inclinations draw the heart However, if a man’s heart is full of humility andand its love towards the world and he feels happy to be the least among men, tohe feels within him a longing to serve all and disregard his own self because of hisbecome great and respected in the love for his brothers and sisters; if he willinglyworld, if the heart that is inclined to obeys his superiors in all things for the benefit ofbecome proud, feels discomfort with his brothers and love God above all, then in hispoor mankind and has the urge heart the heavenly seed grows to a true andwithin to dominate others without eternally living heaven. And this man, who thushaving been chosen and anointed for has already all heaven in abundance in his heart,it by God, the seed of hell is already which is filled with true faith, the purest hopelying in the heart and, if not and love, can after the death of his body notovercome and nipped in the bud, will possibly get anywhere else but to the Kingdom ofobviously prepare for such a person God which he has already carried in his heart innothing but hell after the death of all its abundance for a long time.”his body. (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 3, 50:8-9)
  48. 48. “Only when the love, the will and the THE NEW REVELATIONmind, which is filled with all truth, have of JESUS CHRISTbecome one in all actions, has man also through Jakob Lorberentered in the REBIRTH OF THE SPIRIT & Gottfried MayerhoferFROM GOD IN HIS SOUL and has steppedinto the first degree of God’s power inhimself, and in that condition, he canalready perform signs.But someone who is often too much filledwith the world cannot come so fast andeasy to that condition. And the reason forthat I have already shown you. Butwithout the attainment of that condition,all pure intellectual knowledge is for manonly like any other knowledge.For the perfecting of the inner man it has only very little value and is often rather moreharmful than useful. Generally it is better for man if he, tormented by all kinds ofobjections and doubts, must search for the truth of life, compared to when he wouldalready possess it in his intellect as a sun that suddenly came up while by far he does notyet possess the power in his love and in his will to act accordingly. That is why, with man,his heart and intellect must be developed and be made stronger at the same timeprogressively, otherwise no man can really make any progress in understanding and actaccordingly. “ (The Great Gospel Of John Book 21, 71:6-8)
  49. 49. THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUSCHRISTthroughJakob Lorber& GottfriedMayerhofer„Take an example on Me.I alone am the Lord and Master,and Heaven and Earth lie in My power and authority,and nevertheless I am meek with all My heart, full of humility, patience, love and mercy,and do not allow to be honored by anyone like the Pharisees, the pagan priests or otherimagined great of the world, as they are demanding that.So bring Me those kinds of offerings, then you will be able to rejoice continuously in Mylove and mercy. And whatever you will do in love for the poor in My name, will always beconsidered by Me as if you have done it for Myself, and by that you will gather foryourselves great treasures in My Heavens. These are the offerings that I ask from you.”(The Great Gospel Of John, Book 20, 54:9-10)
  50. 50. “Man who is gifted with an individual life-consciousness considers the endless space ofcreation and the unknown countless things which it contains as dumb, dead and withoutintelligence. Why this seems to be like that to man has a wise reason, which is that his life-consciousness must acquire the full godlike life’s independence. For that, by My will, man iscompletely separated from the universal life-consciousness with its endless and highestintelligence, so that the life consciousness of man would find itself in it and by that, as if bythe external revealed way, he also would develop and strengthen himself for its eternalindependent existence.” THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“However, when he is ready for it according to God’s revealed will, because his inner spirithas completely permeated him, then the whole person is in free contact with the highestlife and its enlightened intelligence in the universal infinity of God, without losing hisindividuality and personality by that. Then he discovers no more a dead and dumb spaceor dead stones, but then for him everything becomes life and light and intelligence that isaware of itself.” (The Great Gospel Of John Book 18, 77:1-2)
  51. 51. THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer“For if men of this Earthwant to become childrenof God, they must try inevery way to be asperfect as the eternaland holy Father inHeaven who is in Himselfthe eternal truth, theeternal love and power,and all the endless good,righteous and wonderfulthat results from it.Therefore, it is also written in the Scripture: ‘God created man after His likeness, Hemade him after His image and blew His breath into him, so that he would become aliving, free soul.’In this manner, men of this Earth are not simply and solely creatures of Jehovah’salmightiness, but children of His Spirit, and consequently of His love, and thus – as it isalso written – gods themselves.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 20, 90:5-6)
