Wireless Communications Technology Vendors


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Selcoms is a leading distributor of world-class wireless communications technology to its channel of resellers, integrators, internet service providers and solution partners.

With a distribution network stretching across two continents, we are an established market leader in the adoption of Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point as well as indoor and outdoor wireless technology solutions.

We offer expert technical support, tailored training courses and a wealth of experience to help our customers and partners achieve business success.

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Wireless Communications Technology Vendors

  1. 1. Wireless Communication Technology: Vendors
  2. 2. Wireless Comms Vendors  Ruckus Wireless  Cambium Networks  AirTight Networks  Repeatit  Sub10 Systems  Ucopia Communications  Sangfor  Ceragon  D-Link  Fluidmesh  Alvarion  Bats Wireless
  3. 3. AirTight Networks  Global providers of secure Wi-Fi solutions  Combining industry-leading wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) technology with next generation cloud-managed, controller-less Wi-Fi architecture.
  4. 4. Cambium Networks  Comprehensive portfolio of fixed wireless high-speed backhaul  Access solutions for a wide range of customers and industries  Award-winning Point to Point (PTP) and Point to Multipoint (PMP) solutions
  5. 5. Ruckus Wireless  HQ in California  Founded in 2004 to transform WiFi into an easy-to-use, everyday utility  Global leaders of Smart Wireless LAN & Mesh solutions
  6. 6. Sub10 Systems  Based in Devon, Sub10 has been in operation since 2010  Design, develop and sell world-class Millimetre Wave (MMW) wireless ethernet bridges  Can achieve up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps Full Duplex) over-the-air
  7. 7. Repeatit  Swedish company, founded in 2001  Renowned for providing unmatched price vs. performance with their Trinity (Point to Point) and Multipoint enabling resellers  Offer building to building connections, rural broadband & more.
  8. 8. UCOPIA Systems  Founded in 2002 with headquarters in France  Solutions allow mobile users to establish secure network connections for internet access  UCOPIA Express is aimed at small organisations in the hospitality, education and healthcare markets  UCOPIA Advance, targeted at larger projects undertaken by businesses, campuses and administrations.
  9. 9. Alvarion  Offices all over the world  Global leader in providing optimised wireless broadband solutions  Solutions to address the connectivity, coverage and capacity challenges of telecom operators, smart cities as well as security and enterprise customers  Over 3 million wireless broadband links deployed worldwide
  10. 10. Sangfor  Sangfor is the leading WAN Optimisation & Internet Access Management vendor in Asia  More than 1,000 employees worldwide with a customer base stretching across Europe and the Middle East  WAN acceleration products excel at optimising multi-layer WAN transmission to improve data communication on physical lines
  11. 11. Ceragon Networks  Worldwide provider of high-capacity LTE-ready wireless backhaul solutions  A broad portfolio of innovative, field-proven technology solutions for wireless service providers as well as private businesses  The FibeAir product family is a cutting-edge, high-capacity solution for wireless backhaul transportation of broadband services over IP and SONET/SDH networks
  12. 12. D-Link  Originally founded as Datex Systems in 1986 and then renamed as D-Link Corporation in 1992  Global brand with over 25 years of providing innovative network connectivity for a range of industry sectors
  13. 13. Fluidmesh  Founded by American & Italian researchers and engineers  Headquarters in Chicago as well as a European office in Italy.  Worldwide leader in wireless systems for security, industrial and mission-critical applications.
  14. 14. BATS Wireless  Specialising in delivering intelligent communication systems, BATS Wireless is a technology provider with a difference  Automated tracking and stabilisation platform is an industry-first  Enables business to deploy massive capacity, fixed or mobile networks over long distances and at great speed
  15. 15. Wireless Communications Vendors Thanks for listening! http://www.selcoms.com