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Career Coach


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Career Coach

  1. 1. Wednesday,  November  18,  2015  at  12:06:04  PM  Central  Standard  TimeShawn  Spartz Page  1  of  4 Subject: [Newsle'er]  [  Mail]  Big  News  from  Inspire,  Guest  Editorial  on  Inspire's  Alignment  with CWI,  and  why  YOU  should  become  a  Career  Coach! Date: Monday,  October  19,  2015  at  1:45:19  PM  Central  Daylight  Time From: Semra  Schneider  <> To: Shawn  Spartz  <> GET INSPIRED! THE WORKFORCE REPORT: The Governor’s Council on Workforce Investment’s strategic recommendations align with Inspire Wisconsin. Jeff Clark, CEO, Waukesha Metal Products Wisconsin’s economic vitality is tied directly to our ability to develop a ready workforce with the necessary skills to meet tomorrow’s high-demand careers. At the root of this challenge is our need to provide an educational journey for our children that includes exposure and exploration of the many career paths available for our future talent. The Governor’s Council on Workforce Investment (CWI) recognized this and presented a 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. This plan outlined 21 recommendations including some pointed directly at how to equip students with the tools necessary to align their academic journey with career exploration so they could be better prepared to enter the workforce. All Pre-K-12 schools in Wisconsin are required to provide academic and career planning (ACP) to students at the 6th grade level by 2017 (ACT 20, Wisconsin Statute 115.28 (59)). The CWI built on the ACP by recommending we ensure students have the opportunity to experience work-based learning, and the Wisconsin school report cards include measurements on this and career readiness. Data is king! Access to workforce requirements and projections are critical SCORE CARD FALL SEMESTER GOALS Students have started using Inspire! Make an impact by helping us reach our goals! Goal: 75 Company Profiles Status: 25 active profiles 5 about to be active profiles 7 pending profiles Conducted 26 meetings/presentations reaching 201 companies with 8 meetings scheduled. Join Now as a Company Goal: 35 Career Coaches Status: - 22 registered Coaches - 3 pending Coaches Join Now as a Career Coach
  2. 2. Page  2  of  4 Access to workforce requirements and projections are critical to a student’s exploration. Coordination between educators, students, employers and parents is key to providing the best experience. Thought- leaders structure their talent acquisition strategy to include strong connections within the Pre-K-12 system. Those ahead of the curve..... Read the rest of Jeff's Editorial HERE. CLA SPOTLIGHT: Marcus Corporation and Bradley Tech High School Bradley Tech High School has had a strong partnership with the Marcus Corporation for the past several years. The partnership started with a connection to Jane Durment, retired CIO at Marcus, and Shawn Spartz, Director of Creative, Development & IT Operations at Marcus. The partnership has since grown to include other Marcus employees who have provided several career based learning activities for the students at Tech. Marcus has been active on the advisory board for the school’s A/V, IT and Digital Media programs and has participated in the iTech Academy “Lunch and a Lab” program where students in the Academy come to hear from professionals and participate in relevant hands on activities. Marcus provided a “LinkedIn Lunch and a Lab”, where iTech Academy students created their own profile on LinkedIn. Marcus has also provided Academy students with job shadowing opportunities, guest speakers, and last year two Bradley Tech graduates (2015) received summer internships at the Marcus Corporation working with exceptionally strong mentors in web development opportunities. MPS and Bradley Tech are grateful to the Marcus Corporation for their investment in the students at Bradley Tech High School. If you’re interested in partnering with an MPS school but are not sure where to get started or which school would fit with your industry please contact our Partnerships office or visit us online. TIP OF THE MONTH: Have the most impact by becoming a Career Coach Inspire Southeast Wisconsin staff conducted a focus group with students to find out what they thought of Inspire. We concentrated on why students want to use Inspire, and what parts they say are most useful. Students overwhelmingly agreed the ability to ask Career Coaches questions on the Career Discussion boards was their favorite part. Asking real professional questions in a comfortable setting gave students a concreate way to learn more about the careers they're interested in. To help students learn more and have the most impact consider becoming a Career Coach today! Help us spread the word using messaging and video resources available on our website! COMPANIES MAKING AN IMPACT We'd like to recognize the companies who've registered a profile on Inspire in the last month Thanks for your support! ​- CH2M - Direct Supply - Discovery World -Gateway Technical College - Genco Industries, Inc - Greater Milwaukee Committee - Heritage Senior Living - Joy Global - Pentair Water Purification -Price Engineering -STEMhero - UW-Milwaukee - School of Information Studies - Veolia Water - Water Council Want to see your Company listed here next month? Join Now as a Company MARK YOUR CALENDAR Learning the ABCs of CLAs Workshop Series Youth Apprenticeships, Co- ops, and Internships. What do you need to know and where do you start? Register for Inspire’s Career-based Learning Activity (CLAs) workshop and take your youth involvement to the next level. Special guests will help you understand what program is the best fit for you! Nov. 3rd from 3pm - 4:30 RSVP Bradley Tech's Career and College Week Bradley Tech High School is having multiple events around