  52. 52. “‘Do not ever promise a person something you then cannot or - even worse - do not wish to keep for whatever reasons, if you truly want to become children of God. In truth, I tell you, the worst thing is a promise that is not kept. For the one who is angry sins within himself and harms first himself; who practices unchastity buries his soul in the judgement of the flesh and again harms himself, but the evil of evils is the lie. If you have promised to do something for a person and circumstances arise that make it impossible for you to keep your promise, do go to him without delay and tell him honestly what has happened to you, so that he can helpTHE NEW REVELATION himself at the proper time in some other way to overcomeof JESUS CHRIST some difficulty.through Jakob Lorber But woe betide everyone who makes promises and does not& Gottfried Mayerhofer keep them, even if he could do so, for thereby he causes far- reaching trouble. The one who expected his help cannot fulfil his duty, and the hands of those who relied on him are tied, and thus such a broken promise can cause greatest embarrassment and distress to thousands. Hence, a promise that is not kept is the thing most opposed to the love of one’s neighbour and, therefore, the greatest of evils.“ (The Great Gospel Of John I, 98:1-4)
  53. 53. “Do not let yourself be overpowered by self-love, but fight iteasily and powerful with the glowing sword of the true, mostunselfish love for Me and your next brothers and sisters, and youwill keep the field free of all weed and soon you will yourselfenter My kingdom as a purest and most valuable fruit, and seeand lead new and pure spiritual creations in eternity!But pay attention that the enemy, or self-love in you, does nottake up an atom size space in you; since this atom is already theseed of the true weed, which can in time completely take overyour free will, and your pure spiritual then goes continuouslymore and more over in weed or matter, where you yourselfbecome a lie, because all matter as that what it is, is obviously themost cardinal lie!The smallest atom self-love in you, My current disciples, will in athousand years become entire mountains full of the most toxicweed, and one will immure My word on the back streets andstreets with the worst excrement, so that no lie full of haughtinessand hate can be offended by it! Just stay pure in My order, thenyou soon will see the wolves and lambs drink from the samebrook.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 9, 40:6-8) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  54. 54. “It is easy to see that with such competition, abuses occurred through jealousy, greaterability, good or evil intentions, in short, through the pressure of all human passions. Theyin turn had their effect on the social life of the individual where, always battling andstruggling between want and plenty, your whole present human society grew up, for itwas only the temporal life that caused such conditions. According to the moral laws, thelowest and the highest ranking person on earth could be inspired by the same principles,since ethics and My divine two laws are alike for both peasant and king.THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferHowever, since the divine laws, which are higher than the earthly laws, are not subject tochange and do not allow various interpretations, the very incongruities arising from thesocial life are often the reason why people accuse Me, when they themselves, mind you,generally speaking, are at fault.” (Secrets of life, chap. 26)
  55. 55. “Poverty and need among people onthis earth solely and entirely makes forlack of love among them ..." (The GreatGospel Of John IX, 210:4) "The great and the powerful are thieves and robbers of nations because of their desire for profit and their great need for power, and they will have to expect their just rewards from Me in due time." (TheTHE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST Great Gospel Of John IX, 101:6)through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer"All the ills presently apparent in the world were not created by Me, but are the productof free will being misused by men. Being free they are able to do as they like, but they willalso have to accept responsibility for the consequences." (Lords Sermons, 83)
  56. 56. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST “THE POOR shall not beg at the doors through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer of the rich where they experience the lot of stray dogs and their hearts are turned to sorrow and bitterness. They shall come to Me with great confidence, and I shall refresh them all. I shall give load to the hungry and drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked and heal the sick. The lame shall leap like a hart, the leper shall be cleansed, the blind will see and the deaf hear, and I will make the weak stronger than a lion. The timid shall become bolder than a colt and the aged shall find rest. The poor is My closest brother, I care for him. Therefore, the dogs shall not debase him, for THE RICH OF THE WORLD are brothers of Satan and children of the devil in hell.” (The Household of God I, 2:3)
  57. 57. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Just as a good man grows ever better, so an evil man will grow ever moreevil and with this be in a condition farther and farther away from what isgood, which can be seen quite clearly even in this world.Look at those people who are all the time growing more and more filled witharrogance and burning desire for power. Having made many millions ofpeople the most miserable of slaves through their tyranny, they then gathereven greater martial hordes, invade the territories of the other kings,conquer them and take their land, people and treasures. And when theyhave thus conquered half a world and made it miserable, they imaginethemselves to be like unto God.” (The Great Gospel of John VI, 33:10-11)
