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NADAP E-Gram_Jan13

  1. 1. NADAP E-GRAM Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse PreventionIs Your Drinking Habit Preventing You fromSaving Money? IN THIS ISSUESaving money is usually on the top ofeveryone’s list for the New Year. A night 1 IS YOUR DRINKING HABITout with friends can fun, but can also PREVENTING YOU FROMbecome costly. Here are few suggestions on SAVING MONEY?having a fun and safe night out whiledrinking, without it causing financial 2 SAILORS CAUTIONED AFTER LEGALIZATION OFproblems. MARIJUANA Avoid drinks in certain environments.Don’t bring a lot of money with you. This It’s cool if you have drinks at a buddy’s 3 STAY EDUCATED IN 2013may sound simple but it’s very effective. place or the local pub, but you may want toTry to only bring an estimate of money you think twice at dinner. It’s no secret that 3 PERSONAL READINESSneed for the night in your wallet, along with SUMMITS ARE FOR YOUR drinks are much more expensive withyour ID. That means no credit cards. Keep BENEFIT dinner than they are at home or in a extra $20 or so in your back pocket for Two beers at a restaurant with dinner will 4 NAVY MEDICINE ROLLSthe cab ride home. cost you much more than two beers in your OUT NEW CAMPAIGN TO living room. DETER USE OF ‘BATH SALTS’No matter how good your intentions arebefore you drink, once you start drinking, Pick your location ahead of time. 5 REVISED SYNTHETIC DRUGyour money will have much less value to Sometimes when you go out, you plan to TESTING OPERATING GUIDEyou. Whether it’s the mood or the good just go with the flow. That might be fun, 5 DEFY CONDUCTS TRAIN-vibes that catch up to you, something will but when you realize how much money you THE-TRAINER EVENTStrigger you to become care free with your spent on taking cabs around town, you’llspending. So remember, if you only bring wish that you did some planning before the 6 SUBSTANCE ABUSE$40 with you, then you’ll only spend $40. If night started. PREVENTION PLAN 2013you bring $100 “just in case” you might endup spending all of it. It’s better to be DUIs can be costly. Go through one DUI, 7 FANS DON’T LET FANS and you’ll know what a financial pinch DRIVE DRUNKrealistic ahead of time than to regret all themoney you spent the next morning. really is. Court costs, legal fees, fines, higher insurance rates all come with theSplit the bill always. Just because package. And if your DUI involves aneveryone is having a fun time it’s no excuse accident, you could also face medical billsfor someone to “forget” to pay. Make sure and car repair or replacement costs.the bill gets paid equally so that you’re not Whether you are a single person, married, Find us on Facebook.always stuck picking up the tab. or have a family, the money you spend on a https://www.facebook. DUI could go a long way towards other things in your life. com/USN.NADAP January 2013 ● Page 1
  2. 2. Sailors Cautioned After Legalizationof MarijuanaBy Mass CommunicationSpecialist 3rd Class Vanessa DavidEVERETT, Wash. (NNS) --Although the state of Washingtonhas recently updated the law on theuse of marijuana, essentiallydecriminalizing use for civilians,Zero Tolerance drug policyregulations remain unaffected forSailors.The Zero Tolerance drug policywas implemented after a fatal crashof an EA-6B Prowler on boardUSS Nimitz in 1981, killing 14 Marijuana, or cannabis, induces 45 days of extra duty and 45 dayscrew members and injuring 45 multiple psychological affects to on restriction or 60 days ofothers. the users mental state. restriction and discharge fromAutopsies were performed and military service. "Being under the influence ofseveral members of the flight deck marijuana can result in slow "Aside from the typicalcrew tested positive for marijuana. reaction speed and poor judgment, punishment that follows drug use,Following this discovery, then- and can negatively affect there are collateral consequencesPresident Ronald Reagan instituteda Zero Tolerance drug policy operational success," said to getting kicked out of the Legalman 1st Class Michael military," said Lt. Cmdr. Ryanacross all of the U.S. Armed Lightsey. "In the