Everything Your Social Media Guru Didn't Tell You About Facebook Marketing


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What can you expect to learn from the ebook? "Everything Your Social Media Guru Didn’t Tell You About Facebook Marketing" includes solid tips and advice on how to make the most of your business's Facebook Page. Topics such as how to “Increase Page Likes,” “Tactics for Increasing Fans and Engagement,” and how to “Manage and Maintain your Facebook Page” will help you make your Page work better for you. Go here to download your Free copy of ShortStack's ebook: http://shortstackebook.pgtb.me/p7p0R2

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Everything Your Social Media Guru Didn't Tell You About Facebook Marketing

  1. 1. The 10 Valuable Things Youll Learn: 1. How to set your Facebook goals 2. Methods for measuring Facebook efforts 3. Ways to Track Social ROI 4. How to increase Page Likes starting from scratch 5. How to manage a Facebook Page with multiple admins 6. How to construct engaging Facebook posts 7. Tips for getting content in the News Feed 8. Traits of good Facebook application 9. How to run a successful Facebook contest/promotion 10. How to prevent contest voting fraud
  2. 2. ShortStack Laboratories We are a Facebook platform-based application helping businesses build customized apps for Facebook Pages that maximize their social media presence and potential. With ShortStack it is easier and faster to create applications that are visually appealing but on a budget that wont hurt anyone’s wallet.
  3. 3. Set Your Facebook GoalsBe as specific as possible. This includes determining the time period in whichyou want to accomplish your goals. Example: ● Okay goal: Increase my Page Likes by 20% ● Better goal: Increase Page Likes from 1,000 to 2,000 in three months.
  4. 4. Traits of a Good Goal 1. Clear 2. Measurable 3. Timed
  5. 5. Methods for measuring Facebook effortsYour chosen methods for measuring your Facebook efforts should addressthe following 3 questions: 1. What social media analytic(s) am I interested in tracking? 2. What’s my method for tracking my progress? 3. How do I measure my return?
  6. 6. Ways to Track Social ROISocial media isnt just measured in dollars... ● Customer Sentiment ● Online Brand Awareness ● User Conversion
  7. 7. Increase Page Likes From Scratch ● Lean on your established presence ● Take advantage of Facebook’s free tools ● Run promotions ● Be relevant ● Invest in cheap, effective Facebook ads ● Purchase Facebook Sponsored Stories ● Create an exclusive air about your Facebook Page ● Keep content fresh
  8. 8. Manage Multiple Page Admins ● Have a Facebook training session ● If youre not sure, ask! ● Define the voice of your Facebook Page ● Delegate Facebook Tasks
  9. 9. Admin Roles
  10. 10. Construct An Engaging PostAlways include a call to action... ● Ask a question ● Provide some information ● Always provide a link ● Keep it positive ● Dont bother yourself with a word limit ● Visuals always help
  11. 11. Getting Content in the News Feed ● Dont over share ● Vary your posts ● Timing is everything ● Use Facebook’s new features
  12. 12. Traits of a Good Facebook App 1. It has a clear purpose 2. It should be functional 3. It should match your other branding efforts 4. It offers Incentives 5. It’s relevant 6. Include a disclaimer (if needed)
  13. 13. Run a Successful Contest/PromotionPart I 1. Define your Contest Goals 2. Choose a contest that fits your audience 3. Set your Budget 4. Make it Social 5. Keep it Simple
  14. 14. Run a Successful Contest/PromotionPart II 6. Pre-Launch 7. Day of the Launch 8. Announce the Time 9. Announce the Winner 10. Post Contest
  15. 15. How to Prevent Voting Fraud 1. Write a clear set of rules for your promotion 2. Notify participants that a fake Facebook profile violates Facebook policy 3. In your Rules, state that voting counts for a percentage of the contest 4. State that you reserve the right to adjust votes if fraud is suspected 5. Log everything! 6. Require email addresses for giveaways
  16. 16. Additional information ShortStackseBook will cover ● Why its important to be Liked ● 15 interactive Facebook status updates ● What not to post on Facebook (aka how not to lose fans) ● How apps work and the benefits they provide to Pages ● How to choose an image for the best post engagement ● Ways to effectively fan-gate an application ● Facebook advertising ● The best online recommended resources ● Glossary of 51 common social media terms ● and more...
  17. 17. ShortStacks ResourcesPre-order ShorStacks free eBook here: Go Blog: http://www.shortstack.com/blog/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shortstacklab Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShortStackLab Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/shortstacklab ShortStack University: http://www.youtube.com/shortstackuniversity Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/shortstacklab/