  58. 58. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob orber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Yes, your souls and the souls of millions of people no longer even know that they arethe carriers of the spirit of God, not to mention that they could and should dosomething beneficial for becoming free and independent. For your love of splendor andcomfortable life, the poor and weak humanity is driven by you too strongly to bloodyendless drudgery and therefore cannot do anything to liberate their spirit and so youare dead along with you subordinates and are truly children of Satan and will not hearMy word, which earnestly and truly leads you to life. Instead you defend your word,from which eternal death for you and all your subordinates must necessarily follow!” (The Great Gospel Of John III, 10:3,4 & 13)
  59. 59. “Therefore, a man who seizes with love all sorts of matter and becomes activelyanchored in it, commits a sin against God’s order, which exposed him for a time tomatter for the sole purpose that he combat it and, by using his completely free will,strengthen himself for immortality. And the consequence of sin is death, or theannihilation of all that man’s soul has appropriated out of matter, because matter,as I have shown you, is not what it appears to be.Therefore, if you love the world and its hustle andbustle and want to gain its treasures, you are like afool who has been introduced to a well-adorned bride, whom he does not want and for whom he does not long. He nevertheless throws himself with the ardor of a blind fanatic onto the shadow of the bride caressing it beyond measure.When the bride leaves the fool, surely her shadow will go with her. And what will remain for the fool?Evidently, nothing.” (The Great Gospel Of John V, 70:7-8) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  60. 60. “To what use would it be for man if he with this earthly life would profit the whole world, but suffer harm in his soul? What can such a person give to save his soul? Therefore man must use this bodily life for the sole purpose to attain the everlasting life of his soul. If a person does not use his bodily life for only that purpose, it is his own fault if he forfeits the life of his soul or at least weakens it to such an extent, that he afterwards in the beyond has for an exceedingly long time to do, to collect himself insofar, that he is able to go over in an only somewhat brighter and better spiritual life. Since for as long a soul clings to its bodily life and its advantages, she cannot be completely reborn in the spirit; a soul however who is not completely reborn in her spirit, cannot enter the true kingdom of THE NEW REVELATION God, because no atom of anything material of JESUS CHRIST can exist therein.” throughJakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer (The Great Gospel Of John VI, 162:11)
  61. 61. “However, concerning your external laws of the state, those should exist for the flesh ofthe people, for as long as man is not fully reborn in the Spirit, external laws of the stateare necessary for him because they are training him in humility and patience which areextremely necessary for the attainment of the full rebirth. On the other hand they willhelp to keep dark and evil man away from causing a great deal of evil to his fellowman,because through sharply drawn boundaries these laws are allotting to everyone what istheir own, and will chastise the one who willfully acts against it.For this reason, I am alsosaying that you shouldremain obedient to theworldly power, nomatter if you find it goodor even very bad,because its power hasbeen given from above.However, once someoneis reborn in the Spirit, hewill, just like Me nottrouble himself anymoreby a worldly law.“(The Great Gospel OfJohn, Book 18, 70:5-6) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  62. 62. “Whoever lives according to his self-conceit, which is usually saturated with self-love andpride, and cannot from all his heart forgive and bless ten times more the one whooffended him in some way, will sooner or later have to taste the inevitable consequencesof hostility against which he can by no means expect any protection from Me, unless hehas paid his debt to his enemy to the last penny. Therefore, do live in peace and unitywith everyone. It is better for you to suffer an injustice than to do even an apparentjustice to someone. Thus you will not educate avengers for yourselves, and the spirits, who otherwise would have become your enemies, will then be your guardian angels and ward off many a calamity threatening you. But why is all this so, and must be? Here I say: because it has to be so in accordance with My will and unchangeable order!’“ (The Great Gospel Of John I, 80:2-3) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  63. 63. “Humility is primarily promoted by serving, often the more subordinated a serviceappears, the more suitable it is for the true development of life. Humility itself is nothingelse than the increasingly and stronger condensation of life in itself, while haughtiness is aloose formation and a scattering into infinity and finally a complete loss of life, which wecan call the second or spiritual death.In haughtiness all serving has come to an end and therefore also all further developmentof life. If with the development of life a haughty ruling over others would be required,surely such a order would be created by Me, that every person has an unlimited right torule; but since this is against My eternal order, every person and angel must take up theapprenticeship of serving and finally find in the everlasting always increasing andexpanding way of serving the highest joy and bliss.” (The Great Gospel Of John IV, chap.95:1-2) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  64. 