case of an Anderson, Nimitz command judgeForces. emergency, people could get hurt. advocate. "Aside from increasingAs a result regular, random You dont want anyone to be high the difficulty of finding a job, youurinalysis drug checks are while operating a jet." also lose your G.I Bill. Its not aconducted on all military good idea for Sailors to dabblepersonnel. Illegal or wrongful use, with marijuana because its not possession, sale, transfer of worth it. Before you eat that pot"Marijuana can stay in the system controlled substances, or any brownie, ask yourself if its worthfor up to 30 days depending on the attempt to commit drug offenses losing $90,000."persons metabolism, dosage and results in maximum punishmentmethod of consumption," said under the Uniform Code of For more information about theHospital Corpsman 3rd Class Military Justice, which includes misuse of controlled substancesDavid Johnson. "Because its lipid- forfeiture of a half months pay for and its consequences, referencebased, it can stay in the fat cells for two months, reduction in rank, MILPERSMAN 1910-146.a long period of time, whereas courts martial, three dayswater-based substances would flow confinement on bread and waterthrough very quickly." (for E-3 and below Sailors), January 2013 ● Page 2
  3. 3. Stay Educated in 2013Every month NADAP will conduct Joining the webinar is easy. Click the WEBINAR SCHEDULEwebinars on various topics related URL below to join meeting. Once theto substance abuse prevention. A window is loaded, type your name to 24 JAN Synthetic Drug Testingwebinar is an online seminar that is enter the meeting as a "Guest". Alcohol Detection 31 JANconducted and viewed on a Please give the screen a few minutes Devicescomputer. The webinars will focus to load. If you have a DCO account, 14 FEB NDSP Overviewon a new topic each month to please login in with your DCOinclude ADMITS, IFTDTL, alcohol information. 14 MAR ADMITS Overviewscreening packages, NDSP and lab Prevention Campaigns &positives. At the end of each 11 APR How to Orderwebinar audience members will be binar/ 9 MAY DAPA Responsibilitiesable to ask questions on any topic. We recommend that you log on to the 6 JUN ADCO ResponsibilitiesEach webinar will have a 30 minute webinar at least 5 minutes prior to thepresentation and 30 minutes 27 JUN UPC Responsibilities scheduled start time. Please note thatallotted for Q&A. to participate in the web presentationEach webinar will begin at 1300- you may be prompted to download Missed a Webinar? Not to worry,1400 (CST) and an additional software. If you need assistance or NADAP has recorded all webinars.webinar is available at 1700 (CST). have questions, please contact Sara Visit to view. Geer at . Event Date Location Personal Readiness PR Summit 30 Jan – 1 Feb 13 Yokosuka Summits are for Your PR Summit 5 – 6 Feb 13 Guam Benefit Workshop 5 – 6 Feb 13 Norfolk, VA Personal Readiness Summits and Workshop 12 – 13 Feb 13 Groton, CT USFF/NADAP Workshops are conducted throughout the year at various locations. They 11 Mar 13 Bahrain (ISA) Workshop provide attendees a basic overview of Personal 12 – 13 Mar 13 NSA Bahrain Readiness programs and outline resources for Workshop 26 – 27 Mar 13 Port Hueneme, CA dealing with issues in a timely manner. PR Summit 26 – 28 Mar 13 Pearl Harbor, HI PR Summits (Personal Readiness Summits) 9 – 10 May 13 Sigonella include the following four program areas that can negatively impact the daily lives of Sailors 13 – 14 May 13 Rota and their families: Workshop 16 – 17 May 13 Souda Bay 20 – 21 May 13 Naples  Physical Readiness Program  Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Workshop 17 – 18 Jun 13 Jacksonville, FL (NADAP) Workshop 19 – 20 Jun 13 Kings Bay, GA  Sexual Assault Prevention Response (SAPR) PR Summit 17 – 19 Jun 13 Port Hueneme, CA  Family Advocacy Program (FAP) PR Summit 19 – 21 Jun 13 San Diego, CA For the Full Schedule Visit January 2013 ● Page 3
