Shotgun wedding


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Puzzles with a wedding narrative
by Marc and Sarah

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Shotgun wedding

  1. 1. The Shotgun Wedding
  2. 2. DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL Hugh’s Daughter is getting married today. He wants his daughter’s wedding day to go perfectly. He has to figure out how long he has to get all the women to thewedding on time, so his daughter can make her big entrance.
  3. 3. H OW L O N G D O E S DA D H AV E ? How many squares are in thispicture? Each square is equal to aminute of time. How much time does Hughhave to get the women to thewedding?
  4. 4. H OW M A N Y M A K E I T O N TIME? 21 women need to get to a wedding in 30 minutes but there is only1 car to take them all. 5 people can fit in the car. It takes 7 minutes toget to the church & back. How many will make it to the wedding?
  5. 5. CONGRATULATIONS They made it to the wedding
  6. 6. UNFORTUNATELY A zombie virus broke out… and they all died.
  7. 7. WHICH ONE IS THE BRIDE?Hugh’s friend George is forty years old.Who of the following women can he go outwith if he uses the sum of half of his ageplus seven?Louise is three years younger then Mary whois thirty two, Mary is also seven years olderthen Gemma who is eight years younger thenRachel. If the women can date George, they aretoo old to be Hugh’s daughter.
  8. 8. ZOMBIE TRAINING Name five 3-letter body parts found in or onthe human head. A. B. C. D. E. These are where to aim to kill the zombies!
  9. 9. H E L P H U G H P RO T E C T H I S DAU G H T E R Dad and George can only walkin three lines to survey the entireroom and protect his daughterfrom zombies. Using the dots draw three linesto cordon off the daughter You can’t go through thezombies or the daughter
  10. 10. HOW MANY ZOMBIES? How many rectangles are there inthis picture? If there are three zombies perrectangle, how many zombies do theremaining wedding party have to getthrough to make it to freedom?
  11. 11. WHICH WEAPONS DO THEY NEED? If a shotgun kills 10 zombies, and a bat kills 3zombies while a knife kills 2 zombies and a pistol onlykills half as many as a shotgun, what combination ofweapons would the wedding party need to kill all of thezombies left? Bear in mind, there are six people with two handseach and all the hands have to be holding something. PS. You can only have 1 shotgun, and the shot-gunis the only two-handed weapon, meaning that if aperson is holding it, they can’t use anything else.
  12. 12. THEY’RE FREE! The party has come across thegroom… And his zombie twin brother! Both are wearing hats The groom is the one wearing thehat that can be drawn without thepen leaving the paper.