64. “I wanted all people to live together as brothers without this corruptive means ofexchange (money), but because as secular people they introduced it in this world long agofor a greater comfort of their trade and exchange, I will leave it at that - but only throughMy love will it bring benediction to people!Do not put any value to it other than My love, and it will bring you My love and Myblessing! If someone needs a penny, give him two, even three, and My love will on theother hand replace it ten and thirty times over!” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 11, 1:6-7) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST Through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  65. 65. “If everyone wants to be superior, then addiction to rank and anger strut along together.Their servants are insidiousness and pretense. This devil of addiction to rank in humanflesh is the source of all evil in mankind, and fully equal to the lowest and deepest hell,because in him all evil is united. Would there ever have been a war if this demon had notcorrupted humanity?Humanity has deposed God, and today place this demon of arrogance on the throne, justas they did in former days. That is why mankind deserves to be tyrannized from above aswell as from below, because it finds the greatest pleasure in raising its own children astyrants.That is why you should raise your children in humility,so that they themselves prefer to be the last ratherthan the first. Then the tyrants would soon have noalternative but to give up, because they wouldhave no help or assistants.” (Earth and Moon,chap. 63)THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUS CHRIST throughJakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer
  66. 66. “But if given in too much to theanimal like desires and passions ofyour children, you will open withthem a new and wide gate for allvices, by which they will penetrate inmasses into this world bringingdestruction; and once they are there,you will in vain fight them with allkinds of weapons and will achievenothing against their great powersand rule!Therefore look after the little trees, sothat their growth becomes heaven-striving straight, and clean themcarefully from all after outgrowths;since once the trees have become bigand strong, and are full of badcurvatures in form, which the evilwinds have caused them, then you THE NEW REVELATION ofwill not be able to straighten them JESUS CHRISTwith all kinds of violent means!” ( The through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferGreat Gospel Of John, Book 4, 124:8-9)
  67. 67. “ANGER is the most glaring contrast to LOVE, and it forms the essential main ingredient of Satan. Anger cannot exist without nourishment; therefore it is constantly surrounded by countless nourishing spirits, on which the Devil of Anger sucks and which he consumes. Since love cannot exist without nourishment, which is to be loved in return, so anger cannot exist without anger in return. Let us see what kind of riff-raff surrounds anger for its succor. Hate is the main provider for anger, followed by haughtiness. Out of this comes forth selfishness, envy, greed, adultery, fornication, and contempt of everything divine, the greatest of disdain for other people, murder and bloodshed, lust for power – and, in the end, a complete lack of conscience. These are the assistants of the Devil of Anger, each of whom has a considerable multitude of evil subordinate spirits, which are easily recognizable in the most manifold passions of a human being possessed by anger. This evil spirit is just as difficult to cast out of a person’s flesh as it is to extinguish a fire that has seized every part of a large house. In this instance, there is no other remedy but to let it burn downTHE NEW to the last beam, and then examineREVELATIONof JESUS CHRIST the cooled ashes to ascertainthrough Jakob Lorber whether there is anything left& Gottfried Mayerhofer that the fire has not consumed.” (Earth and Moon, chap. 61)
  68. 68. “Whosoever is not satisfied with the quiet, fruitful soil of the Earth should go to sea andlearn the difference between peace and tranquility, and motion and storm. Should stormsat sea not swallow him whole, and should he love the sea, then he may return to it. Yetthe solid earth remains still, just as, in spite of learned innovations, the ancient words ofGod continue to exist, and My mercy is there just as well for everyone that seeks it. As forthose who do not care for My mercy but are interested only in innovations, purelybecause of an interest in rank and property, they may go to the Devil with it. Such aperson may rest assured that no one in My heavens will shed a tear for him.” (Earth and Moon, chap. 64-65)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  69. 69. “As such you can see nations stuck in all kind of corruptions regarding the soul; but theirform remains, and if you see them, you must acknowledge that these are humans. Indeed,their souls are distorted by all sorts of lies, falseness and malice; however, at the right timeI let more warmth penetrate the germ of life, and it starts to grow, consumes the olddisorder of the soul, just as the grassroots consume the already decayed drop of water,and a complete healthy, life-strong and in all parts pure blade of grass with blossom andseed arises.Because for this reason you should never judge a spoilt nation too harshly! Since as long asthe form remains, also the pure germ in man remains, but if this remains, even a devil canbecome an angel!Normally misconstrued teachers, lust for power and avarice of a few powerful people anda temporary possession by evil spirits, which creep up on the flesh and the nerve-spirit ofpeople, are the reason for the corruption of people and their souls. But a completecorruption even of the most inner life-germ is unthinkable. “ (The Great Gospel of John, Book 18, 66:4-6)THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUSCHRIST throughJakob Lorber &GottfriedMayerhofer