  4. 4. Navy Medicine Rolls Out New Campaign to DeterUse of ‘Bath Salts’By Valerie A. Kremer, U.S. Navy “I would say notBureau of Medicine and Surgery Public just as the navalAffairs officer, but as yourNavy Medicine Rolls Out New Campaign to Deter doctor, bath saltsUse of ‘Baththe poster ofNavy Medicine announced Salts’a new informational video and launch will not only jack up your family andregarding the health risks and dangers of your career, it willthe synthetic amphetamine known as jack up your mind“bath salts” and other designer drugs, and body too,” saidDec. 20. Loeffler in the PSA now availableThe public service announcement video online.and poster will be distributed for displaythroughout the fleet and are available for The Bath Salts campaign’s slogan, “Bathdownload at salts: It’s not a fad…It’s a nightmare, For nearly two years now, Navy leaders “reflects the hallucinogenic effect of bath have taken a multitiered approach topx . salts, which are a non-regulated designer combating this escalating issue in our drug comprised of a synthetic cathinone, or forces, and with our partners in theThe new media products focus on the amphetamine, that can have a dangerous or Naval Criminal Investigative Service,dangers of bath salts and are part of the debilitating effect on the user. Naval Personnel Command andlong-term awareness and deterrence throughout our naval enterprise, wecampaign Navy Medicine launched last “As the leader of the medical community have made progress in deterring andyear on synthetic and designer drugs. for the Navy and Marine Corps, I cannot detecting use.”This effort is also part of an overall Navy emphasize enough to our Sailors andcommunications plan with partners at the Marines that using synthetic drugs really is Nathan affirmed that the Navy willNaval Personnel Command and the just like playing Russian roulette with their continue to highlight the issue ofNaval Criminal Investigative Service and health, not to mention their career,” said synthetic drug use by deliveringother commands. Vice Adm. Matthew L. Nathan, U.S. Navy sustained and targeted messages surgeon general said in an editorial written throughout the Navy and Marine CorpsThe education and awareness campaign for the Union Tribune in San Diego earlierfrom Navy Medicine supports the this year. “We cannot over-communicate thisNavy’s zero-tolerance policy on designer issue,” said Nathan. “Accountabilitydrug use, as well as highlights the real The bath salts campaign further supports for those who abuse these substancesand present risks of bath salts. The the Navy Surgeon General’s mission for all will help deter their use.”campaign’s goal is to decrease the commanding officers and others innumber of active-duty service members positions of leadership to be fully engaged Navy Medicine is a global health carewho use designer drugs like bath salts in their command’s implementation plan to network of more than 63,000 Navyand the synthetic marijuana “Spice” continually communicate and educate all medical personnel around the worldbecause they are falsely marketed as a hands as to the Navy’s zero-tolerance who provide high quality health care to“legal” way to get high. policy on designer drug use. more than one million eligible beneficiaries. Navy Medicine personnelAccording to Navy Medicine psychiatry “The U.S. military represents a microcosm deploy with Sailors and Marinesresident Lt. George Loeffler at the Naval of our much larger population and in many worldwide, providing critical missionMedical Center San Diego, the adverse ways strives to be a reflection of the support aboard ship, in the air, underhealth effects from bath salt use can society we serve, so we share many of the the sea and on the battlefield.range from lack of appetite to kidney same health and safety issues as thefailure, muscle spasms, severe paranoid general population, including the increased Follow the link below for thedelusions, and psychosis. Several cases use of these dangerous and debilitating corresponding video:of long-term inpatient hospitalization and drugs – which not only affect our servicesuicide have been reported and Loeffler members’ health, but also our readiness ashas firsthand experience treating service aHwnErBI& a military force,” said Nathan.members at Navy military treatmentfacilities with these January 2013 ● Page 4
