Can Your Smartphone Look Like This


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From the hefty build and the ligneous texture of the handsets then to the lightweight and smooth touchscreen surfaces of the smartphones today, the development has been very significant and the cell phone concept designs that we see over the web are indeed promising.

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Can Your Smartphone Look Like This

  1. 1. Cell Phone Designs of the FutureA decade or two ago, our cell phones were not as sleek as the smartphones we go loco overtoday. Juxtaposing two cell phone models- one of today; the other one ten years ago- would revealhow the evolution of mobile phones has grown in leaps and bounds over time. From the hefty buildand the ligneous texture of the handsets then to the lightweight and smooth touchscreen surfacesof the smartphones today, the development has been very significant and the cell phone conceptdesigns that we see over the web are indeed promising.We give you some of them- right here, right now! 1. Weather Cell Phone Concept. Whether you fancy Meteorology or not, this phone will come in handy on days when you are unsure whether to postpone your sleepover with your best bud. The display accurately monitors and indicates what sort of weather you will encounter for the whole day. See this cell phone concept design by Seunghan Song.
  2. 2. 2. Projector Cell Phone Concept. According to the book of Brad Smart, Topgrading, resourcefulness is a mega-competency, and knowing when to use the right tools is a competitive edge on the business schemes. In need of a projector, your smartphone is always with you!This handset has a rotating screen which makes projecting images and PowerPointpresentations hassle-free. It is an ideal tool for the corporate dude whose religious aspiration isto impress the CEO through his hard-knocking presentation.3. Alarm Clock Cell Phone Concept. Here is for the bed bugs that can’t resist the comfort of their sleeping cribs. Aah… the soft pillows, the cozy blanket that caresses their skin, and the cold temperature inside the room…the pull of the sack is so great! And how do we learn to counter this sweet detritus? What you need is a mobile phone that can serve as a dedicated alarm clock. Sort of like the one you see below.
  3. 3. 4. Green Cell Phone Concept. You can still be a staunch advocate of environmentalism without ditching your smartphone. You can now enjoy your phone without taking the guilt baggage wherever you go. The grass cell phone design concept below appears to be a lower-end phone with a ridiculous amount of foliage on the sides. But if you are a true green activist, you wouldn’t mind owning a modern yet possibly less harmful phone. Am I right?
  4. 4. 5. Flexible Cell Phone Concept. Tired of holding your phone and getting sweaty hands? Why don’t you wrap it around your wrist, instead? Impossible? Not nearly. With a flexible cell phone like the one you see below, you don’t have to worry about dropping it when you lost your grip on it. The phone neatly hugs your wrist without getting broken and looking messily crumpled. This design is from Shirley Roberts. These are just some of the cell phone design concepts that we were able to gather. Stay tuned at Cash for Smartphones to know more about the cell phone designs of the future!Source: