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Yacht charter greece


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Live your sailing experience in Greece with Kavas Yachting. Visit our website and book your next charter sailing holidays with us.

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Yacht charter greece

  1. 1. It is never too late to rent yacht GreeceAs you might recall from previous newsletters, Kavas Yachting boughtfor 2012 four (4) new Beneteau Oceanis 45 and one (1) Jeanneau SunOdyssey 379. All 5 of our new boats at your disposalWithin the latest two weeks, we finally received the fourth Oceanis 45and the Sun Odyssey 379, from their corresponding ship-builders inFrance. Both latest additions to our fleet have already started theirbareboat charters, as have the three (3) Oceanis 45 we received duringMay 2012.Greece on firm footingGreece once more enjoys a politically stable environment, owing to thetermination of the prolonged election period, which started at late April2012 and lasted up to a week ago, during which parliamentary electionswere held twice. Kavas Yachting never stopped looking for growthopportunities in the midst of the economic crisis, which is the reasonwhy it invested in five (5) new boats for the current year.The outlook remains positive and promising for yacht charter in Greeceand the Greek islands are again bustling with tourists from every cornerof the Earth!We have happy clients from all over the world!Our 50% discount competition on the 15th of June, our 50% discountcompetition finished, with many winners amongst you! The competitionwas launched together with the inauguration of our all-new,totally redesigned web-site ( winners have already been informed of their prize and are inquiringour Charter Department about the boats, dates and areas of theirchoice!Latest additions to our new web-siteSince being launched about two months ago, our new web-site has beenwarmly welcomed by the majority of our clients and visitors from morethan 90 countries in the world.Based on our great success, we constantly try to improve our web-siteand make it even more lively, informative and useful for you.In this framework, a few days ago we added to our web-site inventorylists for all our boat models, which you are invited to consult and/or use
  2. 2. for reasons of self checking-in to your boat.We have additionally created a wholly new section called "Some of ourhappy clients" where anyone interested can find photos taken andletters written by our clients, as regards their sailing holiday experiencewith a Kavas yacht! Last but not least, you can now consult the "TopGreek destinations” section of our first page, in order to find interestinginformation about various itineraries in the Greek seas.Help us choose the right catamaran for you!We need your help in deciding which catamaran to buy for the 2013summer season. In this framework, we invite you to visit our web-siteand vote amongst the all-new Lagoon 390, the Lagoon 380 and theLagoon 400. Go ahead and have a say in the boats available for charterfrom Kavas Yachting!As always, we are ready to assist you with your charter enquiries in themost friendly and professional manner, offering you great sailing valuefor your money.