  5. 5. Revised Synthetic Drug Testing(SDT) Operating Guide Campaigns and MaterialsThe SDT Operating Guide has been revised and is NADAP provides a variety of campaigns intended toavailable on the NADAP web page promote substance abuse awareness. To make it even easier, the majority of campaign materials are now(WWW.NADAP.NAVY.MIL ). All changes are available through the Navy Logistics Library (NLL) ateffective as of 01JAN2013. Users should read the no cost to all Navy commands.entire publication to ensure successful testing ofcommand samples. The revisions include procedural Campaign Materials How to Orderchanges that support the transition to a different 1. Supply personneltesting facility, clarifies how to view testing result must order them via Who Will  Pamphletsreports in ADMITS, updates the mailing address for https://nll1.ahf.nmci.nav Stand Your  Posterscollected samples, and provides detailed procedures Watch?  PSAs 2. In the Keyword fieldfor testing substituted cathinone (bath salts). Testing search: NADAPresults from synthetic drug testing are still subject torestrictions detailed in NAVADMINs 082/12 and  Pamphlets 1. Supply personnel103/12. Commands should always consult with legal The Domino  Posters must order them viacounsel prior to taking action on synthetic drug Strategy on  Banners https://nll1.ahf.nmci.nav How to Drink  Table y.miltesting results. For questions, please contact the Responsibly Tents 2. In the Keyword fieldSynthetic Drug Testing Help Desk:  PSAs search: , or (901) 874-4232(DSN 882). 1. Supply personnel Spice: Its Not must order them via Legal. Its Not https://nll1.ahf.nmci.nav Posters Healthy. Its y.milDEFY Conducts Train-The- Not Worth it. 2. In the Keyword field search: SpiceTrainer Events  PostersDrug Education For Youth (DEFY) will conduct three  Coasters Visit: That Guy  Playing Train-The-Trainer (TTT) events over the next urces Cardsthree months at the following locations:  etc.29-30 Jan 2013: NAS Pensacola, FL 1. Supply personnel Sailor’s20-21 Feb 2013: NAS North Island, CA must order them via Guide for19-20 Mar 2013: JEB Little Creek, VA https://nll1.ahf.nmci.nav Substance Pocket Guide AbuseThe TTT events are geared towards training local 2. In the Keyword field Prevention search: NADAPDEFY Program staff members on proper execution ofthe program. Two personnel from existing DEFY sites, 1. Supply personnelthree from new DEFY sites, and local area programs must order them viawill be allowed up to eight attendees. The TTT event Street Drug https://nll1.ahf.nmci.nav Bookletenables key staff in attendance to return to the local Booklet 2. In the Keyword fieldprogram and properly train local staff members and search: NADAPcomply with DoD, Navy, and DEFY requirements. Banners:The TTT events are by invitation only; however, if you  101 Days of 1. Supply personnel Summer must order them viawould like more information about DEFY, log onto Prevention https://nll1.ahf.nmci.nav  3D Month Banners  Red Ribbon 2. In the Keyword fieldNPC/SUPPORT/NADAP/DEFY/Pages/default2.aspx , Week search: NADAPor call 901-874-3300 (DSN 882-3300) January 2013 ● Page 5
  6. 6. Substance Abuse Prevention Plan 20132013 is here and it’s time to plan Remember to focus on communicationsyour command’s Substance abuse that are peer-to-peer in nature and not  Work your local CSADD chapterprevention plan for the year. Here are top-down mandates from the chain of to develop peer-to-peer eventsa few suggestions to get you started: command. When planning, focus on: and movements.Build Your Prevention Team.  Identifying various communication  Brainstorm additional ideas aboutIdentify additional people and channels (TV, radio, newspaper, how to engage the command anddepartments at your installation to and events) to promote campaigns target audience in the promote and implement the and distribute materials.campaign. Try to include members  Develop a plan for substancefrom Public Affairs, Safety, MWR,  Identifying locations throughout abuse prevention outreach,Health Promotion, substance abuse including time lines, materials, the installation and communityprevention, and other groups. venues, and responsibilities. where materials (posters, coasters, etc.) can