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Step INto Healthcare


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A guide to GM AHSN and the Business Growth Hub's new business support programme.

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Step INto Healthcare

  1. 1. STEP INto Healthcare Programme
  2. 2. An Intensive Support Programme for Life Science SMEs in Greater Manchester The repeatable cohort programme aims to support the growth of “scale up” life science SME’s in Greater Manchester. The programme will provide intensive support including • access to networks, strategic support and market access opportunities • strategic 1-to-1s, and workshops with industry experts • Based on current SME needs
  3. 3. Session Topics Session 1 • Introduction • The healthcare landscape • Market opportunity analysis • Developing a compelling value proposition • Developing a valuable healthcare business case Session 2 • UK healthcare law and regulation • Innovation evaluation • Public health sector procurement • Developing successful partnerships Session 3 • Pitch Training Session 4 • Pitch to healthcare procurement lead and/or investors
  4. 4. Structure Introduction The healthcare landscape Market opportunity analysis Value Proposition Healthcare Business Case UK Healthcare law and regulations NHS App Assessment Innovation Evaluation Procurement Developing Partnerships Pitch Training The Final Pitch & feedback 1 2 3 4 You are encouraged to attend one-to-one sessions with our business advisors during the duration of the programme
  5. 5. Session 1 The Healthcare landscape • Provide an overview of the national healthcare landscape, identifying; key players from public to private organisations, challenges and opportunities presented by demographic and financial pressures. • Assess how the GM health and Social Care Devolution big picture ties in with the opportunities and challenges for each company. Understanding the support infrastructure within GM and how to navigate the complex healthcare landscape. Market opportunity analysis • Identify opportunities for your product or your company • Define the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats your business faces • Analyse the markets readiness and willingness to invest and adopt a new product Developing a compelling value proposition • Explore ways to qualify the problem to capitalise on an open area of opportunity in the market • Develop evaluation methods to determine whether your product is unique and compelling • Construct a health value proposition Developing a valuable healthcare business case • Explore the key elements necessary to ensure that your business case is robust and offers the best chance of success
  6. 6. Session 2 UK healthcare law and regulation • Understand the impact of regulation and law in the healthcare industry in England & UK Innovation evaluation • Introduction to a scalable and systematic approach to product or service evaluation Public health sector procurement • Discuss how public sector procurement works and evaluate the opportunities and issues that this generates Developing successful partnerships • Examine the key principles for developing successful and enduring partnerships
  7. 7. Session 3 Pitching to the NHS coaching session • Consolidate STEP INto Health programme learning • Explore the elements of a successful pitch • Construct a concise and engaging story • Evaluate your audience and their specific goals • Receive personalised coaching and feedback The Final Pitch with feedback • Pitch to real NHS or funding decision makers • Receive feedback • Opportunity to create real partnerships Session 4
  8. 8. What to do next? Register an interest in the STEP INto Healthcare programme by following the below link Join STEP INto Healthcare