word of mouth communication customer switching behavior customer expectations guarantee types of complainers recovery paradox service recovery service failure loss leader pricing wom sales promotion advertisement broker agent peripheral physical evidence core physical evidence product marketing opinion leaders early majority complexity laggards innovators adoption process limitations of plc characterstics marketing strategies decline stage maturity stage growth stage introduction stage product life cycle buying roles buying process family life cycle reference group consumer buying behavior nature of perception importance of perception perception process perceptual errors stereotyping halo effect perception qualities customer experience credence hierarchy of needs drama encounter search qualities past experiences implicit service promises explicit service promises expected services adequate service zone of tolerance expectations customer standards and symbol used in labeling advantages and disadvantages of labeling types of labeling objectives of labeling labeling advantages and disadvantages of packaging types of packaging importance of packaging packaging positioning process positioning errors undifferentiated marketing differentiated marketing limitations of market segmentation target marketing benefits of market segmentation levels of market segmentation segmentation classical theory learning cycle theories of learning behavior modification learning levels of stress eustress distress stressor managing symptoms stress
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