  3. 3. Page  3  of  4 OTHER INSPIRING UPDATES Learning the ABCs of CLAs Workshop Series: Youth Apprenticeships, Co-ops, and Internships What do you need to know? And where do you start? Register for Inspire’s Career-based Learning Activity (CLAs) workshop and take your youth involvement to the next level! On November 3rd from 3pm – 4:30 at ManpowerGroup Headquarters, Terri Salzer, from Milwaukee Public Schools, and Erin Cherney, from Waukesha County Technical College, will lead this workshop that will help employers: Understand the difference between Youth Apprenticeship, Co-ops, and Internships, Decide which is the best fit for your company, Learn about the process of setting up a program, and Understand the regulations involved in hiring youth. Offering Career-based Learning Activities and increasing your level of engagement are the first steps in getting the next generation of employees through your door and on to your work floor. Get started today by signing up HERE! BIG GROWTH FOR INSPIRE: Schools and Organizations who do not use Career Cruising can now access Inspire Southeast Wisconsin! Although we anticipate that most school districts will use Inspire Southeast Wisconsin as an integrated part of the Career Cruising software, we are excited to announce that Inspire Southeast Wisconsin is also now available as an independent, stand-alone platform. This will allow K-12 schools who do not have a Career Cruising license, as well as youth serving organizations and 2 and 4-year colleges, to access Inspire SE WI. We’d like to thank the leaders and developers at Career Cruising, which grants our license for Inspire, for recognizing the importance of broadening our reach beyond Career Cruising users. Having a stand-alone model for Inspire is an important step in our long-term growth strategy, as it will significantly increase the number and age range of students we are able to connect to businesses using Inspire. Schools who currently hold a Career Cruising license will continue to use Inspire Southeast Wisconsin in the original, fully integrated model. If you would like learn more about stand-alone platform, please contact Karin Smith HERE. Career Cruising selected as Wisconsin’s Academic and Career Planning (ACP) Software Vendor. Last week the Department of Administration (DOA) announced its intent to award the ACP Software procurement to Career Cruising. Last Thursday all school district and building administrators were notified of this news by Mike Thompson, Deputy State Superintendent. This procurement is the result of the requirement under Wisconsin Statute 115.28(59) to “Procure, install, and maintain information technology, including computer software, to be used statewide by school districts to provide academic and career planning services to pupils in grades 6 to 12.” A DOA Evaluation Team reviewed vendor responses and demonstrations over the summer in order to score the proposals. College and Career readiness and needs help. Volunteer for any of their events by clicking the button below. - College Application Days Oct. 20 - 22 - College and Career Fair Oct. 21 - Workshops on resume building, scholarships, interviewing and volunteering Oct. 21 Get Involved! New Company & Coaches Workshops Recently joined Inspire Southeast Wisconsin by registering as a company or coach? Come to one of our New Partner Orientations to better understand how to use your Inspire SE WI account. Want to become a partner and register your company or coach profile? We provide time at the end of each New Partner Orientation for those who have not yet registered to create your profile right then and there! Oct. 28th 3:30 - 5:00pm RSVP Nov. 12th 8am - 9:30am RSVP Dec. 9th 3:30 - 5:00pm RSVP
  4. 4. Page  4  of  4 Career Cruising is used extensively in Wisconsin for career exploration, planning and development. Career Cruising, as the developer of the Inspire platform, has already integrated Inspire into the Career Cruising software. Inspire Southeast Wisconsin is excited as this will make our Inspire implementation an even smoother process as we grow in the coming year and give us more reach into new school districts. To learn more reference DPI’s FAQ page HERE. Hear what students are saying about Inspire! On Tuesday, September 22nd we introduced Inspire Southeast Wisconsin to students from Ronald Reagan High School. Senior students in Ms. Misa Sato “Approaches to Learning” class were led through two activities - finding a company profile in their field of interest, and writing a question to a career coach currently in the profession they were interested in on a Coach Discussion Board. Hear all about how it went from the students themselves HERE. Research demonstrating the need for Academic and Career Plans. At the Inspire Southeast Wisconsin office we’re always running across interesting pieces of research on College and Career Readiness and Academic and Career Plans. The following two articles focus on the current problem of developing a fully prepared workforce just out of college or high school and suggest ways to address this issue. Find out more HERE. ​Top 3 Reasons People get Involved in Inspire As companies and individuals have been joining the Inspire Southeast Wisconsin Community we’ve been asking them “Why do you get involved with schools/students?” The top three answers we’ve received from surveying our partners are: I want to help students develop employability skills. I want to help students explore careers. I want to support local schools and education in general. Your answers show a great long-term vision of helping students find their passion and understanding the value of growing our education partnerships to make the region flourish. Thank you to all who gave their feedback! We'd also like to thank all of our community partners, with special recognition to the following major partners: Accenture, CESA #1, Junior Achievement Wisconsin, ManpowerGroup, Metro Milwaukee Association of Commerce, Milwaukee 7, Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board, Milwaukee Public Schools, School District of New Berlin, School District of Waukesha, Greater Milwaukee Committee, Waukesha County Business Alliance, Waukesha Ozaukee Washington Workforce Development Center. This program is supported by Wisconsin Fast Forward – Blueprint for Prosperity (WFF - BFP) grant funds. Governor Walker's WFF – BFP initiative was enacted in 2014 to expand the WFF grant program with an additional $35.4 million investment. Administered by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development – Office of Skills Development, funding helps reduce technical college wait lists in high-demand fields, enhance employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and support collaborative school-to-work projects. Learn more at: This message was sent to from: Semra Schneider | | Community Career Connections, Inc. | 161 W Wisconsin Avenue 108 | Milwaukee, WI 53202 Email Marketing by Unsubscribe