be placed and distributed. Using the many available tools,Brief Your Leadership and Team. implementation can begin rightIf possible, schedule time to brief  Identify potential partnerships that away.leadership at your installation. Many can be leveraged, includingCommanders have welcomed an existing relationships with local  Develop a calendar to keep trackaggressive substance abuse of holidays, events, and topics radio stations, television stationsprevention plan, which will help you can focus on throughout the and newspapers, and local bars andensure success. Also, be sure to year. restaurants, to increase awarenessschedule a team meeting to brief of the campaigns.others on the various campaigns andbrainstorm ways to promote eachcampaign at your installation or ship. Holiday and Topics to Discuss Throughout the Year JA N UA R Y F EB R UA R Y MA R C H  New Year’s Resolutions  Super Bowl (Tips on throwing a  National Inhalants and Poisons (Address “cutting back” methods “Responsible” Super Bowl Party, Awareness Week for drinking or smoking) Focus on designated driving, safe  St. Patrick’s Day ride home programs)  National Nutrition Month (Discuss the amount of calories in alcoholic beverages) A PR I L MA Y J U NE  Alcohol Awareness Week  Memorial Day  International Day Against Drug  Alcohol Screening Day  Kickoff to 101 Days of Summer Abuse & Illicit Trafficking  Rx Drug Take Back - April 27, 2013  Sexual Assault Awareness Month J U LY A U G US T SE PT E MB ER  4th Of July(Responsible drinking  Choose a topic to focus on this  National Alcohol and Drug Abuse habits) month. Addiction Recovery Month  National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month  Labor Day OC TO B ER N OV E M B ER D EC E MB E R  Red Ribbon Week  Great American Smokeout  National Drunk and Drugged  National Drug Facts Week  Thanksgiving Driving Month (3D Month)  National Substance abuse Month  Begin Pre-Holiday Season  Focus on impaired driving,  National Take Back Initiative Messaging responsible drinking, best practices, (Prescription Drug) etc  January 2013 ● Page 6
  7. 7. Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk 2012 If you’re attending a Super Bowl STATISTICS party or watching the game at a Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk sports bar or restaurant: ARIs & DUIs  Designate your sober driver before the party begins. JAN 380 105  Avoid drinking too much alcohol FEB 322 99 too fast. Pace yourself. Eat plenty MAR 373 123 of food, take breaks, and alternate with non-alcoholic drinks. APR 402 107  If you don’t have a designated MAY 345 87 driver, ask a sober friend for a JUN 336 76 ride home; call a cab, friend, or family member to come and get JUL 308 72 you; or if possible stay where you AUG 267 82 are for the night and don’t drive until you are sober. SEP 270 96  Use your local safe ride home OCT 294 71 program. NOV 171 57  Never let friends drive drunk. DEC 87 24 Arrange a safe way for them to get home.  Keep the phone numbers of local cab companies on hand and take the MEM POS &  Always buckle up. It’s still your best defense against other drunk keys away from anyone who is TOTAL TESTED thinking of driving drunk. drivers. JAN 109 121,204 If you’re hosting a Super Bowl  Remember, you can be held liable and prosecuted if someone you FEB 88 97,630 party: served ends up in a drunk-driving MAR 118 100,629  Make sure all of your guests crash. designate their sober drivers in APR 115 98,095 advance, or help arrange ride-  If an underage person drinks and MAY 126 95,822 sharing with sober drivers. drives, the parent may be legally JUN 120 93,820  Serve plenty of food and non- liable for any damage, injury or alcoholic beverages at the party. death caused by the underage driver. JUL 131 96,309  Host your party just like they do AUG 122 91,855  Likewise, parents or other adults at the stadium. Stop serving SEP 181 103,263 who provide alcohol to, or host a alcohol at the end of the third OCT 195 96,943 party where alcohol is available to, quarter of the game. The fourth quarter is perfect for serving those under age 21 could face jail NOV 205 90,993 time. DEC 220 64,183 coffee and January 2013 ● Page 7