  70. 70. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“If man is already from his childhood urged on to the right activity and educated inobedience, humility, meekness and the right self-denial, he soon will become strong andmighty in the pure and true knowledge of God and in the love for Him, and God will againbe able to reveal Himself to him without harming his free will, after which more light andmore life will come into the soul, but because men do not exercise themselves to fightagainst and overcome their inborn laziness – because the parents are already too sluggishfor that – men suffocate in their necessarily inborn laziness already a long time beforethey ever have made an attempt to fight and overcome it in themselves.” (The Great Gospel of John Book 20, 44:3)
  71. 71. “Now look. I alone am the Lord from eternity. How am I now among you all? Look, I call you children, friends and brothers, and what you all are for Me, that is the destiny of all men, and no one is less or more. Because every man is My perfect work, who as such should recognize himself and know his value, and should not completely underestimate himself and consider himself less than no matter what kind of monster, because whoever despises a clearly recognizable work from Me, despises necessarily also Me, the Master. “ (The Great Gospel Of John Book 17, 60:8)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  72. 72. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Your neighbor is every human being, friend or enemy, who needs your help in no matterwhat good manner that is in accordance with God’s commandments. But it is obvious thatyou should not help anyone who acts against God’s commandments, but should withholdhim from doing it. If you will do that, you will practice neighborly love and your reward in Heaven will be great.” (The Great Gospel of John X, 139:3)
  73. 73. “Therefore you should not judge the people, so thatyou do not become judges on yourself!Wouldn’t it be the most inhuman foolishness, to judgea bodily sick person and then impose an unscrupulouspunishment on him because he has become sick andmiserable?! How much bigger and many times moreinhuman foolishness is it not, to judge and condemn asoul sick person, whose soul has become weak and sickbecause of the above mentioned reasons!You call such people according to your laws andregulations criminals and submit them to relentless,hard punishment; but what are you achieving by this?You punish a soul because she basically became sickwithout her fault! Ask yourself, how your judgmentmust look before God.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book8, 68:1-3)THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUS CHRIST throughJakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer
  74. 74. “On a globe where man would not be able to sink into all of the greatest vices by his freewill, his intellect and his reason, he then would also not be able to raise himself to thehighest and divine virtue. […]Because look, to create and raise animals, trees and plants is easy for the deity, but toeducate people is not so easy. The deity can educate them but cannot enforce an internalcoercion on them. Do you understand that?” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 25, 20:8-9) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
  75. 75. THE NEW “Whoever believes that he has rid himself of his enemy when heREVELATION has slain his body is smitten with tenfold blindness. For therebyof JESUS CHRIST he made for himself from a weak enemy whom he could see, athrough thousand invisible ones, who persecute him day and night andJakob Lorber & harm him in body, soul and spirit.Gottfried Mayerhofer Look at a war where not seldom many thousands are bodily slain. The victor believes in his blindness that he has rid himself of his enemies whose bodies he has destroyed. But what a mighty error that is. The souls and spirits of the slain, thanks to their direct influence on the Earth’s weather, devastate during several years the various crops thereby inevitably calling forth high cost of foods which causes famine and all kinds of fatal epidemics and pestilence. These then within a short time snatch away more people than soldiers of the enemy had been slain.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 1, 79:7-8)
  76. 76. “He who seeks to defeat his enemy only to destroy him is a cowardly fighter, for not hiscourage but his great fear has prompted him to rid himself of his enemy by killing him. Hewho wants to be a real hero must not annihilate his enemy, but take the trouble to winhis foe with all cleverness, patience, love and wisdom in his heart; only then he can boastof fighting a true victory over his enemy, and his greatest reward shall be the hard-wonfoe.“ (The Great Gospel of John I, 201:15-16) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer